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This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *shakes her head* I'm not.
2/20/2011 #2,941

AJ: *passed out*

(now, I feel left out :()

2/20/2011 #2,942

Sarah: *Gets close to Sydeny and grabs her chin and forces her to look at her* You are so much better than I.

2/20/2011 #2,943
I Am the Real Number Five
(make him wake up ad hear?) Sydney: again, I'm not. He loved you more than he will ever love me.
2/20/2011 #2,944

(I will)

AJ: *wakes up slowly*

2/20/2011 #2,945

Sarah: *Lets go and turns away so she want see her crying* I was scarred, broken, addicted, and troubled. You are not, you have a happy life. I almost pulled him back into his drug addiction.I killed him lots of times. I used him. I cheated, lied. Hurt him with all of my problems. You are so pure, so nice, kind. You have nothing but comfort and love for him...I never had that to give. I only had my problems to shove in his face. *Starts shaking*

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #2,946
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: and you think I dont have Problems? Well, I do. And I brought them all here with me. I didn't want to love him, but now that I do I can't help it. And with me, comes trouble. So please, don't say I'm good. Because we are a lot alike.
2/20/2011 #2,947

Sarah: *looks back at her, says between teeth* We are nothing alike.

2/20/2011 #2,948
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: not in the way you think.... Don't be so quick to judge.
2/20/2011 #2,949

AJ: *Is awake, stays silent, watches and listens*

2/20/2011 #2,950

Sarah: *Growls and spins around* I know everything about you. *invades her mind*

2/20/2011 #2,951
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *glares* find anything interesting?
2/20/2011 #2,952

AJ: *watching and listening*


2/20/2011 #2,953

Sarah: N- *blacks out*

*Hears vocies*

Makenna: Mommy why did you let me die? I was so young!

Elle: Yeah Mom, you saw that car coming. You could have avoided it.

Makenna: Momma, I never got to say goodbye to Atracus. I never got to give him my drawing. I never got to say goodbye to daddy. Why!?

Elle: I never got to kiss Alec goodbye. I never got to marry him...or grow up. You let me die. Why?

Makenna: WHY MOMMY!?!? WHY!!!

*Gasps and falls to the ground, screaming*

2/20/2011 #2,954
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *runs to her, confused* Sarah?! What happened?!
2/20/2011 #2,955

AJ: *goes over to Sarah* Sarah?!

2/20/2011 #2,956


Elle: It's your fault we're dead. How could you let us die so young? Did you not care about us? Were you too wrapped up in your own problems to care about ours, mom?

Makenna: *Sounds of sobs*

*Sobs* I never wanted that for you...I never wanted you to die. I wanted you to stay here...I wanted you to live.

Makenna: But we're still dead!!!

Elle: You can't take it back.


Elle: *Hisses* Yes it was.

Makenna: *Sounds of crying*

*Screams again*


2/20/2011 #2,957
I Am the Real Number Five
(:'() Sydney: *now hears the voices in sarahs mind* it's not real, sarah!It's all in your head!
2/20/2011 #2,958


AJ: *softly, puts a hand on her head* I don't know what's wrong. I don't know. I wish I could help, but I don't know what's wrong. *looks at Sydney* What?

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #2,959
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *looks at him frantically* she's hearing them in her head. Makenna and Elle.
2/20/2011 #2,960

Sarah: *Can't hear Sydney, just the vocies*

Makenna: *more sounds of crying and sobbing* *repeating how she never got to say goodbye*

Elle: *Screaming that it's her fault, saying that she never got a chance to live, never got a future*


2/20/2011 #2,961
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *almost crying for her* it wasn't your fault ....
2/20/2011 #2,962

AJ: *nods* I see... *looks at Sarah* It's all in your head. Sometimes, accidents can happen. You didn't mean to. We can't take it back and we have to move on. I know it hurts, but we have to.

2/20/2011 #2,963

Sarah: *The vocies leave, tries to sit up but can't, just breaks down in sobs*

2/20/2011 #2,964
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *Grabs onto her hand and squeezes*
2/20/2011 #2,965

AJ: *takes her hand and looks at her* *Starts singing ''Never Gone''*

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #2,966

Sarah: *Feels Sydney squeezing her hand, takes a deep breath, shaking a little* Those weren't their voices. Were they.. *hears AJ, feels more calm, closes eyes letting his singing soothe her*

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #2,967
I Am the Real Number Five
Sydney: *shakes her head sadly* no. They weren't. They were all In your head. Im sorry....
2/20/2011 #2,968

AJ: *continues singing*

2/20/2011 #2,969

Sarah: *sighs and breaks away from both of them, disappears into the night*

2/20/2011 #2,970
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