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I Am the Real Number Five


Max: *shrugs* i'm not bad. how about you? :)

6/3/2011 #3,001
Lost in a magic realm

(I forgot too... I didn't have my meds with me today, because I forgot, and now I have to wait.)

6/3/2011 #3,002
I Am the Real Number Five

(thanks for reminding me guys i forgot ^_^)

6/3/2011 #3,003
Lost in a magic realm

(glad to be at service. ^_^)

6/3/2011 #3,004


o.O what is my brother doing....................

why does being a girl have to be so hard? x_x

it would be awesome to be a boy and not have to worry about half of the stuff girls have to worry about, i could do boy-ish things:D that would be amazing

im leaving to texas next week:)

I want a kitty

i think triangles are overrated

the truth, i dont really even know what overrated means

another confession,ive never read a harry potter book

my mom just called, she just asked me what i wanted from taco bell

i hate taco bell x_x

i wish i was lady gaga

i was gonna say something else but then i forgot.........darn:/

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #3,005
I Am the Real Number Five

(brb shower.)

6/3/2011 #3,006

i've eaten an ant before, it was a dare:P

i always get hurt near water o.O like okay one time i was with my bro and my cousin and we went to this thingy in our backyard where we have to walk on a stick board thingy to get to the other side and we were at this dock and my couz pushed me in and i cut my foot on something but then this nice dude came and gave me a band-aid and stuff

and the other time i was at a waterpark and i found a quarter in the water and i was about to go on a ride and i didnt wanna lose it so i put it in my mouth then i accidently swallowed it, i was like bawling, xD i had to go to the hospital

and the other time i was at the pool with my bro and i made this game up (inspired by the movie the last house on the left) where you have to throw rocks at the person while their trying to swim and i came up for air as he was throwing them then i was gonna say stop but then he threw a rock at my face and if you look at my pics, that scar on my lip, yeah thats how i got that xD

my bro was freaking out more then i was XDD even tho i was like bleeding all over the place

6/3/2011 #3,007
Lost in a magic realm

(I'm playing bubble town, while I wait for my comp to finish it's scan for virus)

6/3/2011 #3,008

oh and this one time, when i was younger my bros and i were outside and they were gonna play baseball and so i was like standing right there and then he didnt see me and he accidently hit me with the bat and it was a METAL bat and i was bleeding from my head and my mom didnt even take me to the hospital o.O

this other time we were all goin on a ride to some place with my mom and my bro was the last one out of the house so he was bout to shut the door but the wind slammed the door shut on my bro's finger and chopped it off but it grew back o.Oo.Oo.O i remember he got a batman toy at the hospital that day

6/3/2011 #3,009

ewww viruses D:

6/3/2011 #3,010

[im out, bye]

6/3/2011 #3,011

(Don't go, Qira DX)

6/3/2011 #3,012


mydogsmellsgood cuzigavehimabath today:33

6/3/2011 #3,013
Lost in a magic realm

(It only found virus one time, it always finds cookies.)

6/3/2011 #3,014
I Am the Real Number Five


6/3/2011 #3,015

wb siena:D

*snickers* cookies xD

this laptop has a lot of viruses

6/3/2011 #3,016


6/3/2011 #3,017

O.O aly...

6/3/2011 #3,018

(*hugs you* Hey, darlin. XD)

6/3/2011 #3,019
Lost in a magic realm

(Hey Aly-chan)

(Mine doesn't... it always gets cookies instead. I guess I'm lucky then or rather my laptop is.)

6/3/2011 #3,020
I Am the Real Number Five

(i am bored)

6/3/2011 #3,021

(Lolz. I thought you weren't gonna be here today?)

6/3/2011 #3,022

*hugs back* :D yo


ima go hang out with momma, brb :P

6/3/2011 #3,023

{Hey Aly]

6/3/2011 #3,024
Lost in a magic realm

(I got home about 4 hours and 30 minutes ago. I just haven't gone to bed yet. :P)

6/3/2011 #3,025
Lost in a magic realm

(Yay... my comp is finished with the scan. no virus. only cookies as usual. 10 cookies this time. now my laptop is once again clean.)

(now I'm going to catch some Zzzz ^_^)

(Goodnight every one. Sweet Dreams.)

6/3/2011 #3,026

(Kass! *glomps you* Yeehaw! sorry I wasn't on last night.... drama....)

6/3/2011 #3,027

(sweet dreams Lilo:)

6/3/2011 #3,028

{It's alright. I wasn't on much either.}

6/3/2011 #3,029

(Night, Cordelia.)

6/3/2011 #3,030
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