Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Jolie: *goes over to Chris*

Logan: *pokes Lizzy*

3/3/2011 #2,971

Barbie: *hugging Howie*

Loriane: *hugging Dean*

Alex: *freaky with Loriane and loving it*

Bree: *finds Damon, knees him really hard in his balls, then walks off happily* (LMFAO I'm happy now XD i got to knee someone)

3/3/2011 #2,972

Jason:*kisses deeper, hugging her closer*

3/3/2011 #2,973
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *smiles and dreams* It must be nice to have a family *sighs at the word family*

3/3/2011 #2,974

Aly: *looks up* Hey, Damon...

Lady Morgana: *goes to Chase* How are you?

Ace: *finds Ember* Hey,

Sebastian: *laughs* You like doing that, don't you?

3/3/2011 #2,975

Chris: *pouts* f-fraaannkk

Lizzy: *pokes Logan back* hello little dude :p

3/3/2011 #2,976

Damon: *smiles at aly* Hey aly. I was just thinking about you.

Chase: *looks at Lady morgana* I could be better..

Ember: *smiles at ace* hey.

Carrie: *giggles* Yes i do.

3/3/2011 #2,977

Jazlynn: *looks at him a little confused but then gets it* *not sure if saying something would upset him or not*

Jolie: *hugs Chris*

Logan: o.O wat wrong wit dada?

3/3/2011 #2,978

(*wondering how Damon didnt notice that he just got kneed in the nuts*)

3/3/2011 #2,979

Lizzy: your daddy has a little problem....

Chris: *dry-sobs* :( I LOVED YOUUUUUU

3/3/2011 #2,980

Damon: *is in pain from what bree did*

(sry i didnt see it)

3/3/2011 #2,981

Howie: *hugging Barbie*

Dean: *hugging Lloriane*

Me: *Same XD*

3/3/2011 #2,982

Aly: Really? You were?

Lady Morgana: Can I help?

Ace: How are you?

Sebastian: Alright, then,

3/3/2011 #2,983
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *pats her hand and smiles* *Looks up at the sky* *sighs again* I better walk you home. I have promised to go hunting with Cordelia to night. *turns his head and smiles to Jazlynn* although I now wish I haven't.

3/3/2011 #2,984

Damon: *nods* Yes...i was...*Holding his ya...and in pain*

Chase: Not if you can find me a girl that one use me for a one night stand. If you can do that than go for it.

Ember: I'm good.

Carrie: Do you like it?

3/3/2011 #2,985

(its okay.. :D as long as someone feels pain between the legs lolz i got issues)

Jolie: *trying to help Chris*

Logan: o.O

barbie: *hugging him*

Loriane: love you

Alex: *wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

3/3/2011 #2,986

Freya: *pulls away, hugging him, smiling*




Which one? )

3/3/2011 #2,987
I Am the Real Number Five

(hey guys)

3/3/2011 #2,988

(hey Siena!)

Howie: *hugging her, happy*

Dean: I love you too.


3/3/2011 #2,989

Bree: *now feels a little better about herself*

Jazlynn: *smiles back* its alright, I understand

3/3/2011 #2,990
Lost in a magic realm


3/3/2011 #2,991


Barbie: *hugging him* *kisses his cheek*

Loriane: *smiles and pulls him to her room* (;)

AleX: *wooooooooooooo*

3/3/2011 #2,992

Howie: *smiles, hugging her, loving her*

Dean: *smiles and follows her*

Me: *lots and lots of M rated things.... XD*

3/3/2011 #2,993
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *picks up Jaxlynns hand and kisses it* thank you.

3/3/2011 #2,994

Chris: *sniffles* can i get a beta-fish?

Lizzy: *shakes her head* *pokes Logan in the stomach*

3/3/2011 #2,995
I Am the Real Number Five

(OMG there was another earthquake last night, and it was worse than the other one O_O... my book shelf fell over!)

Sydney: *talking with Cooper*

Cooper: *talking with Sydney*

Zoe, Emma and Diviana: *With their mates*

3/3/2011 #2,996

(O_O OMG Sorry)

Nick: *with Zoe and feeding Louis*

Brian: *with Emma*

Kevin: *with Diviana*

3/3/2011 #2,997

Barbie: *smiles, hugging him, loving him* (that sounds wrong o.O)

Loriane: *Gets into her room with him and kisses him after closing the door*

Alex: *way pasted rater R... like M +*

Jazlynn: no ptoblem

Jolie: sure you can *kisses his head* you can get whatever you want

Logan: *giggles*

3/3/2011 #2,998

{Second one!}

Jason:*smiles at her, hugging her*

3/3/2011 #2,999


3/3/2011 #3,000
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