Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *leans her head on his shoulder*

2/27/2011 #91

Wyatt: *places her gently on the bed and kisses her neck*

Nadie: so where do we go from here?

Me: *kisses him*

2/27/2011 #92

Nick, Brian & Kevin: Uh-oh...

Brian: She really inherited my funny traits... *talking about Amelia*

Nick & Kevin: *laugh*

AJ: *smiles, warps his arm around her waist and leans his head on hers*

Howie: *kissing her and teasing her a bit*

2/27/2011 #93

Me: *moans and tilts my neck more so he can have better access*

Chase: Um wherever you want it to go.

Ali: *kisses her back*

2/27/2011 #94

barbie: *kissing and moaning*

2/27/2011 #95
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *wraps her arms around him and sighs*

2/27/2011 #96

Zoe: *walks away satisfied to the gate*

Amelia; *smirks and walks into the house*

Fans; *on the other side of the gate*

Diviana: yup she has

Emma: *watches Zoe suspiously*

2/27/2011 #97

Wellan: She's mine.

Isabelle:*hugging back*

2/27/2011 #98

Wyatt: *smiles against her skin*

Nadie: hmm slow, steady and exclusive

Me: *moans*

2/27/2011 #99

Vicky: so possessive, you are *shakes head at Wellan and puts an arm around Victory* ebay would love to have Victory on the market :D

Victory: ew! *shoves Vicky's arm off of her*

2/27/2011 #100

Me: *waiting for wyatt to continue*

Chase: I can do that.

Ali: *moans too*

2/27/2011 #101

(Wow, I vanished...)

2/27/2011 #102

Wellan:*glares softly* *pulls Victory behind him* She is mine.

2/27/2011 #103

Brian, Nick & Kevin: *sees the fans* OMG NO!

AJ: *hugging her and sees the fans* O_O

Howie: *kissing her, hugging her, teasing her and smirks at her moans*

Colin: *hugging her*

2/27/2011 #104

Wyatt: *keeps goin downward*

Nadie: good, there will be times i will freak out on you and its not your fault its just how i'm wired

Me: *grinds him*(at least one of us everytime starts making out in public)

2/27/2011 #105

Zoe: *gives a signal*

Amelia: *comes in dressed as Brian with a hat on that covers her face*

2/27/2011 #106

(*is sad nobody noticed I was gone* I gotta go :( Text if you want... fair warning, my phone's being stupid)

2/27/2011 #107

Victory: *is now behind Wellan*

Vicky: what if i want her?

Victory: o.O umm i dont go that way...

Vicky: *shrugs* you use to

Barbie: *kissing him, and being teased, moaning*

2/27/2011 #108
I Am the Real Number Five

(aw bye :()

Sydney: *raises an eye brow*

2/27/2011 #109

Nick & Brian: O_O

Kevin: OMG O_O

(aw see ya)

2/27/2011 #110

AJ: *sighs* *looks at Sydbey and back at the fans*

Howie: *kissing her, teasing her, hugging her*

2/27/2011 #111

Me: *moans and my hands keep going downward*

Chase: I know.

Ali: *moans again* (Yeah ikr)

2/27/2011 #112

Wellan: You can't have her.

Isabelle:*hugging him*

2/27/2011 #113
I Am the Real Number Five

Sydney: *looks at him* you can go, if you want.

2/27/2011 #114


Barbie: *kissing and moaning* *teases him back*

Vicky: well then.. *thinks* I want your shirt!

2/27/2011 #115

Zoe: *pulls Amelia up*

Amelia: *starts signing autographs exactly like Brians*

Emma&Diviana: huh

2/27/2011 #116

Wellan: Um...ok...*gives her his shirt*

2/27/2011 #117

Wyatt: *shivers*

Nadie: ok *tightens her hold on him*

Me: *smiles into the kiss*

2/27/2011 #118

Brian: O_O OMG *rubs his face* How did she... do that? *stares at how exactly she signs his signature*

Nick & Kevin: *laugh at Brian*

AJ: No... *looks at her*

Colin: *hugging tightly*

Howie: *smirks* *being teased and moans*

2/27/2011 . Edited 2/27/2011 #119

Me: *smiles*

Chase: *holds nadie close* i'm always here.

Ali: *still kissing trish and takes them back to his place* (all my charries have some one except for danika who is i child and merci lol)

2/27/2011 #120
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