Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Wellan:*moans more, hugging her, his hormones now over the roof.*

2/8/2011 #31

Celina: don't roll your eyes at me

Pheonix: how did you know

Celina: i didn't *:P*

2/8/2011 #32

PJ: *pokes Celina* *chuckles*

samantha: *smh*

Victory: *continues to kiss and suck on his neck*

2/8/2011 #33

Celina: *looks at PJ and pokes him back*

Pheonix: am i that obvious? *looks at Samantha*

2/8/2011 #34

Wellan:*moans, hugging her*

2/8/2011 #35

PJ: *picks her up randomly and spins*

Samantha: *shrugs* not all the time....

(O_O WTF WAS THAT NOSE... sounded like something heavy dropped behind my bed but im not gonna check)

2/8/2011 #36

Celina: *wraps her arms around his neck and giggles*

Pheonix: not ALL the time! *O.O*

2/8/2011 #37

Victory: *keeps kissing his neck, trails kisses all the way up back to his lips*

PJ: *spins*

Samantha: *shrugs*

2/8/2011 #38

Pheonix: *O.O*

Celina: *wraps her legs around his waist*

2/8/2011 #39

Wellan:*kisses back, can hardly stand it, moans in frustration*

2/8/2011 #40

Samantha: *chuckles and kisses his cheek*

PJ: *holding her and spinning*

howie jr: *sees them* ew..

2/8/2011 #41

Victory: *kissing him with love and passion* (i just remembered she is still in a towel o.O how'd i forget that)

2/8/2011 #42

Pheonix: *smiles*

Cara: *leans her head back and looks at HowieJr* don't be jealous

2/8/2011 #43


Wellan:*kissing her deeply, ripping the towel away*

2/8/2011 #44


2/8/2011 #45

(YES!!! *Hugs you* now i can do this)

Emma&Diviana: *look at each other in the living room*

2/8/2011 #46

{WB! *hugs*}

2/8/2011 #47

(hii wb)

Victory: *kissing him deeply, gasp a little when he rips off her towel but keeps kissing him*

Samantha: *smiles back*

Howie Jr: im not jealous..

Ash: *Singing 'teenagers scare the living sh.t outta me'*

2/8/2011 #48

(Thanks. *hugs back*)

2/8/2011 #49

Celina: *jumps off PJ sliding up next to Howie Jr* uh huh i hear the uncertainty in your voice

2/8/2011 #50

PJ: o.O

HowieJr: am not -.- *totally hiding something*

2/8/2011 #51

Wellan:*kissing her*

Isabelle:*smiling, hugging Colin*

2/8/2011 #52

Celina: *rasies an eyebrow staying silent* what are you hiding?

2/8/2011 #53

Alison: *reading*

Bradley: *Idk*

Jess: *Idk*

Colin: *hugging Isabelle*

Nick: *working with Zoe on a song*

Brian: *in the living room*

AJ: *to Jazlynn* Sure we can go now. *smiles*

Howie: *STILL with his fcking Barbie*

Kevin: *watching the scene in the living room, frowning*

Freya: *dancing*

Aurore: *Howie Jr can be mate with her! Why didn't I think about it!*

Dean: *with Loriane*

Aaron: *idk*

Kelvin: *idk*

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #54

Howie Jr: nothing.... *thinking bout his crush on Katarina*

PJ: dude? are you thinking about 'you know who'

Howie jr: *blushes* no!

Victory:*is now totally naked* *kissing him*

2/8/2011 #55

Wellan:*kissing her*

Isabelle:*hugging Colin, crawling into his lap and straddling him, her arms around him*

Morgana: *still sleeping*

2/8/2011 #56

Emma&Divian: *kick down the door to Howie and Barbie's room pizzed*

Celina: *smirks* ah need me to talk to some one for you *smiles*

2/8/2011 #57

Zoe: *working with Nick*

2/8/2011 #58

Howie: *jumps and hides him and Barbie* O_O

Colin: *hugging her close to him*

2/8/2011 #59

Jazlynn: *smiles back*

Jazmine: *teleports to where jazlynn and AJ are* she'll be ready as soon as i get her fixed up ) *grabs Jazlynn and drags her upstairs and gets to work on dressing her up*

Jazlynn: O.o

Barbie: O_O *jumps in surprise..covers herself*

Loriane: *with Dean*

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #60
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