Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Lost in a magic realm


7/6/2011 #2,971

{And I can't sleep cause I'm scared I'll dream of him and I can't do that quite yet...that and Everything is setting me off and I can't even think of sleeping now...}

Angel: *doesn't take her eyes off of him*

Wellan:*kissing her*

7/6/2011 #2,972
Lost in a magic realm

(Hey Qira I loved Ash's reply to Kira, the one where he said: 'my legs are hairier then you! stop being a kitty!' oh and the one where he is tempted to give her a fish. That was hilariously funny. XD)

7/6/2011 #2,973


7/6/2011 #2,974


7/6/2011 #2,975
Lost in a magic realm

(Gotta go... so byebye :))

(Although I have a sneaky feeling that you both have fallen asleep, so if that is the case... sweet dreams to the both of you. lmao XD)

7/6/2011 #2,976
Lost in a magic realm

(Hello Loriane *hugs* sorry but I have to go. cya later then. alright. byebye ^_^)

7/6/2011 #2,977

(See ya)

7/6/2011 #2,978

{I have to go too. If i don't I'll be a big mess later.}

7/6/2011 #2,979

(See ya)

7/6/2011 #2,980

(hullo! :D)

7/6/2011 #2,981

[o.o i could have sworn i said bye before i fell asleep..... well in my sleep i must have closed the laptop o.O or my mom did and didnt tell me]

7/6/2011 #2,982


7/6/2011 #2,983
Lost in a magic realm

(O.O Am I weird for saying following... OMG!!! I love Loriane's new avatar picture. :)~)

(Hello Hannah ^_^)

7/6/2011 #2,984

(XD Idk)


7/6/2011 #2,985
Lost in a magic realm

(How is it going... and shal we go straight on with the rp before you leave?)

Cordelia: *has decided to enjoy the warm and sunny weather by going for a swim in the lake**is right now swimming around wearing a monokini*

Christian: *has found kira some more crystals to play with and a nice blanket for her to sit and play on out side*

7/6/2011 #2,986


Kira: *playing, curls up next to him*

Tobey: *Watching from the shore*

7/6/2011 #2,987
Lost in a magic realm

Christian: *smiles and pets her hair gently, letting his fingers run through her hair with long and gently strokes*

Cordelia: *swimming around, but stops and stands up with water dripping down from her long dark hair, looking at Tobey. Smiling* Aren't you going to join me? The water feels great.

7/6/2011 #2,988

Kira: *sighs in near ecstasy when he touches her hair*

Tobey: Looks cold *uncertainly* You're not cold because you're naturally so hot (XD)

7/6/2011 #2,989
Lost in a magic realm

Christian: *stroking her hair softly**quietly* When are you regaining your senses little kitty cat?

Cordelia: *confused* what? The water aint cold and ... *O.o?* what are you talking about... I don't understand. (I had to read that sentence at least three times before I got what he said. It took some time before I understood, he was first talking about the water and to make sure she didn't think he was talking about her, added to the sentence,)

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #2,990


7/6/2011 #2,991
Lost in a magic realm

(Qira!!!!!! Hi... how is it going?)

7/6/2011 #2,992


Kira: *purrs, giving no sign she understood*

Tobey: (XD oops) *bursts out laughing* It's a compliment

7/6/2011 #2,993

[elloz, its going iight besides the fact that old dudes on the street are weirdos and my brother put on my sliver shoes o.O and is now talking into my fan]

7/6/2011 #2,994
Lost in a magic realm

Christian: *petting her**oh... well... at least I got that blasted ring Cooper gave off of you.

Cordelia: *blushes and dives under the water out shyness*

7/6/2011 #2,995
Lost in a magic realm

(Sounds like you brother is pretending that your fan is one of those old microphones that Singers and performes used to use in the old days like in the early twenties. lmao XD)

7/6/2011 #2,996

Kira: *mews, crawling on top of him*

Tobey: *Chuckles* Come here Cody

7/6/2011 #2,997
Lost in a magic realm

Christian: *cradles her in his arms**continue to pet her softly*

Cordelia: *can't hear him, is still under the water swimming around**embarressed, shy and feeling very self-conscious**:P* (XD)

7/6/2011 #2,998

Kira: *eager to please, kisses his neck*

Tobey: *swims after her*

7/6/2011 #2,999

(every time i make Mac&Cheese i feel happy inside :D)

7/6/2011 #3,000
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