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This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *watches his fingers as he plays with her hair*

2/12/2011 #2,971

Kevin: *nods*

Brian: *busy telling jokes*

Nick: *watches them walking out* *frowns*

2/12/2011 #2,972

AJ: *smiles, continues playing with her hair and kisses her softly*

2/12/2011 #2,973

Zoe&Diviana: *watch as Emma gets into a cab*

Emma: i'll be fine in the morning *smiles clutchig onto the cab door as if to keep her up right* shes right though

Zoe: no shes not

Emma: *shrugs*

2/12/2011 #2,974
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *kisses back and pulls him closer by the shirt*

2/12/2011 #2,975

Giselle: *nods laying her head on his shoulder*

Logan: *comes inside*

Georgia: *looks at him*

Logan: *watches the dog*

Chey & Chas: *confused as hell*

2/12/2011 #2,976

Nick & Kevin: *nods*

Kevin: All those emotions huh?

Brian: *busy telling jokes*

AJ: *pulls himself closer to her, kissing her*

2/12/2011 #2,977

Baylee: *smiles, warps his arms around her and kisses her hair*

2/12/2011 #2,978
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *smiles against his lips, feeling a repeat of the beach coming on*

2/12/2011 #2,979

AJ: *smiles back on her lips, hugging her* *happy*

2/12/2011 #2,980

Emma: *rides off*

Diviana: *goes and watches Brian smiling*

Zoe: *sits on the curb thinking*

2/12/2011 #2,981

Giselle: *smiles*

2/12/2011 #2,982
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *breaks away so she can hug him properly* *wraps her arms around his neck and buries her face into his shoulder*

2/12/2011 #2,983

Lady Morgana: *nods* (ooh, did you see what she was wearing earlier?) HOw have you been?

2/12/2011 #2,984

Kevin: *nods slightly*

Brian: *smiles at Diviana*

Nick: *looks at Zoe* You okay?

2/12/2011 #2,985

(nope I didn't)

Alison: I've been good.

Baylee: *kisses her*

AJ: *warps his arms around her waist and smooths her hair*

2/12/2011 #2,986

Diviana: *gives him a thumbs up*

Zoe: *rubs her face* yeah i'm fine

2/12/2011 #2,987
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *kisses his neck and buries her face again*

2/12/2011 #2,988

Nick: *nods* Okay...

Brian: *grins and winks* *tells a joke and everyone goes ltao*

Kevin: *was drinking vodka and when he hears Brian's joke, he's about to spit evrything out*

Nick: Uh-oh... *goes behinnd Kevin and covers his mouth* Don't spit.

Kevin: *has his mouth covered and O_O, laughing, trying not to spit*

(LMAO Awesome scene! XD)

2/12/2011 #2,989

AJ: *moans softly and smiles* *smooths her hair with one hand and the other, holding her hip*

2/12/2011 #2,990

Giselle: *kisses him back smiling* we gonna stand in the woods all day?

2/12/2011 #2,991

Zoe: *smiles and listens to Brian chuckling as she watches the sky*

Diviana: *laughs at Kevin*

2/12/2011 #2,992

(snickers*)(too bad, it was pretty.)

Lady Morgana: Excellent. (She should have a mate...)

2/12/2011 #2,993
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *would blush if she could, but kisses his neck again*

2/12/2011 #2,994

Logan: *watches the dog and finally mutters an apologiey to it for whatever he did*

Georgia: *lays down and stop watching him*

2/12/2011 #2,995

Baylee: Uh... nope...

(yeah she should...)

Alison: *nods*

Kevin: *it takes a while after he swallows the drink and breaks down laughing*

Nick: *sighs in relief*

Brian: *sees what happened with his cousin and laughs*

2/12/2011 #2,996

AJ: *smiles slightly and moans softly*

2/12/2011 #2,997

Giselle: okay

2/12/2011 #2,998

Diviana: *grabs Zoe and pops her to Emma before walking inside and to Kevin*

2/12/2011 #2,999
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *smiles at his moan and runs a hand down his chest*

2/12/2011 #3,000
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