Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Kybecca: *silent*

Rebecca: *worried/nervous* Kybecca?

Kybecca: I'm...uh...gonna go take a run *leaves the house*

9/9/2011 #3,001

Amr: *sighs and looks at Kyle* but you're happy?

9/9/2011 #3,002

Kyle: *nods* yeah

Rebecca: *sighs* I should go talk to Kybecca..

9/9/2011 #3,003

Amr: let me try?

9/9/2011 #3,004

Rebecca: *nods slightly* alright.

9/9/2011 #3,005

Amr: *goes after Kybecca*

9/9/2011 #3,006

Kybecca: *in a tree, in the woods, not to far from the house*

9/9/2011 #3,007

Amr: *catches up with her* Kybecca, can I talk to you, please?

9/9/2011 #3,008

Kybecca: *moves to a lower branch but stays in the tree* talk about what?

9/9/2011 #3,009

Amr: Does it bother you that I'm with her?

9/9/2011 #3,010

Kybecca: no...it doesn't

9/9/2011 #3,011

The twins: *Arrives at subway*

Rei: pulls up on helicopter pad and heads inside with passengers

Hikari: *spots old man and eyes him susipciously

Old man: turns round revealing red eyes and razor sharp fangs, hungry, blood!!

Kurai: *Puts gun in old persons mouth* eat this, *pulls trigger blowing off the guys head*

Hikari: *nods before waiting for marrissa*

(ummmm maybe marrissa could be onboard the copter p.s what do you think of my demon apocolypse idea? :))

9/9/2011 #3,012

Amr: Why did you run off?

9/9/2011 #3,013


Marissa: *on the copter*

9/9/2011 #3,014

Kybecca: I don't want to lose mom..

9/9/2011 #3,015

Amr: You'll never lose her. Why do you feel like you will?

9/9/2011 #3,016

(Here. Sorry, I was doing homework)

My characters: *come and get them*

9/9/2011 #3,017

Kybecca: because... she already has you.. and now she's having your baby.. once the baby's born she'll forget about me and I'll just be that 'other kid'

9/9/2011 #3,018

Anastasia: *in love, with Danelieth*

Christina: *dreading that Simon will tease her about her and Lex**With Lex*

9/9/2011 #3,019

Amr: come here. You'll never just be 'that other kid', she loves you. You're her daughter. I would never try to take her from you. She won't love you any less because of me or because of this baby.

9/9/2011 #3,020

Kybecca: *slowly comes down from the tree*

9/9/2011 #3,021

Amr: *pulls her into a hug* I would never try to take your mom from you in any way.

9/9/2011 #3,022

My characters: *die*

9/9/2011 #3,023

(I posted, Loriane!)

9/9/2011 #3,024

[o.O *pokes the dead people*]

Kybecca: *tenses at first then hugs him back* but I don't want to see her hurt either..

9/9/2011 #3,025

Amr: Nobody will hurt her. I won't let anyone. *hugging her* She loves you, she always will. She'll have more love in her heart, added to what's already there, for the new baby.

9/9/2011 #3,026

(I know. I'm just tired of rping with the same characters. I'll never get tired to rp the bsb, of course, but please, choose other characters or I'll might just delete them and they won't come back. -.-)

9/9/2011 #3,027

Kybecca: and you swear you won't leave her after the baby is born?

9/9/2011 #3,028

(I made someone for AJ! I forgot! I dont' ever have a lot of characters open. I have Anastasia, Christina, Shayana's with Mason... Lady Morgana is with Blaine, Victoria is free, Aly is free, Sebastian is free... Malachi is free... Caledonia, the one I made for AJ, is free)

9/9/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #3,029

Amr: I will never leave her unless she asks me to.

9/9/2011 #3,030
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