Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Lady Morgana: Promise me you won't go after him?

5/20/2011 #61

Blaine: I can't promise that.

5/20/2011 #62

aaron: *groaning* *teases back ;)*

Colin: *hugging tightly* *kisses her hair*

Freya: *smirks, kicks the door open and skips in the room*

5/20/2011 #63

Lady Morgana: You don't even know who he is. Nor do you know what he's done.

5/20/2011 #64

Blaine: I'll find out. I won't rest until he is taken care of.


Isabelle:*hugging, gives a small smile when he kisses her hair*

Jason:*moans, kissing her*

5/20/2011 #65

Lady Morgana: I will never tell you. You won't make me.... (He should persuade her...)

5/20/2011 #66

Blaine: *kisses her* Please? *looks into her eyes and "persuades" her*

5/20/2011 #67

Lady Morgana: *kisses back* Why?

5/20/2011 #68

Blaine: So I can get him out of your life forever.

5/20/2011 #69

Lady Morgana: I have you IN my life, that's enough for me.

5/20/2011 #70

Blaine: True but he's still in your life. And that hurts you. I will not rest until he is out of your life.

5/20/2011 #71

Aaron: *smirks and continues*

Colin: *hugging her*

Freya: *kissing him, pushes him onto the bed and climbs on top of him*

5/20/2011 #72

Morgana:*moans, teasing him back*

Isabelle:*hugging him, kissing his chest gently*

Jason:*kissing her, moans*

5/20/2011 #73
I Am the Real Number Five


5/20/2011 #74


5/20/2011 #75

(Aly has to go to bed)

aaron: *smirks and moans*

Colin: *hugging her, smiling*

Freya: *kissing him, moaning* *rubs his chest*

5/20/2011 #76


5/20/2011 #77

Morgana:*moaning, teasing him*

Isabelle:*hugging him tightly, smiling slightly as she leans into his chest*

Jason:*kissing her, moaning*

5/20/2011 #78
I Am the Real Number Five


5/20/2011 #79

(nм, jυѕт вeιng вored)

aaron: *тeaѕιng нer and мoanιng*

colιn: *нυggιng нer, ѕмιlιng*

ғreya: *ĸιѕѕιng нιм, rυввιng нιѕ cнeѕт and тeaѕeѕ нιм a вιт ѕoмewнere...* (o.o)

5/20/2011 #80

{Same here.}

Morgana:*moans, teasing him, can barely stand it anymore, needs him*

Isabelle:*hugging him tightly, her head under his chin* I love you...don't die...

Jason: *kissing her, moans* {0.0 lol}

5/20/2011 #81

aaron: *moaning, teasing her* *can't stand it anymore, needs her*

Colin: *hugging her* I won't die. I can't die.

Freya: *kissing him, teasing him* *smirks/whispers on his lips* You like tht? (xD)

5/20/2011 #82

Morgana:*moaning* *takes his pants off, moving his hands to hers*

Isabelle:*hugging him* Good. Cause I can't live without you.

Jason:*kissing her, moaning* Oh god yes.

5/20/2011 #83

Freya: *smirks and continues* *runs her hand on his chest and down to his waistband*

Colin: *hugging her* Me too I can't.

Aaron: *helps her taking off his pants*

5/20/2011 #84

Jason:*moans, kissing her8

Isabelle:*clinging to him, her head on his chest* I mean it Colin. If I don't have you I'm nothing.

Morgana:*slides his pants off*

5/20/2011 #85

{I gtg continue this tomorrow}

5/20/2011 #86


5/20/2011 #87
I Am the Real Number Five

(still here)

5/20/2011 #88


5/20/2011 #89
I Am the Real Number Five


5/21/2011 #90
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