Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *stumbles back towards the house, her hair messed up and her clothes covered in blood and dirt*

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #301

(Awesome!)(Ah, relax, Siena, notice that I'm the only one, American or not, who DID know.)(Help me pick which characters, please?!)

2/15/2011 #302

(OKay so like im just going to get off for the night.....*Sighs*)

2/15/2011 #303
I Am the Real Number Five

(don't go!)

2/15/2011 #304

(I dont like reposting what my charries are doing just to be ignored)

2/15/2011 #305


Howie Jr: so thats all i need to know about girls?

Loriane: *idk*


Alex: *sleep again lolz*

(who wants to meat my new charrie ? :D)

Keri: *lost somewhere near the Cullen house*

2/15/2011 #306


Morgana:*hugging Aaron*

2/15/2011 #307

(neither do i ^^ i usually have to do that over 3 times a day)

2/15/2011 #308

)don't go)

(no prob)

Howie: I guess so. If you have any questions, I'm here.

Me: *watching Alex sleeping*

(Brian can meet here?)

2/15/2011 #309
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *walks into the house*

2/15/2011 #310

(Here, watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_7mXZ-TRVA)

2/15/2011 #311

Aaron: *hugging Morgana*

Freya: *sees Sydney* hey

2/15/2011 #312

alex: *sleep*

Howie Jr: alright... *walks over to my room and knocks on the door nervously*

me: *mumbles something*

howiejr: uh its me...howie.. *voice is a little deeper then it was before*

me: *thinks its howie and not howie jr* uhh come in ?

(okay Loriane)

Keri: *wondering around* *mutters* what have you getten yourself into now Keri

2/15/2011 #313
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: Uhh.. *shakes her head* Hey Freya...

2/15/2011 #314

Sebastian: *comes in* Carrie?

Lady Morgana: (since I can't use her on the Merlin RP) *comes in*

2/15/2011 #315

Me: *watching Alex sleeping*

Howie: *smiles*

Brian: *sees Keri* Uh... can I help you?

2/15/2011 #316

Morgana:*hugging Aaron*


2/15/2011 #317

Freya: You okay?

2/15/2011 #318
I Am the Real Number Five

(how did anyone survive that?)

Sydney: *nods* Mhmm. Fine...

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #319

(Did ya'll see the video?)

2/15/2011 #320

Carrie: *hugs sebastian* yes?

2/15/2011 #321

Aaron: *hugging Morgana*

Freya: You sure?

2/15/2011 #322

(o.O why do i hear Jamican music?)

alex: *snores*

Keri: *jumps cuz she didnt hear brian walking over* oh umm. yeah i guess.. I'm kinda lost...

Howie Jr: *walks in*

me: *hiding my face with my hair and hoodie*

howie jr: uhhmm Qira?

2/15/2011 #323

{It blew up like that because they used Hydrogen which is highly flammable and not Helium which would've been safer.}

Morgana:*hugging Aaron tightly*

2/15/2011 #324

Me: *smiles*

Brian: *nods* I'm Brian, by the way... *hopes she won't recognize him* (Lol) You are?

2/15/2011 #325

(Pretty much nobody did survive it. Not a lot of people could go on it, really, and several on the ground died as well.)

Sebastian: *hugs her back* I missed you.

2/15/2011 #326

Aaron: *hugging Morgana tightly*

2/15/2011 #327
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *nods and speaks a little sharper* I'm fine. Where's AJ?

2/15/2011 #328

Freya: *nods* He's writing music.

2/15/2011 #329
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: Thank you... *goes to wherever AJ is*

2/15/2011 #330
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