Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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ok LoCoTriKaSi here is out link to the forum: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/ImBoredSoIChangedMyPenName/2596802/

Lily Desdemona Potter


-Jane (Volturi)









-Eleanor/Ellie Rose Ashton


-Jasper Whitlock-Hale,




-Diego [dead]


-James, [dead]

-Bree Tanner,

-Ash Carter,

-Brenda 'Barbie' White,

-Rebecca Black,





-Vickia, [dead]

-Samantha Carter,

-Loriane Alexandra Dorough,

-Howie Jr Dorough,

-Raven Dorough,

-Duncan Dorough,

-Jazlynn Whitlock-Hale,

-Jazmine Whitlock-Hale,


-Zac Efron,

-Corbin Blue,

-Justin Bieber,

-Lexy Kerns,










-Kyle Jr,

-Jasper Whitlock Jr,

-Pheonix Umbra Jr,

-the devil,




-Angela Carter,

-Bobito Lopez,

-Shermona White,

-Logan Brown,

-Tiffany Leonia Respusha Dante,


-Keri Hilson

-Jacob Black,

-The bats: Tanner, Teddy, Roman, Ned, Randy, Lance, Chase, Spencer, Zelda, and Myra.

-Lenore and Janine Palmer

-Alexia Simmons

-Amanda Lori Kerns









-Mystery Fletcher


















twilight fan 3694







Kinjal Cullen


Lovelyyuyu is not mental













xxxMe Myself and Alecxxx






-Emilia Jensen






-Cystal Vermillion

-Sebastian Santiago

-Christine Donahue

-Alyson Donovan

-Lady Morgana le Fay

-Amr Pendragon






















-Anna Luisa

-Roxannah Nelly Wilson


-Cheyenne Marie Scott (nickname is Chey)

-Chas Brantin Scott

-Giselle Arian Scott Cullen


-Logan Locker

Doubt But Never Regret

-Alex Morales


-Teresa Johanna Cullen


-Isabelle Grace Masen

-Morgana Lara Masen Morgan

-Bridgess Gene Morgan

-Wellan Thomas Morgan

-Mason Jackson


-Angel Carter

-Stephane Carter

-Samara Morgan (For now until someone choose to play her)

-Amber Kraska (For now until someone choose to play her)

-Jacquilyn Ramerez (For now until someone choose to play her)

-Noah "Puck" Puckerman

-Kurt Hummel

-Finn Hudson

-Matthew (Matt) Stevenson

-Blaine Samuel Anderson

Jasper's gal 33






-Caroline Smith


-Paris Mkenzie


-Elizabeth Ray

-Asema (Alice) Ray


-Justin Nathaniel Lynx


-Elizabeth Marie Brown

-Katarina Brown

-Christofer Brown



-Merlin / Emrys



-William Balinor Emrys







-Alexis Rose Catori

-Ember Hazel Clearwater

-Mercedes Aurora Phoenix westfall (merci)

-Alastair Matthew Blackthorn

-Chase Ryder Blackthorn

-Danika Renee Clearwater (avaible carrie)

-Demetrius Julian Calpurnia

-Cressida Emmaline Calpurnia


-Michelle Preakness


-Hayley Masen Stein


-Sephy Morona-


-brodi my nickname 'boo'



-Jeremy O'Conner

-Jeffrey Skovgaard

-Herald Lochfort [Disappeared]

-Georg Lochfort [Disappeared]

-Georgiana Lochfort [Dead]

-Feradora Lochfort [Disappeared]

-Franklin Lochfort [Disappeared]

-Lumina Angel

-Christian Matthewson

-Ian Lochfort Vu [Dead]


-Janett Love

-Joney Love

-Nixon Vu

-Steven Franks

-Nathan Departt

-Taylor Hannah



-Sasha Lochfort Vu


-Sydney Taylor


-Maxance Mclean/Taylor

-Haylee James/Taylor

I Am Number 8

-Quinn Lee Fabray





-Willow Augusta Lane


-Ian Lance MacBeth


-Adriah Cole


-Kira Torelli



-Penelope Granger



-Onyx Faith Tear







-Phoenix marie

-Feather wind


-Nicole Collins


-Seras Victoria

6/21/2011 . Edited by MorganaElenaLeFay, 7/22/2011 #1
Lost in a magic realm

(here and appearently first.)


