Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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[-_- *seriously hates the bus moniters that are in my bro's bus*]

Jazlynn: *idk yet*

Bree: *sitting outside alone by some trees, staring at her skinnyness because somehow she's an anorexic vampire*

4/27/2011 #2,971

(my brothers will be 6 in May)

4/27/2011 #2,972

(I already did Qira xP)

4/27/2011 #2,973

(o.O Usually when she says 'check your messages' it means there's an M rated scene....)(Stupid teachers. *smh*)

4/27/2011 #2,974
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *thinking about what kind of wedding Jazlynn would like to have*

Georg: *walks over to Bree and sits down next the her* Hi sis, what's up?


Lumina: *walks over to one of Aly's characters**smiling warmly and gently* Hello!


Georgiana: *sitting on the couch and drawing*

4/27/2011 #2,975

Aly: *smiles back a little bit* Hi....

4/27/2011 #2,976

I had an interesting day today. :p My dude friend and my brother were acting like retards the whole time during math class. And Nathan(teh dude friend) put my caculator in his mouth AGAIN. xD And my bro spit on my pen then threw it at me and he missed. :P Then they were both copying off me. smh.

4/27/2011 . Edited 4/27/2011 #2,977
Lost in a magic realm

Lumina: *smiles* how are you today Aly?

4/27/2011 #2,978

(no no i sent a bunch of peope this NON M RATED THING:

who remembers those dumb head on comercials that be like "head on aply directly to the forhead head on aply directly to the forehead"

well i got something new to annoy you

Have you ever felt like a white person wanting to be black, or a blackperson who felt like you just wasn't black enough (no racist)

Well no we have something new, its called BLACK ON apply directly to the light skin

BLACK ON apply directly to the white skin

BLACK ON apply directly to the light skin

And if you go on this offer quick enough we'll even add in: Indian on, White on, Spanish on, Tan on, Alien on, and even baby on.

But thats not all folks, have you ever wanted that big booty that you could never have, well now we also have for a limited time BOOTY ON apply directly to the pancake

BOOTY ON Apply directly to the pancake

Booty ON Apply directly to the pancake

We also have Booty On in Ghetto styles, Blonde styles, and even booty pop styles.

You never have to feel left out again

Dont forget about WEAVE ON, and Boob on, and for those kinky people we even have GetYourFreaky

On. And for all you men out there, have you ever felt nerdy and unsexyfacational? well no we have just for you, PIMP ON appl directly to the dorkyness, yes its PIMP ON. just a little bit of pimp on aand the hoes will be all over you homie.

Dont forget to call now at 1-800-ImInIdiot or just go to SuckOn.com ato get your stuff for only 9.95

*in tiny print* plus 20238376392$ tax plus shippping and handling

Oh and before we forget we also have Jamaca On so you can fit in with ya jamacian friends mon. )

4/27/2011 . Edited 4/27/2011 #2,979
Lost in a magic realm

(lmao, that does sound like an interesting day. Bhanjii-chan)

4/27/2011 #2,980

(my day was okay... and weird and then emo and then back to good)

Jazlynn: *is eating vampire chocolate* (XD)

Bree: *sees Georg* hey, not much really

4/27/2011 #2,981
Lost in a magic realm


4/27/2011 #2,982

(LMAO i was bored at 6 am snd went on facebook and wrote that)

4/27/2011 #2,983

(yeah. My friend embraced me in a bear hug this morning when she saw me. ^^ everyone was asking where i was. -.- Art pissed me off (kinda) cuz we had to do this drawing and i couldnt do it perfectly like everyone else could. Civics was awesome cause we didnt do anything cuz we had a real lockdown today. Someone had a gun. ^^ So we got to listen to our iPods and stuff. Cooking class was awkward cause they were talking about knifes.. Yeah. Teh teacher kept explaining which one could slice through what food and if they could slice through human flesh. -.-)

4/27/2011 #2,984
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *saunters over to jazlynn* jazy my love, have you thought a little about what kind of wedding you'll like?

Georg: okay *staring down at the grass and plucks a straw to look at*

4/27/2011 #2,985

(O.O teachers are the reasons students know how to stab others)

4/27/2011 #2,986

(Lolz, Qira... er, Zori....)

Aly: *shrugs* Fine, I suppose...

4/27/2011 #2,987

Jazlynn: *nods**and pats the seat next to her* come, sit

Bree: *glances at him* what about you?

4/27/2011 #2,988


4/27/2011 #2,989
Lost in a magic realm

(My Cooking teacher never talked about how to use knives, she would just tell us what we were going to cook that day, and if there werent enough assigments for everyone, she would always tell me to bake cakes. :P)

4/27/2011 #2,990

(Ikr!!!! smh)


4/27/2011 #2,991


4/27/2011 #2,992

(Hi!!! Haha, Aly is here again... my character.)

4/27/2011 #2,993
Lost in a magic realm

(Hi Hannah :D)

Lumina: *smiling* Thats nice! *sees a bench walks over to it* Aly, why don't you sit down next to me on this bench? *sits down and pats the seat next to her*


Jeremy: *smiles and sits down next to her* so what is your thoughts?

Georg: *sigs* punishment is over, but now I have to try to talk with Georgiana and her boyfriend and apologize.

4/27/2011 #2,994

(i think i wanna be a doctor:D)

4/27/2011 #2,995

(Savanna, I brought Tobey here ^^ All hell is going to break loose)

(Awesome Aly)

Kira: *looking curiously at Aly from the couch*

Tobey: *leering*

Elias: *wondering where Cordelia is*

4/27/2011 #2,996


Aly: *looking around nervously*

Ace: *hovering protectively nearby*

4/27/2011 #2,997
Lost in a magic realm

(That sounds great bhanjii-chan :))

Cordelia: *running over to Elias and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him* EEEELLLLLIIIIAAAAAASSSSSS missed you. (XD)

4/27/2011 #2,998
Lost in a magic realm

Lumina: *smiles with concern and softly says* Aly, what's wrong you seem so nervous?

4/27/2011 #2,999

Zac: *is possibly a vampire or dead XD*

Jazlynn: *tells him how she'd like it to be nice but not to big and stuff and it doesnt really matter as long as she gets to be with him* (i really dont know XD)

Bree: that sounds...... fun..

4/27/2011 #3,000
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