Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Here's the List of Characters for this Role-Play. If you want to Role-play a character that's not on this list, please PM a moderator and they will add you too the list.

Cullen Clan:

Edward Cullen- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Bella Cullen- Taken (Mrspaigepattinson)

Emmett Cullen- Taken (AliceAndJasper2gether4ever)

Rosalie Hale- Taken (Ms.C.R.Cullen)

Alice Cullen- Taken (UntilDusk)

Jasper Hale- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Carlisle Cullen-Taken (The Real Carlisle Cullen)

Esme Cullen- Taken (Bellaroxursocx)

Renesmee Cullen- Taken (Awesome4evah)

Wolf pack:

Sam- Taken (TeamCullen2010)

Jacob- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Embry- Taken (ILoveYouStar)



Seth- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Leah- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Paul- Taken (ILoveYouStar)

Collin- Taken (Lily CullenSalvatore)

Brady- Taken (IHateCakesWithPinkFrosting)


Aro- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Cauis- Taken (Dani Jones)

Marcus- (Dani Jones)

Athenodora- (Dani Jones)

Didyme- (Dani Jones)

Sulpicia- Taken (i am ms emmett cullen)

Jane- Taken (Lily Desdemona Potter)

Alec- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Demetri- Taken (Andraste Straton)

Felix- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Heidi-Taken (RosalieLillianHale1935)

Renata- Taken (xxxMe Myself and Alecxxx )

Denali coven

Tanya- Taken (IXTanyaDenaliXI)

Irina- Taken (WildForFredWeasley)


Crystal (Chrissy) Vermillion- Taken (A.Christine Wilson

Alison Nimueh- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Bradley James - Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Jess Wallace- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Colin Morgan- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Nick Carter- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Brian Littrell- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

AJ Mclean- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Howie Dorough- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Kevin Richardson- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Freya Nimueh- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Alec Talerico- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Aurore Carter- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Dean Johnson- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Aaron Carter- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Kelvin- Taken (NickCarterRocks)

Blaine Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Veronica Carter- Taken(ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Cheyenne Marie Scott (nickname Chey)- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Alex Morales- Taken (Doubt But Never Regret)

Teresa Johanna (Tyson as a human) Cullen- Taken (Tessa .J. Cullen)

Sebastian Soto Santiago

Chas Brantin Scott

Caroline Smith- Taken (BellaPlusCandyGivesAlice)

Paris Mkenzie- Taken (Twilightrocks122)

Elizabeth Ray- Taken (Readerabove)

Zephyr- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Isabelle Grace Masen- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Lilly- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Trint- Taken (Jasper's gal 33)

Carma- Taken (Lovelyyuyu is not mental)

Giselle- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Justin Lynx- Taken (The.Twilight.Charmer)

Zoe Orlinda Umbra (Carter)- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Morgana- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Shayne Carter- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Samantha Carter- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Sarah Mary Jones- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Kyle Vivoka- Taken (ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas)

Violet- Taken (It'sLikeSwitzerland)

Alexis Rose Caltori- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Christopher 'Chris' Umbra- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Pheonix Umbra- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Diviana- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Tyler Rios- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Eve Roseray Rios- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Annabeth Olivia Carlson- Taken (Awesome4evah)

Ash- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Emma Constanize Umbra- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Jason Clyde Carter- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Cara Zoe Dason- Taken (LoyalTilDeath)

Carrie Avery Catori- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Ace Christopher Daniels- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Elizabeth Marie Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Eleanor Rose Ashton-Taken (UntilDusk)

Obsidian Nathan Karnan- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Amy- Taken (DancinAngel-love)

Christofer Brown- Taken (xXforeverforgottenXx)

Merlin / Emrys- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Bridgess Gene Morgan and Wellan Thomas Morgan- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Mason Jackson- Taken (edwardcullenlvr17)

Emilia Jensen- Taken (WildForFredWeasly)

Abby Volturi- Taken (AbbyVolturi)

