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This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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*NEVER EVER gonna sleep in my room again!!!!!!!!!DDX* OMG MY DOGS STILL IN THERE WHAT IF HE GETS EATEN BY THE ROACH!?!??!?! OMGOMGOGMGOMGOMGMGOMGOMG!!! *SERIOUSLY freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !* holy fuckiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggg shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiitttD:D:D:

3/30/2011 #3,001

Kira: *moans, melting*

3/30/2011 #3,002
I Am the Real Number Five

(lmao savannah XD)

Cooper: *murmurs against her skin* I win...

3/30/2011 #3,003

Kira: *weakly* That's not fair, I can't help it...

3/30/2011 #3,004
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper: it's perfecty fair... *smiles* you're putty in my hands. (that could be dirty :D)

3/30/2011 #3,005

( XD: http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/84812/40239378/95/#40406067 )

3/30/2011 #3,006

Kira: How is that fair? *still trying to gain control of her body again* (O.o)

3/30/2011 #3,007
I Am the Real Number Five

(where'd Sarah go, Savannah? :P)

3/30/2011 #3,008

Samantha: *okay lolz* *moaning*

Jasper: O.O *groans*

Sean: *kisses back*

Howie Jr: *walking around in his boxers and T-shirt because he JUST got out of bed lmao*

3/30/2011 #3,009
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper: just because you respond to me in a completely adorable way isn't my fault... Therefore it's fair.

3/30/2011 #3,010

Kira: You know what it does to me. Use at your own risk. (Oh goodness lol)

3/30/2011 #3,011

Celina: Howie!!!!! JR!!!!!!

Pheonix: *takes off pants*

Chloe: *giggles*

Tristan: *locks the doors and such before kissing his neck*

3/30/2011 #3,012

(is it normal to start crying because there's a roach in your room and a pet of yours was still in there?)

(Sorry, was busy freaking out)

Sarah: *Gulps, nods slightly and takes a few steps foward to Max, kneels down by him and picks him up* *Examines him* You're so...cute..

3/30/2011 #3,013

Howie Jr: *goes over to Celina* what?

Samantha: *wait who's pants, her pants or his?*

Jasper: *grabs her by the waist and pulls her down on him again*

Sean: *moans/groans*

3/30/2011 #3,014
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper; oh, I will... *goes back to kissing the bite on her neck, winds his arms around her waist*

3/30/2011 #3,015

Kira: *whimpers a little as her legs give out*

3/30/2011 #3,016

(is it normal to start crying because your little brother tries to throw a pair of pants at you that have a roach on them??)

3/30/2011 #3,017

Celina: hi!!!!!

Pheonix: *does it matter its all coming off anyway*

Chloe: *bites her lip*

Tristan: *starts playing with his package XD*

3/30/2011 #3,018
I Am the Real Number Five

Maxance: *waves* hi! I'm Max. *giggles at what she said* thankwou.

Sydney: *stands by them for safety*

3/30/2011 #3,019
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper: *catches her and carries her to the couch, smirking*

3/30/2011 #3,020

Kira: *murmurs* So full of it.

3/30/2011 #3,021

(you know it funny how a bet brought Thea,Geog,Kira&Coop to where they are now)

3/30/2011 #3,022

(maybe. depends on what kind of roach is it. XD)

Sarah: *Grins at him and sits down on the sofa, puts him on her lap and bounces him slightly* Hello Max, I'm Sarah. (Wouldn't Sarah be Max's step mom?)

3/30/2011 #3,023
I Am the Real Number Five

(I know :P)

Cooper: your reaction doesn't tell me I'm full of it. *grins and rests his hands on her hips*

3/30/2011 #3,024
I Am the Real Number Five

(O.o kinda...)

Maxance: *giggles as claps his hands as he bounces* do you know where my daddy is?

3/30/2011 #3,025


Kira: -_- *bites her lip, looking up at him*

3/30/2011 #3,026


Howie Jr: yoo

Samantha: *okay then.. * *is naked under Pheonix*

Jasper: *kisses her*

Sean: *WAIT... who's package his own or Sean's?*

3/30/2011 #3,027

(it was a small-ish roach i think...

OMG I remember when i saw this huge flying roach in my living room.. i screamed.. got my great aunt in the room then took my phone and hide in the bathroom)

3/30/2011 #3,028
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper: *teasingly tugs on her shirt, letting his hands run over her stomach* (XD)

3/30/2011 #3,029

Celina: how are you?

Pheonix: *groans again*

Chloe: *kisses back grinding into him*

Tristan: *seans*

3/30/2011 #3,030
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