Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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I Am the Real Number Five

(its k xD)

4/20/2011 #2,971

:P its two, i got at least 8 more hours to go. -.-

4/20/2011 #2,972
I Am the Real Number Five

(i got a lot more than you cause it's only 6:12 pm :/)

4/20/2011 #2,973

-___- eff this. im sleepy.

4/20/2011 #2,974
I Am the Real Number Five

(fail. K. Night.)

4/20/2011 #2,975

epic failure. xxP byee

4/20/2011 #2,976

im still here... o.O

4/21/2011 #2,977




4/21/2011 #2,978


one time i mixed sunscreen with coke in a cup at a waterpark and walked over to my Ex and dumped it over his head cuz he was being a dick and then he chased me and i ran away. xD it was funny.

oohh and another time i was in the forest with my friend and i got cut by posinous thorns. :/

one time i was with my friend Jalonis and it was rainning XD i went into the middle of the road and sat in the rain and jumped in it and got all wet. :D it was fun.

oneee time, at my birthday party we were playing 7 minutes in heaven, and i got picked along with my friend Aries and we went into the bathroom and we started moaning and stuff so everyone thought we were doin it XDD lmfao it didnt fool them.

4/21/2011 #2,979

one time when i was little i had a baby sitter and i asked her if she knew how to dance and she said no then i said i knew how, then i went to my room, got a blanket and stuffed animal, went back into the living room and put the cover over my head and started dancing with the teddy bear. xDD

one time i was suppose to be walking home from school but i decided to climb a tree by the park and no one was around and i fell off the tree and yeah.. i was bleeding and i couldnt get up D: and one of my brothers friends found me and got my grandpa to get me. i needed stitches but i never got them cuz... its a long story. :p

one time i killed a rat by hitting it with a ruler until it died. XD im a sick person.

one time i climbed out of my window in the early morning and went outside searching for cats:) i was like five or six.. :p i liked cats.

another time i went outside in the morning while everyone was sleeping, i went into the backyard to go swing on the swing and my mom woke up and couldnt find me and called the cops and i got scared so i hid and then eventually my moms friend found me.

one time i was with my friend, Lisa, well she was my best friend since i was a baby, we grew up together. anyways, one time she was at my house and she was gonna take a nap and then i decided to take a nap with her then somehow we ended up kissing each other o.O it was cute :3 i mean, i was like nine!! -.-

4/21/2011 #2,980

ummm................ one time my dog died and i had to pick him up to put him in the bag and i couldnt do it. :( i was crying when i was waiting for the bus for school. T_T

one time i pushed this girl up against a wall cause she pulled my friends hair... :) she tried to come after me but she got caught by one of the teacher:P

ummm.................................................. one time my brother burnt down the whole house... yeah.. :) we lost everything.

4/21/2011 #2,981

one time i swallowed a quarter. ^.^ i had to go to the hospital.

another time my brother accidently threw a rock at my face when we were at the pool cuz we were playing this game that i made up (it was a really retarded game) and yeah.. bad idea... i had to go to the hospital and get stitches. And i still have the scar on my lip:PPPPP

Uuuuuuuuummmmmmmm another time i had to go the hospital was when i was by the hot tub, watering the plants and i fell and busted my chin open. D: i had to get stitches and i still have the scar. i was like freaking eight.

i think thats it for all the hospital visits.... except the other time where I Od'ed on Vyvance, pain pills, etc. :PPP that was fun. i enjoyed that. ^^.... -.-

one time i was walking down the street (on the night of my suicide attempt) it was like twelve or one at night and this random dude in this car went "WOOOOOO" at me... i just smiled... i think he was drunk.. o.O *shrugs*

one time i got yelled at by the principale for stealing someones wallet at school. xD i got out of school suspension for two weeks. :D

4/21/2011 #2,982

damn im bored. -,-

hmmm..................... one time my boyfriend broke up with me over text. -.-

another time i got my phone taken away for cursing out this dude's mom over text. :D she came to my house and showed my mom the text messages i sent her. -.-

one time i got my hair pulled for talkin shizz to this girl that hated me for NO reason at all. :P i ended up writing HOE on the back of her car and writing bad stuff about her and her friends on the side of her houseXDD then her mom came and told my mom then i had to clean the stuff off the wall DX

one time ... idk. one time i lost everything then one time i had everything.

one time i was with my friends and we were walking around and this car was going really slow...i swear it scared the shit outta me cuz it seemed like they were debating on kidnapping us or not.... o.O o,OOOO

one time i was at my friend's bday party and somehow everyone ended up not wanting me there at the end... :// one time i went bowling with my friend:D it was Awesomeness.

one time i went to the pool with my friend Tory then spent the night at her house, it was kinda boring. xD

one time i broke my ex boyfriends heart. :/

dudeee i need friends. -.-

and im tired..

its two minutes til four in da morning..

idk why im writting this.........

im hungry.

*wants my grandma*

*wants stuff to stop changing* -.-

*likes ambulances*

omg that reminds me the last time when i was in the hospital they freaking cut me in the neck to put the damn Iv thingy in it! OMFG DXX i was so lucky to be stoned on freaking pills otherwise it would have hurt way more. then they kept on sticking me with the iv in my wrist cuz they couldnt find a vein and they had to hold me down cuz i kept on thrasing and stuff CUZ IT HURT LIKE HELL!!! DXXXXXXXXXXXX grrrr.

4/21/2011 . Edited 4/21/2011 #2,983

this one time i fell in love with a boy in tehh physiatric hospital:) but there was one thing i learned then, and it was to NEVER befriend a person in a mental hospital because most of the time they leave before you or you leave before them. and leaving is just hard... ://

:) physiatric hospitals......

for some reason i like them, for awhile.. then i just wanna go home. -.-

lol i remember the time when Charles was screaming so loud that it sounded like the ppl were tryin to murder him or something XDDD


my birthdays on monday, the day i get to go back to school:) ppl were actually asking where i was....

why the hell am i crying???? o.O wtf.

4/21/2011 . Edited 4/21/2011 #2,984

damn this sleeping competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -.- fuck it, im out.

nite nite. :D

4/21/2011 #2,985
Lost in a magic realm

(Bhanjii-san! You really do have a great attitude. XD)

4/21/2011 #2,986
I Am the Real Number Five


4/21/2011 #2,987
Lost in a magic realm

(Hey Siena XD)

(Congrats with the mod position on the script. XD)

4/21/2011 #2,988
I Am the Real Number Five


(and thanks ^^)

(speaking of the script... :)

4/21/2011 #2,989
Lost in a magic realm

(Yeah O.o?)

4/21/2011 #2,990
I Am the Real Number Five

(Wanna go on it with me:D i'll love you forever?)

4/21/2011 #2,991
Lost in a magic realm

(Sure, just a sec. okay? ^.^)

4/21/2011 #2,992
I Am the Real Number Five

(okey doke)

4/21/2011 #2,993
Lost in a magic realm

(Sorry a bit distracted, eating lunch and keeping an eye on the roast leg of lamb and the tv. XD)

(I'm on the script now. :))

4/21/2011 #2,994
I Am the Real Number Five

(lol kk i'll get on :)

4/21/2011 #2,995
Lost in a magic realm


4/21/2011 #2,996
I Am the Real Number Five


4/21/2011 #2,997
Lost in a magic realm

(it must be pretty late, where you are now, ain't it?)

4/21/2011 #2,998
I Am the Real Number Five

(yeah it is it's 10 to 12am :)

4/21/2011 #2,999
Lost in a magic realm

(Lol. it's almost 2pm here.)

4/21/2011 #3,000
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