Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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ash: *i forgot*

Jolie: not much, *smiles back*

Sean: *trying to teach Logan the way of the gay*

Logan: O.O

2/15/2011 #61

Howie: Okay... uh... wanna talk about it? I'm here, you know..

2/15/2011 #62

(emma and Zoe were kidnapped... again?)

Lucas: Mom? mom *looks around the empty hallway* Emma!

2/15/2011 #63

(LMAO at Sean)

2/15/2011 #64


Nick: *frowning, glancing around, his eyes glazing and listening around* I can't hear them... *worried as heck*

2/15/2011 #65

Morgana:*smiling, hugging back, her head on his chest*Love you. Forever.

2/15/2011 #66

Aaron: *smiling, hugging, smoothing her hair and kissing it sometimes* love you too.

2/15/2011 #67

Lizzy: *falls on the ground and stays there* hehehe

chris: hmm *smiles*

katarina: *swinging on a tire swing*

(lmao "the way of the gay")

2/15/2011 #68

Celina: *lifts her head and stand up a little wobbly and walks stubmling into Lucas* Mom? Emma? *rubs her eyes tired*

Lucas: *sighs* this isn't good

2/15/2011 #69

Howie Jr: umm.. yeah... *just spits it out* what do you do when a girl says she likes you??

Ash: *dancing like a girl for no reason*

Jolie: *leans into him more*

Sean: you must learn the way of the gay young one

Logan: goowaahejelsjfocoes

Sean: exactly

2/15/2011 #70

Nick: *shakes head* Nope it really isn't... *calls out* Emma? Zoe? *louder* *listens to see if he can heear something but nothing, only some echoes* Nothing...

2/15/2011 #71

Lucas: *throws Ceina on his back* we gotta get her home see if we can rally the troops

2/15/2011 #72

Howie: Okay... *nods slightly* Maybe... idk... go out with her sometimes to see if you like her?

2/15/2011 #73

Nick: *nods* Okay. Want me to get some help?

2/15/2011 #74

Howie Jr: but im confused.... and she's older then me

2/15/2011 #75

Morgana:*smiles softly, hugs him tighter, rubs his chest with one hand, the other around him*

2/15/2011 #76

Howie: Okay.... uh...

AJ: I got something.... *turns Howie Jr older* (How old you want him to be?)

2/15/2011 #77

Lucas: *thinks and rubs his face* not yet *runs to the house*

2/15/2011 #78

Aaron: *smiles, hugs back tighter, one arm around her waist, the other smoothing her hair*

2/15/2011 #79

Nick: *nods* Ok. *follows him*

2/15/2011 #80

Morgana:*rubbing his chest and stomach, hugging tightly, her head on his shoulder*

2/15/2011 #81

Katarina: *makes a stick write her name in some dirt*

Chris: *kisses her head*

2/15/2011 #82

Lucas: PJ! *looks around for him*

2/15/2011 #83

Aaron: *his arm around her waist, the other smoothing her hair and kissing it sometimes*

2/15/2011 #84

Howie Jr: . . . (14 will do)

Sean: *takes Logan over to Kat* wtf is wrong with your brother?!?!?!?!?!

Jolie: *sighs in content*

2/15/2011 #85

(OMG this song it addictive too!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b-aVDy6JfQ&feature=bf_play&list=PL4B7C1C06DEA5B4EB&index=1 )

2/15/2011 #86

PJ: *sleep in the kitchen cabinet*

2/15/2011 #87

AJ: *turns Howie Jr 14 years old* Here you go.

Howie: O_O WTF has just happened?!

AJ: I turned your son 14 years old.

Howie: O_O

(lolz yeah! Nice song!)

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #88

Lucas: *goes up to PJ and opens the cabniet* PJ wake up you have to do me a favor

2/15/2011 #89

Morgana:*hugging him tightly with one arm, rubbing his chest and stomach with her other hand, her head on his shoulder, feeling better, not 100% but better.*

2/15/2011 #90
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