Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Blaine: Perfect. You? *kisses her forehead*

Jason:*hugging her*

5/24/2011 #2,671
Lost in a magic realm

Georgiana: *looks at him sternly* No you're not fine... I'm taking you to the hospital... unless you tell me right now... what happen.

Ian: *points at the bruises* Auwee? *hugs her again*


Jeffrey: *smiles* Picnic time it is.

Christian: *chuckles* well... that is a wide range of books then.

5/24/2011 #2,672

(He's soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lady Morgana: Far better now that you have regained your magic.

5/24/2011 #2,673
Leik: *nonchalantly*I don't know. Annebell: *scrubbing the concrete floors*
5/24/2011 #2,674
Lost in a magic realm

Lumina: *sitting outside her house, thinking about Matt*

5/24/2011 #2,675

Blaine:*smiles* I love you.

5/24/2011 #2,676

[o.o i dont wanna die!!!)

Vicky: what kind of girl am I? I'm not completely sure, still figuring that out.

Zac: haven't really been looking

Jazlynn: *kisses back* then my body if yours for the taking

5/24/2011 #2,677

(Ok, Qira, we'll just torture you instead...)

Lady Morgana: *lays her head on his chest*

5/24/2011 #2,678

Penelope: *smirks* I prefer my hair to be braided complicatedly

5/24/2011 #2,679

Nixon: *closes his eyes then opens them again slowly* i just took something, don't... worry. *takes a deep breath*

Sasha: *frowning, blinks away tears* *wants to tell him something, trys to see if he can understand her sign language* daddy.

5/24/2011 #2,680

Matt:*twirling a piece of paper on the table, thinking about Lumina*

5/24/2011 #2,681

Colin: *It's what you think they're doing XD*

aaron: *hugging*

Freya: *hugging*

5/24/2011 #2,682

Blaine:*kisses her hair*

5/24/2011 #2,683

Isabelle:*oh boy. lol XD*

Morgana:*smiles, snuggled into his chest* I love you.


5/24/2011 #2,684

Lara: *smiles*

anna: *clapping and giggling*

Roxannah: *smiles and nods* Yeah. So... what about you?

5/24/2011 #2,685

Bradley: *nods* I see. But what are you really sure about you? *smiles*

5/24/2011 #2,686

Lady Morgana: I love you, Blaine. You are everything to me.

(I hate Shinichi!)

5/24/2011 #2,687
Lost in a magic realm

Cordelia: Oh... *looking down at her hands* I'm sorry... i have really messed things up haven't I?

Jeremy: *smiles* well then... *scoops her up in her arms and carries her bridal style to the bedroom*... let's get started on the worshipping *puts her down on the bed* (O.O he sure doesn't waste any time. lmao XD)

5/24/2011 #2,688

Blaine: As you are everything to me. *hugging her to his chest*

5/24/2011 #2,689
Leik: *smirking, wonders if he should do something new to annebells hair, that was dirt compared to penelopes hair*
5/24/2011 #2,690
Lost in a magic realm

Lumina: *thinking about Matt, doesn't know where he is staying**is sitting on the frontsteps of her house*


Georgiana: *sternly* what did you take?

Ian: *O.O* Daddy hurt you?

5/24/2011 #2,691

Matt:*thinking about Lumina* *gets up and goes on a walk*

5/24/2011 #2,692

Lady Morgana: *keeping herself pressed against him, tears running down her face*

5/24/2011 #2,693
Lost in a magic realm

Jeffrey: *smiles* let's find the basket, the blankets and some food.

Christian: *slightly nervous* what about me? *doesn't know what to tell her, because he really isn't that nice person, not the way he has been acting untill now*

5/24/2011 #2,694

Blaine:*wipes her tears* What's wrong?

5/24/2011 #2,695

Vicky: that im a vampire, i have way to many siblings, i might possibly be kinda crazy, i have an obsession with fire, mostly all my siblings hate me, my hair is red, red is a color, i am really different from others in a good and bad way, no one ever really takes the time to understand me, I never really had a reason for living, and that your hair is blond and some other stuff but im not gonna stand here talking all day bout myself

Zac: no its not your fault

Jazlynn: *giggles when he picks her up* alright *shall do anything he asks her to* (O.o she would be a very interesting sub, o.O but a feisty one cuz if she got hit with a whip she'd probably hit the person back xD]

5/24/2011 #2,696
Lost in a magic realm

Lumina: *sighs, can't stop thinking about how Matt is doing, takes a sip of her tea, smiles as she is reminded of him, when they sat there on the very steps drinking tea together*

5/24/2011 #2,697

Lara: *smiles* Sure.

Roxannah: *nods* Yes. *smiles*

5/24/2011 #2,698

Matt:*doing a bit better since talking to Lumina, can't stop thinking of her, leans against a tree*

5/24/2011 #2,699

Colin: *XD*

Aaron: *smiles, hugging her* I love you too.

Freya: I'm okay...

5/24/2011 #2,700
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