Elle Robyn Jones- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Aliyah Zoey Jack- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Ember Hazel Clearwater- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMorn)

Makenna Alexandra Jones- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Light- Taken (As.Nightfall.Rose3)

Faith Hollow- Taken (Lost-in-shadows1)

Lightning Farron- Taken (Lookingglasswriter)

Diva- Taken (SwitzerlandIsEffingAwesome)

Brenda (Barbie) White- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Rebecca Black- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Victor- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Vick- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Vicky- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Victory- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Loriane Dorough- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Jazmine Whitlock- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Jazlynn Whitlock- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Jolie- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Zac Efron- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Corbin Bleu- Taken (gothicwolfgirl)

Mercedes Aurora Phoenix westfall- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMoon)

Alastair Matthew Blackthorn- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMoon)

Chase Ryder Blackthorn- Taken (Whit-StarOfTheMoon)

1/14/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #1


1/14/2011 #2


1/14/2011 #3

(woot rp 17!)

1/14/2011 #4

Mai: never

1/14/2011 #5

. . .

1/14/2011 #6

Nick: *looks at her* You can try... but... I only can be happy if she's here... I don't know... I don't know...

Alison: *starts howling outside*

(yep rp 17 =)

1/14/2011 . Edited 1/14/2011 #7

Lizzy: pleaseeeeee! *giggles*

1/14/2011 #8

Morgana: In that case. I have a mission.

Nicole's spirit: Good. I couldn't bear seeing him so depressed again. *flinches*

1/14/2011 #9

Howie: O_O

1/14/2011 #10

Ash: *lets her win*

Loriane: *in a flash she runs off*

1/14/2011 #11

Me: *calls Diviana before passing out with blood loss*

Diviana: *pops me into her arms*

1/14/2011 #12

Nick: I guess... You have a tough one...

Freya: *is 7 months pregnant* *thinks about a name*

1/14/2011 #13

Morgana: *shrugs* Eh. What's life without a few challenges. Anything to make people happy. I hate when my family is unhappy. Any of them. *she means every one here. Not just her kids and Aaron and her parents.*

1/14/2011 #14

Tess: *stands on her head looking around*

Edward: Bored?

Tess: Extremely

1/14/2011 #15

Nick: Y-y-y-y-yeah... *between sobs*

Howie: O_O

1/14/2011 #16

Lizzy: yesssss!!!! *smiles and kisses ash on the cheek* :)

1/14/2011 #17

Jason: *acting as the big brother taking the kids to the park*

1/14/2011 #18

Loriane: *sees an alegator and freezes*

Ash: *chuckles and smiles*

1/14/2011 #19

Bella; Yes! I'm not the only one!

Morgana: I'll be back soon. With Zoe. *goes upstairs to pack*

1/14/2011 #20

Mai: *filnches too at the image in her head*

1/14/2011 #21

Lizzy: *giggles*

1/14/2011 #22

Nick: Yeah... *sighs, gets up and goes outside*

Freya: *thinks about a name* *can't find any* *sighs and goes join Jas*

1/14/2011 #23

ash: :)

Zac Efron: *walks in with a black eye and broken nose*

1/14/2011 #24

Nicole's spirit: But I've seen how he's changed. He has that fire in his eyes, the same fire that has been in his eyes his whole life. It's back. he's much happier now. Sure, there are times where he does feel hurt and alone but it's not as bad as he used to be.

1/14/2011 #25

Jason: *ooking out and seeing nothing*

Zoe: *pops out to another world that Morgana can't follow her to*

1/14/2011 #26


Angel: Mommy? Where you going?

1/14/2011 #27

Freya: *hugs Jas* hello!

Nick: *walking outside, haven't hunt in a while*

1/14/2011 #28

Jason: *hugs back but doesn't respond feeling a 100 years old*

1/14/2011 #29

Loriane: *Screams as the alegator snaps at her*

1/14/2011 #30
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