Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Jazlynn: *kissing*

Zac: *Trys to calm her*

Kyle Jr: *Sees KAtey?*

6/3/2011 #2,971
Lost in a magic realm


Jeremy: *kissing ^_^*

Cordelia: *whimpers**then suddenly shoots off, jumps out of the window*

6/3/2011 #2,972

Jazlynn: *kissing :*-

Zac: *chases after her*

6/3/2011 #2,973

(yo Lola)

(hahaha wow xD)

Sasha: *falls alseep*

Nixon: Georgiana?

Tyler: *watching Bree listening to that song*

Nixon 2: *softly, walks up to Tiffany* Why'd you do that? *takes her arm and looks up at her*

Katey: *that works:P* *doesnt see Kyle*

6/3/2011 #2,974
Lost in a magic realm

Jeremy: *pulls away**now looking at her lovingly* I love you so much.

Cordelia: *jumps up onto a branch and scales the tree. then jumps from tree to tree*

6/3/2011 #2,975
Lost in a magic realm

Georgiana: *distracted* huh?

Ian: *sad*

6/3/2011 #2,976

Bree: *listening to this song now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeXQBHLIPcw&feature=relmfu * O.o (XD I told my mom that was about her cuz her nickname is Sue XD)

Tiffany: *looks down* [i have NO IDEA why she did that XD ]

Kyle Jr: *goes up to her*

6/3/2011 #2,977
I Am the Real Number Five


Cooper: *looking at Haylee*

Haylee: *humming to herself*

Sydney: *idk*

Max: *hunting*

6/3/2011 #2,978
Lost in a magic realm

(hey Siena)

(Now we only need hannah, if she ever decides to show up. -_-)

Georg: *idk... right now*

6/3/2011 #2,979
I Am the Real Number Five

(I haven't talked to her in ages...)

Cooper: *wondering why Haylee looks so happy*

6/3/2011 #2,980

Jazlynn: I love you too

Zac; *somehow catches her*

6/3/2011 #2,981
Lost in a magic realm

(Ask Bhanjii-chan... she knows whether Hannah is online or not, because Hannah loves Nicole's rp)

Georg: *feeling confused, worried and anxious, because he has fallen for Haylee, but is worried that it might be wrong.*

Jeremy: *beams at her words*

Cordelia: *growls, struggles and gets loose**takes off again*

6/3/2011 #2,982



My characters: *idk*

6/3/2011 #2,983

Jazlynn: *smiling at him*

Zac: *gives up and goes back home because idk what to make him do*

6/3/2011 #2,984

Isabelle:*messing around on the computer, making a video*

Morgana:*watching Harry Potter* {Idk what else to make her do}

Others:*i'm not sure*

6/3/2011 #2,985


(Hannah's on her cell so she cant get on two RPs at once:P)

Joney: *tackles Max from behind*

Tyler:(i would listen to the song but my internet is being stupid so i cant:/) *laughs* Nice song.

Nixon 2: *Sighs and tears a piece of her shirt off, wraps it around the cut just like Edward did xD*

Nixon 1: *softly* It's Nixon.

Sasha: *stiring in her sleep*

6/3/2011 #2,986
Lost in a magic realm

(sigh! I'm just gonna watch instead.)

6/3/2011 #2,987
I Am the Real Number Five

Cooper: *Sees that Georg looks a little distressed* You ok, Georg?

6/3/2011 #2,988

[??? whats wrong Cody?]

Bree: *smiles at him* hey (now iml listening to Fat by WeirdAl XD I love that MJ parody)

Tiffany: *bites her lip, looks up at him*

6/3/2011 #2,989
I Am the Real Number Five

Max: *Falls down* Ow! What the f- *grins* JONEY!

6/3/2011 #2,990


Tyler: *smiles back and hugs her* Hi beautiful.

Nixon 2: *brings her to the couch and sets her down* you're like a child Tiffany. *starts pacing, thinking and frowning*

Joney: *grins* Hey Maxy!!! Long time no see. ^^

6/3/2011 #2,991
Lost in a magic realm

(my comp is slow, I have a headache, and my character called Cordelia has lost her sanity because of guilt and selfhatred.)

6/3/2011 #2,992
I Am the Real Number Five

(Aw Cody bear :()

Max: It's been way too long! *hugs her :D*

6/3/2011 #2,993

[O.O my brother is on my ass]

Bree: *hugs him back* :)

Tiffany: *looks down guiltily*

6/3/2011 #2,994

(. . .)

6/3/2011 #2,995

[awww Cody, you could always change the emotions of your character]

6/3/2011 #2,996

{=\ }

6/3/2011 #2,997
Lost in a magic realm

(My characters have a habid of taking over a life of their own. I can't really control them. the same goes when I write a story, I don't always know what is going to happen next. I might have ideas, but that is all I get to have. My characters are too life like sometimes. O.o)

6/3/2011 #2,998

Barbie: *idk*


Lexy, Raven,Alex: *idk*

6/3/2011 #2,999

(my computer is pizzing me off too, my mom's not home and there's nothing to eat and im kinda hungry, im tired and i wanna go to bed but my blanket and sheet are drying in the dryer so i have to wait for them to finish, my head hurts now too,

did i say i was tired?

yea i did.......... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im tired, im sleepy, and tired........................................... and idk what else to write..... o.OO im gonna ramble now just because i want to

my favorite color is yellow because it's brighttt,


im tired.

.... why am i so tired

I forgot to take my medicine today o.O)

Joney: *Hugs back* Yup yup. So how're you buddy???:D

6/3/2011 #3,000
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