(repeats from before)

Jeremy: *wondering why things doesn't work out for Cordelia, also feeling sorry for Nina, because she has now gotten a really bad expression of Forks*

Nina: *wonders why the heck the other Lochforts ever moved to this town in the first place*

Cordelia: *Finds a small lake, sits down by it's little shore, looking at the water**wondering how much Tobey really knows her, because if he did, he would have known that plants and flowers isn't really her thing, water on the other hand is.**sighs and hides her face in her crossed arms that she has folded and resting on her knees*

Christian: *is pissed*

Jerr.jr: *playing with his lego, wants to become an arkitect or a constructer, when he grows up**loves building things*

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #2


Merlin: *Smiles* I'm Merlin. *Extends hand for Ian to shake* Nice to meet you Ian. *Wearing skinny black jeans, a Hogwarts hoody that is FAR too big for him and tartan Converse* (yes, he's a friend of Dumbledore!)

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #3

[rp 40]

Drake: *playing with a toy guitar*

Jazlynn: *sitting on the couch, watching her children*

Angela: *Reading abook*

Zac: *walking around*

Kybecca: *walking around, sees Nina and Jeremy*

7/13/2011 #4

Ian: *shakes his hand* nice to meet you too dude (O.o im assuming thats a person from Harry Potter..... sorry never watched it]

7/13/2011 #5

(He's the dude in the foreground: He's Merlin from the legends but as a teenager/young adult)

Merlin: So, what's your... Power?

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #6
Lost in a magic realm

Jerr.jr: *sighs**playing with his legos, would like some lego people and trees to go with houses and castle he has made, and a much bigger plate*

Jeremy: *has an arm over Nina's shoulder trying to encuorage her and cheer her up again*

Nina: *hates Forks* i don't get it, why do you want to leave in a town like this?

Jeremy: *sighs* because jazlynn lives here.

Nina: *shakes her head* poor you.

jeremy: *is now also depressed*

Cordelia: *feels empty and lost on the inside**silently crying*

7/13/2011 #7


Ian: *shrugs* don't got one....well i if i did, its gone now

7/13/2011 #8

Drake: *tries to use a table to help him stand up*

Kybecca: *sees Nina and Jeremy* uhh.. hey Nina...

Zac:*sees Cordelia* *goes over to her, doesnt say anything just pulls her into a hug*

7/13/2011 #9

Merlin: *Taken aback* Oh... But I thought- Never mind... You don't seem too well... Are you okay? (Bringing up the point Merlin has no idea about the modern day abuse of drugs)

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #10
Lost in a magic realm

Nina: *looks up and smiles weakly* Hi... *remembers that herald and kybecca use to hang out together, before they had to flee*

Jeremy: *smiles weakly too* hello.

Cordelia: *shoves him off**quietly* please don't.

7/13/2011 #11

(Does anyone want to hang out with my character called Obsidian?)

7/13/2011 #12

Ian: im fine.. why do you ask? *has blood shot eyes and smells like weed but trys to mask it with cologne*

Kybecca: *is kinda awkward around vampires she dont know especially since what happened with her 'mom'* uhhh am i interrupting something? because i can go if i am....

Zac: whats wrong? *doesnt try to hug her again*

7/13/2011 #13

[sure bring him out and i'll send one of my characters to him]

7/13/2011 #14
Lost in a magic realm

(Never mind Qira came first.)


Nina: *shakes her head* no... Jeremy is a friend of my family.

Jeremy: *nods* Nina and Lumina supplies me and my family with fairy tea, so we don't have to hunt as much. I'm actually thinking about quitting hunting all together.

Cordelia: *staring at the lake* nothing.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #15

Merlin: Um... You smell as if you've stumbled through the herb Cannabis... Have you? (Merlin's a physician's apprentice, so he knows about the old medical uses of it)

Obsidian: *On the beach throwing pebbles out to sea*

(Obsidian's currently free and open to ideas. I don't mind if he's flirted with by either gender. He's not bi, but I haven't chosen his preference yet.)

