Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Here it is. Topic n°51 :D


1- Be accepted before coming on.

2- Keep it T rated.

3- Respect everyone.

4- Follow the rules, even though there aren't a lot.

5- Talk to the moderators if there are issues.

6- Have fun ツ

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10/29/2011 #2

][*tangoing with Kass*]

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Speaking of smaller breasts from East Asia, it somehow seems appropriate that the inventor of the first noninvasive breast augmentation procedure that probably works, hails from Japan. For a number of years now Dr. Hideto Tomabechi has been preoccupied with 2 things: sounds and breasts, and in 2008 he combined his 2 passions into the "Rock Melon" – a ringtone which supposedly causes titties to gain in size if you just listen to it. [

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10/29/2011 #6

[i find weird things]

p[wanna rp?]

10/29/2011 #7

{The ringtone is annoying.}


10/29/2011 #8

[it is]

Corbin: *I forgot?*

Vick: *picks up Max*

T.T: *Was with Puck*

Victory: *gets a text mesage from Victoria, sees its a picture of Victoria doing porno* O_O *throws her phone in the lake*

10/29/2011 #9

Bridgess:*was snuggled up to Corbin, had gotten a tank top and short shorts on.*

Aidan:*wakes up from a nightmare and cries out loudly* MOMMY! MOMMY!

Bridgess:*launches herself out of bed and goes to him*

Max:*coos* *is about 8 months old now* D...D...D...

Puck:*holding her close*

Wellan:*raises an eyebrow*

10/29/2011 #10
Corbin: *holding her close, i think he's just in his boxers* Vick: *smiles at him* T.T: * hiding her face* Victory: Victoria violated my phone O_e
10/29/2011 #11

Bridgess:*hears Aidan and darts out of bed, tripping but regains her balance and rushes to Aidan* *picks him up* What happened baby? What happened?

Aidan:*crying* I had bad dweam...

Bridgess: It's just a dream buddy. Nothing will ever hurt you. Come on, let's go snuggle with Daddy okay. Will that make you feel better?


Bridgess:*takes him back to Corbin and lays next to him, holding Aidan close as he cries*

Max: *trying to say dada* D...D....D....D....*thinks* Da.....da.....Da...da...Da..da....Da.da...Dada...Dada!!! Dada!

Puck:*rocks her gently* Let's get you to bed.

Wellan: Oh...

10/29/2011 #12

Corbin: *looks at them*

Vick: *grins like a goof ball* You called me dada!

T.T: *shakes head* no, i should probably be getting ready to take Dan home..

Victory: I will be right back *runs somewhere, comes back, her head and shoulders soaking wet *

10/29/2011 #13

Aidan:*sees his daddy and reaches for him* Daddy.....

Bridgess:*lets Aidan go to Corbin* He had a bad dream.

Max: Dada! Dada!

Angel:*smiles, recording this on video*

Puck: He's asleep. Why don't you get some sleep too. I can tell you're tired.

Wellan: *confused*

10/29/2011 #14

Corbin: *hugs Aidan close and smooths his hair*

Vick: *grinning like an idiot* yes, I'm your dada

T.T: *shakes head* Its doesn't matter if I go to sleep now or later *puts her head in her hands* its not like I have anywhere to go in the morning...

Victory: I attempted to cleanse my brain and eyes

10/29/2011 #15

Aidan:*clings to his daddy, crying* Daddy....Daddy....

Bridgess:*rubs his back*


Max:*smiles up at him, clapping* Dada!!!

Puck:*hugs her closer*


10/29/2011 #16

Corbin: *holds him close, hums to Aidan*

Vick: *grinning like a fool*

T.T: *buries her face in his chest, few tears spilling*

Victory: if you saw what i saw you wouldn't' be chuckling, mister

10/29/2011 #17

Aidan:*clings to him**slowly calming down*

Bridgess:*rubs her son's back gently*

Angel:*smiling, proud of her baby boy*

Max:*smiling up at his daddy*

Puck:*hugs her close, trying to comfort her*


10/29/2011 #18

Corbin: *kisses his head*

Vick: *grins* *offers Max a cookie*

T.T: *eventually calms down*

Victory: *randomly playfully tackles him*

10/29/2011 #19

Aidan:*looks up at him, tears in his eyes*

Max:*takes it and sucks on it, only has two teeth right now so can't really chew so just sucks on it*

Puck:*holds her*

Wellan: *smiles and laughs*

10/29/2011 #20

Corbin: *gently wipes his tears away*

Vick: *Watches* *its a soft cookie*

T.T: *wipes her eyes* *mumbles quietly* sorry...

Victory: *grins, gently pinning him down*

10/29/2011 #21

Aidan:*looking up at him*

Max:*happily working on the cookie*

Puck: It's alright.


{Sorry, had to do something{

10/29/2011 #22

[its okay

im watching Wizards of Waverly Place]

Corbin: *kisses his forehead*

Vick: *watching him, tries to take a picture with his phone but is still not that good at modern technology, frowns geting annoyed with the phone*

T.T: its not... you've done so much for me, and I've done nothing but shove my problems on you.. I'm so sorry

Victory: *smiles back*

10/29/2011 #23

Aidan:*hugs his neck tight*

Max:*working at the cookie*

Angel: Here. *shows him how to do it*

Puck: Hey. Don't worry about it. I love to help.

Wellan:*smiling, holds her close*

10/29/2011 #24

Corbin: *rocks him*

Vick: *mumbles something about cellphones being unnecessary and complicated*

T.T: *looks down*

Victory: *grins and softly kisses his neck*

10/29/2011 #25

Aidan:*leans his head into his daddy's shoulder*



Puck:*kisses her head*

Wellan: *smiles, kissing her head*

10/29/2011 #26


10/29/2011 #27


10/29/2011 #28


(Slow replying. Friends over.)

10/29/2011 #29


Morgana:*rocking Kelly, softly humming to her*

Isabelle:*playing the piano*

Jason:*smiling, happy, idk why*

10/29/2011 #30
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