Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Lost in a magic realm

Herald: *facepalms* Nevermind then. *sighs*

Jeremy: *growls*

Cordelia: I'm afraid that if I don't then he'll just find someone else like Elias did... and then what will become of me?

8/19/2011 #2,671

Philippe: *smiles back*

Colin: *studying*

Aaron: *holding her close to him, making out with her*

Freya: *holding her, showing her how to swim*

8/19/2011 #2,672

Crystal: No! Please... *calling Rebecca*

8/19/2011 #2,673

Danalieth: I'm good, thank you. *smiles*

Lex: *kissing her* I miss you...

8/19/2011 #2,674

Aly: *hugs her mom* Hi!

Will: How are you two? and the kids?

Brian: Never! *starting to panic*

8/19/2011 #2,675

Helen: *hugs her* Hi!

Damon: we are good the kids are good

Katherine: I was just asking. i would go if thats what you wanted.

8/19/2011 #2,676

Anastasia: *smiles*

Christina: I always miss you. *kissing*

8/19/2011 #2,677

Aly: I've missed you! *looks at her* You're pregnant!

Will: How many do you have now? Seven?

Brian: You are my life.

8/19/2011 #2,678

Helen: I've missed you too yes i am and um well engaged too.

Damon: Nine

Katherine and your mine

8/19/2011 #2,679

Paul: *glaring at Dem* *glances at Crystal*

Samantha: one day, you won't know its me

Teresa: *kisses back*

Jazmine: *is now wearing Nicks shirt thats too big for her and Nick is wearing her little white shirt that shows off her belly* *starts giggling*

Duncan: *has his arms around her waist, slowly kissing her*

8/19/2011 #2,680

Mason:*holding her hand as the doctor does doctor things*


Morgana:*making out with him, holding him tightly*


Gwen:*slowly learning*

8/19/2011 #2,681

Aly: engaged? pregnant? why didn't you call me?!

Will: We missed three pregnancies... that can't be right.

Brian: Please don't leave me...

8/19/2011 #2,682

Kybecca: sorry .. *looks down*

Jazlynn: *playfully growls back*

Zac:you'll still have friends

8/19/2011 #2,683

Crystal: *desperately calling Rebecca*

Shayana: *upset*

8/19/2011 #2,684

Dem: I'll go....*attempts to leave and ends up stumbling a bit*

Cressida: I was just thinking about you.

Darius: *pulls tad into his arms and kisses her*

8/19/2011 #2,685

Rebecca: *Answers her phone* hello?

8/19/2011 #2,686

Paul: *lunges at Dem, sinking his teeth into him*

8/19/2011 #2,687

Crystal: Paul and Dem... they're fighting... *sobbing* They won't stop... please... *shrieks* no!

Amr: What's going on?

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #2,688

Tad: *kisses back wrapping her arms around him*

8/19/2011 #2,689
Lost in a magic realm

Herald: *sighs* it's kk.

Jeremy: *Raises a brow and smiles**finds it hot*

Cordelia: *-_-* Who keep on flunting their happy relationships in my face.

8/19/2011 #2,690

Rebecca: *into the phone*what? okay I'll be there soon, try to keep things under control until I get there

8/19/2011 #2,691

Dem: *Trying to get out of pauls grip*

8/19/2011 #2,692

Crystal: *sobbing* I'll do my best... Paul... he bit Dem! *away from the phone* Paul! Let him go!

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #2,693

Kybecca: *runs her fingers through her hair, pretty sure she's upset him with her lameness*

Jazlynn: *not giving him full body contact on purpose, smirks*

Zac: Who does that?

8/19/2011 #2,694

Aly: engaged? pregnant? why didn't you call me?!

Will: We missed three pregnancies... that can't be right.

Brian: Please don't leave me...

8/19/2011 #2,695

Darius: *moans deepening the kiss and pulling her closer*

Me: *trying to stay calm*

8/19/2011 #2,696

Paul: *has an iron grip* *sinking his teeth deeper into Dem's skin* (O.o if I didnt know what was goign on I'd think Dem and Paul were doing something kinky LMFAO]

Rebecca: okay see you soon *puts the phone in her pocket and gets up*

8/19/2011 #2,697

Tad: *sucks on his bottom lip*

Wyatt: *places her on the bed and takes her hand*

Dr: *checks her over*

8/19/2011 #2,698

Mason: Honey? What's the matter?

8/19/2011 #2,699

Helen: I tried many times.

Damon: Aly and i just had triplets.

Katherine: I wont.

8/19/2011 #2,700
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