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #16

Kybecca: ok..um i guess... its nice to meet you Jeremy..

Zac: I can tell your upset Cody... but i wont force you to tell me if you dont want to.. just know, that im heree if you want to talk..

7/13/2011 #17

Ian: uhh *would most likely know wtf Merlin was talking about if his brain cells haven't been so destroyed by all the drugs and drinking he's been doing for decades* if that means weed then possibly

Sean: *sees Obsidian* ello

7/13/2011 #18
Lost in a magic realm

Nina: so...

Jeremy: *smiles* nice to meet you too.

Cordelia: *roles her eyes* That is just the point... why bother telling anyone anything, when they'll never understand, because no one really cares enough to know me. *sighs* just go.

7/13/2011 #19

Merlin: *Suspicious* Have you been eating it? Because it's poisonous if not used properly!

Obsidian: *Notices Sean and smiles* Oh, hello... I'm Obsidian. You are?

7/13/2011 #20

Kybecca: *smiles back slightly, its a forced smile though* * looks at Nina* how've you been?

Zac: what are you talking about Cody, plenty of people talk about you?

Ian: eating it? O.o dude I've been smoking it *grins like an idiot* (lmao)

Sean: i'm Sean, nice to meet you

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #21

Merlin: ... Smoking it? How's that any different? Actually... *Intrigued* How does it affect your mind? How does it make you feel? *Curious, perhaps wondering if he can research it for Gaius*

Obsidian (Oz): *Extends hand for a handshake* Nice to meet you too... So, have you been around here long?

7/13/2011 #22

Ian: people say its bad for your mind but I think its great. makes me feel good... high even..

Sean: *shakes his hand* yeah, I've been around here for a few years

7/13/2011 #23
Lost in a magic realm

Nina: *sees that Kybecca isn't comfortable around Jeremy**all the annoyance with this town and the people in it, boils over.* If you're not comfortable being around my friend Jeremy, because he is a vampire, then why bother trying to get to know me... when I half vampire?

Jeremy: *O.O* Uhm... maybe I should go... I didn't mean to make you feel uneasy Kybecca. Sorry! *quickly gets up and runs away with vamp speed*

Nina: *sighs*

Cordelia: *rolls her eyes again**scorfs* talking about me, but do they know me? - what I like and dislike? *shakes her head* just go.

7/13/2011 #24

Merlin: *Takes in every word and thinks them through* So, you think it makes you... Powerful perhaps? *Is scribbling notes in an old medical tome* And you're willing to risk your long-term health to feel that power?

Oz: *Smiles* It's pretty mad huh? Do you have a special ability? Most people around here do...

7/13/2011 #25

Kybecca: I'm sorry I'm just awkward around people I dont know... and my mother was recently killed by a vampire... *holding back tears* I'm sorry I didnt mean to upset you or your friend... I jus-.....I should go before I upset you even more..

Zac: *sighs and starts to walk away but stops* you like water.. you always love being around water, when your upset you come to the river to think, you love to swim, your happiest in the water, and you glow beautifully in it.. you dont really like dirt... *walks away*

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #26

Ian: not realy powerful but it makes everything more fun... .. and yeah i am

Sean: *shrugs* I'm a hybrid of vampires and humans...... I can change my appearance

7/13/2011 #27
Lost in a magic realm

Nina: Well my cousin was killed by a human psycopath, who also beat up their child and threathen to kill the other one aswell. I'm now considered evil by the folks in this town, because I put a curse on a girl to make her stop seeing and protecting him, because who knows... he'll properly turn and kill her too, just like he did with my cousin Georgina. because of him... my family has to live in hidding, untill he dies or redeems himself, which will most likely never happen, because people here seems to be on his side. people are always charmed by psycopaths it's their trademark.

Cordelia: *begins to cry**jumps up and into the water*

7/13/2011 #28


7/13/2011 #29

Merlin: But what about the smell? Surly you can't like the smell that stuff gives you.

Oz: That's awesome! I'm a warlock... So, is this your natural appearance? *Gestures to the current form of Sean*

7/13/2011 #30
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