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This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Nick: What can we do? *staring at the tv*

Colin: *hugging her and looking around*

Aaron: *smiles and hugs back*

1/12/2011 #3,001

Howie: *watching*

Alec: *hugging her, rocking her*


1/12/2011 #3,002

Merlin: *Hugs her fully, burying his face into her neck, unable to hold back his tears, starts to cry fully* I'm s-sorry!

1/12/2011 #3,003

Barbie: *sits down, not wanting to sing or dance anymore*

Jazlynn: awww dont stop.. one more dance please

Barbie: no

Jazlynn: in that case *smirks* Jazmine open it

Barbie: *confused*

Jazlynn: *removes the see through wall thingy that was hiding howie and herself*

Barbie: *sees Jazmine and Howie*

1/12/2011 #3,004

Alison: *hugs back, her chin on his head and kisses it gently* Don't be... it's not your fault... *rocks him gently*

Howie: *grins*

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/12/2011 #3,005

jason: i think supporting her is all we can do

Mai: i could change her features a little

Jason: *looks at her* huh but would she go for that

Mai: she'll keep you two safe for anything *shrugs*

Zoe: umm guys i don't think i can answer any of those questions *chuckles nervously*

1/12/2011 #3,006

Jazlynn: the plan worked.

Barbie: *looks at Jazlynn* what plan?

Jazlynn: i dont know i was just bored

Jazmine: *teleports barbie next to howie*

1/12/2011 #3,007

Nick: I guess so... *sighs*

1/12/2011 #3,008

Howie: *looks at Barbie* Hello babe *grins*

1/12/2011 #3,009

Morgana:*smiles and hugs back*

Isabelle:*hugging him* Okay...talk to you later...bye now. *hangs up* Sorry about that.

1/12/2011 #3,010

Merlin: *Crying* No... It is... I released Kilgarrah... I'm the reason Uther sent Arthur and me to find my father... I'm the reason we dragged him out to enemy territory... If he hadn't been prosecuted by Uther, I would never had been born, I would never have killed so many people with my idiotic mistakes...

1/12/2011 #3,011

Elle: *Sniffles and finally stops crying*

1/12/2011 #3,012

Zoe: *runs to the dressing room and pops out to the couch*

Jason: mom you ok?

Zoe: *nods a little dazed*

1/12/2011 #3,013

Alison: *hugs him* Everyone makes mistakes, Merlin... everyone... and we learn by them...

Alec: *looks at her* You okay now?

1/12/2011 #3,014

Nick: *sits next to her* Zoe?

1/12/2011 #3,015

Barbie: *looks at Howie* hey

Jazmine: we're just gonna..goo

Jazlynn: *whiney voice* but i wanna watch

Jazmine: *shakes her head at her sister and teleports herself and Jazlynn somewhere else*

1/12/2011 #3,016

Howie: *rolls eyes at the girls and looks back at Barbie* *smiles at her*

1/12/2011 #3,017

Barbie: so you were watching the whole time?

1/12/2011 #3,018

Zoe: *looks at him* yeah?

1/12/2011 #3,019

Nick: *looks at her* You okay?

Howie: Yep I was watching the whole time.

1/12/2011 #3,020

Elle: *sighs and nods*

1/12/2011 #3,021

Zoe: yeah *sits up* it was just weird being thrown into that again *shrugs* remided me a lot about that life... i thought i forgot it but i didn't

1/12/2011 #3,022

Alec: Alright.. *kisses her forehead* If you need anything, I'm here. *smiles softly* *tries to hide the fact that he has a crush on her*

1/12/2011 #3,023

Barbie: *looks down and notices she is still in the short dress tight from the last song*

1/12/2011 #3,024

Nick: *nods slightly and hugs her* I'm sorry.

1/12/2011 #3,025

Howie: *smiles*

1/12/2011 #3,026

Zoe: *snuggles in* its fine

Mai: *walks outside and into the forest*

Jason: *walks up to the library*

1/12/2011 #3,027

Elle: *looks up, kisses him*

1/12/2011 #3,028

Merlin: *Smiles sadly through his tears, pulls away and nods slightly* I guess so... He's not the first person I killed by my actions... *Pushes away and starts to back off* He won't be the last either... Alison... *Shakes his head and wipes away his tears* Don't worry about me any more, I can handle myself... You should be more selfish sometimes... There are better people then me, then Arthur, then Obsidian. We can watch whole civilizations burn and crumble, and it'd be our fault. We all have already. We've killed those we care about... and I don't want to lose you...

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/12/2011 #3,029

Nick: *nods slightly┬╗* Okay... *looks at Freya* She...

Freya: *rubbing her belly, thoughtful*

1/12/2011 #3,030
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