Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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1- Be accepted before coming on. Even if you have been here before and simply left, no matter the reason. If you have been having difficulties with a computer, or had no way to come on for a while, contact a moderator and explain that to them.

2- Keep it T rated.

3- Respect everyone.

4- Follow the rules, even though there aren't a lot.

5- Talk to the moderators if there are issues.

6- Stay in character.

7- You can roleplay in the format style you want. It doesn't matter.

8- If you have to speak out of character, use them ( ), { }, [ ].

9- Do not ignore people who come on and leave. That can upset them.

10- No godmoding.

11- You can have as many characters as you want. Most of them are ocs, anyways.

12- If you want a character, you better talk to a moderator. If you want an oc character, ask a moderator and send them your oc sheet for them to approve. When it's approved, go there: http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/OCs_Forum/96351/ Just create a topic with your pen name and then you can post all your ocs in the topic.

Keep this forum going!

Thank you :)(:

Have fun ツ

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3/25/2012 #1

Liam:*crying, scared, clings to Jackson* *shaking like a leaf*

6/17/2012 #2

(LOL bye Jas)

Mai: *lies down*

Alys: I-I-I'm s-sorry Liam *looks at the floor*

Zoe: *leaves*

Saxon: *licking him*

6/17/2012 #3

{I gtg too, be on tomorrow}

Liam:*sobs, shaking like a leaf, terrified of wolves even more so now*

6/17/2012 #4

(OK bye!)

6/17/2012 #5


6/18/2012 #6

(me and on yours)

6/18/2012 #7


6/18/2012 #8


6/18/2012 #9


6/18/2012 #10


6/18/2012 #11

Jazlynn: *twitchy*

Persephone: *happy to once again be out of Hades, flowers and plants grow behind her every step*

Ash: *holding his crotch*

Jasper: *brushing his hair*

Jacob: *is a jacob*

Barbie: *staring at the sky, humming Do you believe in magic by Aly and AJ*

Rebecca: *is a rebecca*

Kybecca: *texts Simon: hey :): imissyou *

Victor: *is sexy and being stalked by a Qira* (deff high)

Vick: *somewhere in England with his son*

Vicky: *not too sure*

Victoria: *having a bitch fit*

Victory: *missing Wellan and their daughter*

Samantha: *oogling Brian*

Loriane: *feeding DJ*

DJ: *baby stuff*

Jazmine: *thinking*

Jazy: *is like 11 now*

Drake: *probably in his late teens/ early 20s*

Jolie: *missing Chris*

Corbin: *praticing music*

Zac: *same as Corbin*

Lexy: *tending to Amanda's cold*

Julia: *idk*

Julio: *oh god I wanna kidnap him and..... ima stop talking*

Alex: *being weird*

Afrotina: *is a goddess*

Raven: *single mother, has a job, not wanting to have to depend on her parents' success to raise her son seeing as it wasnt her parents to had him, it was her choices so she's taking her own responsibility*

Duncan: *snoring*

Logan: *looking at his mother (Jolie)*

Tiffany: *idk*

Sorpresa: *daughter of Tiff*

Alexia: *model*

Teresa: *watching Symone*

Symone: *like 5 now?*

Tanner, Teddy, Roman, Ned, Randy, Lance, Chase, Spencer, Zelda, Myra, Diana and Ian. Tina and Gina: *all doing their separate thing but im too lazy to separate their names*

Deondre: *..*

Helena: *misses Stephane*

Howie Jr: *talking with his daughter Helena*

Jennifer: *attress/model*

Glen/Glenda: *Jennifer's kids that have issues seeing as their the children of Chucky the murderous doll*

Andrew and Andrea: *being twins*

Nicki: *idk being a fairy*

Star: *dead*

George: *being a loner*

Rodger: *plotting on ways to kill his kids*

6/18/2012 #12


6/18/2012 #13

Carmen: *walking around*

Jas: *playing guitar*

Mich: *reading*

Annabeth: *bored*

All: *open*

6/18/2012 #14


6/18/2012 #15


6/18/2012 #16


6/18/2012 #17

(what's wrong?)

6/18/2012 #18

Nicki: *sees Jas*

6/18/2012 #19

Jas: *sees Nicki and stops*

6/18/2012 #20

Star: *actually no, she's not dead* *standing on the sidewalk, has a guitar, people walking by giving her money she so desperately needs* *singing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh5mEat46fc&feature=bf_next&list=PL8B21DF86FE6B1040 *

6/18/2012 #21

Nicki: hello

6/18/2012 #22

Jas: Hi.

6/18/2012 #23


Angel:*in England with Vick and her son, idk what she's doing*

Others:*honestly I don't know*

6/18/2012 #24

Carmen, Mich, Annabeth: *open*

6/18/2012 #25

Vick: *fell asleep with Max in his arms*

6/18/2012 #26

Nicki: How are you?

6/18/2012 #27

Nicki: How are you?

6/18/2012 #28

Angel:*watching them* {She's back alive now} *smiles and holds both of them close*

6/18/2012 #29

Vick: (oo) *sleeping*

6/18/2012 #30
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