Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Celina: *walks over* come on Luois I'm gonna show you how to fight

Zoe: **nods at Celina*

5/21/2011 #451

Nathan: *lets go of her and takes a step back, smiles back* That's good, I havent talked to you in awhile. ^^

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #452

Matt:*sits down*

Puck, Kurt, and Finn:*stands and goes up and stands on the side*

Isabelle:*takes a shaky breath* This was Susie's favorite song. *turns on a slideshow as the music starts, goes and joins Kurt Puck and Finn*

The four of them: *sings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q_jNMrFtD0&feature=bf_next&list=FLPEXDei19Zfc&index=2 Isabelle doing Tina's part(third singer), Kurt doing Kurt's part (The first one singing), Finn doing Finn's part (second singing), and Puck doing Artie's part (fourth singer though Puck is actually the guy with the mohawk in the back}8

5/21/2011 #453

Thea: I know *smiles brightly*

5/21/2011 #454

Louis: *looks up at her* You... will...?

Nick: *smiles slightly* You're a good sister, Celi. *motions at Louis*

5/21/2011 #455

Celina: of course stand up

zoe: *smiles*

5/21/2011 #456

Louis: *wipes his eyes and gets up*

Nick: *smiles*

5/21/2011 #457

Colin: *listens*

5/21/2011 #458

Celina: *nods and pulls him to the middle of the room gentelly* ok so *fixs his stance so his sides facing her* when you feel threatened get on your side, it keep all your vital parts safe... kicking yout arm or your leg is much less damaging

Zoe: *moves to sit closer to Nick*

5/21/2011 #459

Matt:*when the song ends, looks at them and whispers* Thank you.

Isabelle:*goes back up the podium to say a few things of her own* Susie was a very good friend to me. And as days went by, she slowly became my sister. She reacted as she did with Finn, Puck, and Kurt. She smiled at us. She hugged us. And she invited us to join her in whatever she was doing at the time. Be it watching her favorite movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or just sitting around talking. Everytime we went to see her she'd do the same thing. Susie was very special. To all of us. *looks down as more tears fall* I miss her. So much. It feels like I'm stuck in a nightmare and can't wake up. No matter how hard I try. Because it's real. No matter how much I want it to go away and to just wake up and Susie will be there, smiling and happy as she was. That won't happen. I won't wake up. It won't go away. It never will...she's gone...our sister's gone. And we can't bring her back. I wish we could...for only a few minutes at least. So we can give her one last hug. See her smile one last time. Have our sister for one last time, say our goodbyes to her in person. Rather than in our heads now she's gone. All we want is one more day. One more time to be with her. To do all her favorite things with her so she wouldn't be alone. So she'd know we loved her. Forever. Goodbye Susie...my sister. I love you. Rest in Peace. *sits down and looks at her hands*

5/21/2011 #460

Louis: *stands in the middle of the room, his sides facing her* *nods* Alright...

Nick: *warps his arm around her waist*

5/21/2011 #461

Colin: *listens to what she says and cries* *feels sorry for them even though he doesn't know her* *after that Isabelle is finished* Me too I want to say some things...

5/21/2011 #462

Celina: ok next when you kick somebody, stay on your side *shows him* it allows you to recover faster

Zoe: *smiles*

5/21/2011 #463

Matt:*nods and gives a slight smile* T-Thank you...

Isabelle:*crying silently, tears falling*

Puck, Finn, and Kurt:*crying*

Rest of people there:*crying*

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #464

Nick: *kisses her head*

Louis: *nods, watching* Alright... *does what she told him* Like that?

Colin: *walks over to where he has to talk* Alright, I know I don't know his sister, *motions at Matt* But I can tell she was awesome. Just by evryting you've said about her. *smiles slightly* And, we know she's gone. Forever. But as long as we'll hold her in our memories, she'll never die. She'll always be with us. We must remember all the good time spent with her and not her death. If we close our eyes, we can see her. I've lost someone, me too and when I close my eyes, I can see him. He's still with me. Same thing goes to you all. Always remember the good things that happened when she was alive. Always, remember her and she'll always be there. Now, I can tell she's safe where she is. That our memories not poison any of her Eternal rest. But she must keep us in a small corner of her heart and go down there when she misses us. We'll always love her and remember her. Rest in peace forever. *looks down and wipes his eyes*

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #465

Zoe: *smiles*

Celina: perfect! OK *thinks when you hit some one you can use the hel of your palm, your fist... do you carry keys to school?

5/21/2011 #466

Isabelle:*wiping her eyes as she fights to keep up with the tears*


Puck, Finn, and Kurt:*crying*

Everyone else:*cries*

{Aw. now I'm crying.}

5/21/2011 #467


5/21/2011 #468

(:/ sorry)


Colin: *walks over to Isabelle*

5/21/2011 #469

Nick: *smiling, hugging her*

Louis: *nods* Okay... Hum, yea I carry keys at school.

5/21/2011 #470

{Not your fault. I'm watching a sad movie.}

Isabelle:*wiping her eyes again*

Matt: Thank you Colin. It means a lot. To all of us. *motions to everyone there*

5/21/2011 #471


5/21/2011 #472

Zoe: *huggng back*

Celina: can i see em? how many are there?

5/21/2011 #473

(You okay, Qira?)

Nick: *hums*

Louis: *shows her the keys of the house and those of his car*

(kk) Colin: *nods and smiles slightly* My pleasure.

5/21/2011 #474

Celina: OK good here *grabs them* ok look *slips them inbetween her fingers* now you can hit at them and scratch em it hurts more

Zoe: *leans into him closing her eyes*

5/21/2011 #475

(my head hurts, I fucking hate the heat... screw summer and all the heat it brings... I'm happy with just winter, fall and spring...)

5/21/2011 #476

Matt:*smiles as best he can*

Isabelle:*looking down*

*after a few more people speak they go to the graveyard and bury Susie*

Isabelle:*stands by the grave*

5/21/2011 #477
Phoenix: *looking up at feather, wandering slightly8 Feather:*chuckles* (no IDEa what to do, I'm here, roleplay?)
5/21/2011 #478
(((Awwww!! who died? why'd they die?)))
5/21/2011 #479

{One of Isabelle's good friends. She had Down Syndrome. Her immune system crashed and she got pneumonia and died from it.}

5/21/2011 #480
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