Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Here it is. Topic n°52 :D


1- Be accepted before coming on.

2- Keep it T rated.

3- Respect everyone.

4- Follow the rules, even though there aren't a lot.

5- Talk to the moderators if there are issues.

6- Have fun ツ

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11/12/2011 #1

(*whistles* 4,999 posts= one topic lol)

11/13/2011 . Edited 11/13/2011 #2

( Hello)

11/13/2011 #3

Thea: well yeah I've been quite scandulious with your family

Arden: *smirks*

(hey Angela)

11/13/2011 #4
Lost in a magic realm


11/13/2011 #5


Maxi: *in the midst of a nightmare*

11/13/2011 #6

Isaac: * are we still on for the bet?*

11/13/2011 #7
Lost in a magic realm

Georg: *smiling softly* yeah... but they are willing to forget, because you have managed to make me stop thinking about her all the time. *a flash of pain appears briefly in his eyes*

Nina: *crashes and comes hard, so much so she looses her grib and slips under the water**jerks up and splutters, coughs and spits out water*

11/13/2011 #8

Bradley: But, it's the Quileute territory...

11/13/2011 #9


11/13/2011 #10

Ana: *Yup!*

Thea: *nods and glances behind him*

Arden: *chuckles* told ya

11/13/2011 #11

(sup Lo)

11/13/2011 #12

Star: *shakes head* its okay... you don't want me to.. I'll go back to my room.

Jazlynn: *smiles back slightly*

11/13/2011 #13

Isaac: * watching tv*

11/13/2011 . Edited 11/13/2011 #14

Aro: *holding her*

11/13/2011 #15

Ana: *eating the rest of her ice crean in the kitchen*

Lily: hello

11/13/2011 #16

Maxi: *starts squirming*

11/13/2011 #17

Brian: *facepalms* Is it me or this family is crazy?

Nick: Hey,

Dean: *grins* Awesome!

Kelvin: O.o who the fuck are you?

Simon: O_O Cover yourself, dude!

AJ: *picks up the puppy*

11/13/2011 #18

Isaac: Hey can I have some Icecream pretty please?

Lance: * kisses her*

11/13/2011 #19

(just writing and making videos)

11/13/2011 #20

(awesome Lo XD)

(Oh and we've posted 254, 949 post not including this one or the weddings or the funreal and blah blah blah)

Ana: baby says nope

Lily: *kisses back*

11/13/2011 #21

Isaac: Please pretty please?

11/13/2011 #22

Ana: baby stil says no *chuckles*

11/13/2011 #23

Aro: *rocks her*

Samantha: Both *smiles and skips over to Brian, pecks his lips*

Drake and PJ: eww

Loriane: *smiles, baby kicking inside her stomach* yeah

Alex: I am your son *grinning*

Duncan: *covers himself with his towel*

puppy: *barks at him*

11/13/2011 #24

Isaac: * kises her*

11/13/2011 #25

Maxi: *starts shaking*

Ana: *kisses back*

11/13/2011 #26
Lost in a magic realm

Katie: *laughs* I know, that is what I meant with of limit, so where can we go?

Georg: *looks behind him* what is it Thea?

Nina: *glares at him and huffs* Not funny, *scrambles out of the bathtube and snatches a towel, wraps it around herself and walks out of the bathroom.* (uh... I don't think she likes getting her head under water. O.O)

11/13/2011 #27

Isaac: * pulls away* i'm not going to let you win *laughs*

11/13/2011 #28
Lost in a magic realm

Jerr.jr: *growls* Get in the bed now!

Jeremy: *takes her hand* shall we?

11/13/2011 #29

Aro: *comforting them*

11/13/2011 #30
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