Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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6/26/2012 #1


6/26/2012 #2
Sailor Pluto
(Thanks! Let's do this!). Firefox had long bright fiery hair and scars if you looked closely glowed red. She was completely unhinged. "Hurry up werewolf girl!"
6/26/2012 #3

Alys: *runs over* ready! *zips up her jacket everything in white*

6/26/2012 #4
Sailor Pluto
Firefox was wearing a flame suit with the FOXHOUND insignia on the arms. (Take a look at my avatar pic) Sniper Wolf (Google image and picture her as a teenager) smiled slightly. "Don't mind her. She's suffered." Firefox spat. "Hold your tongue bitch."
6/26/2012 #5

Alys: hey watch your own foxy *glares at her*

Beauty, Thea, Valerie: *walks over all in fighters gear* here

Alys: good *throws them eack a duffle bag*

6/26/2012 #6
Sailor Pluto
Venom patted Fox on the shoulder. "Estragen fest huh?" "Whoop de doo!" Venom laughed she was a teenager but Wolf as a little older. Firefox glared at Alys. "Whore I fry you like a god damned hamburger. Do you preferr well done?"
6/26/2012 #7

Alys: *drops her duffle and get in her face* I'd love to see you try

Valerie: *looks about ready to join in*

Thea: *looks worried*

Beauty: *amused*

6/26/2012 #8
Sailor Pluto
Firefox laughed wickedly and pulled out her flamethrower. "Even fur burns like you WILL!!!" Fox sighed as he stepped infront of them. "KNOCK IT OFF!!!!! I'm lieutenent here, none of you!!!" (This is in the days of FOXHOUND before Gray Fox was made into the cyborg ninja and they haven't really showed what he looks like then but if you look up his pic from portal ops. Picture him minus the mask and a bit older)
6/26/2012 #9

Alys: *nods and walks back over to her girls* thea is an acual witch she can create powersurges and such Valerie is good with survallince and can get in and out of places undetected and Beauties good with bombs, safes and the like

6/26/2012 #10
Sailor Pluto
Fox nodded. "I can see why Boss picked them." Venom shot a jealous look at Alys and dashed in between them, wrapping her arm around his. "Fox and I are closer then anyone else in the unit. We're the deathly duo."
6/26/2012 #11

Beauty: *whispers to Alys*

Alys: *looks at Venom nodding at her**listens to Beauty* Beauty wants to be down on the ground she likes fighting face to face with people

Valerie: Val wants to now when we're going

6/26/2012 #12
Sailor Pluto
Fox pointed. "There's the plane now. Let's go."
6/26/2012 #13

All: *nod*

Thea: meet you

Alys: get on the plane *barks*

Thea: *sighs and gets in with everyone else*

Alys: *brings up the rear*

6/26/2012 #14
Sailor Pluto
They take off. Venom is sitting by Alys, all the while eyeing Fox. "Did you know even love can bloom on the battlefield?"
6/26/2012 #15

Alys: love *scoffs*

Beauty: she's never seen it towards herself therefore she doesn't understnd what it is

Val: *watching out the window*

Thea: *reading a thick book*

6/26/2012 #16
Sailor Pluto
Venom stared at Alys. "Really?"
6/26/2012 #17

Alys: *shrugs* I was abandon when I shifted and my parents weren't the loving type

6/26/2012 #18
Sailor Pluto
"Oh trust I've been training as a soldier my whole life, however somehow I still came to love him."
6/26/2012 #19

Alys: good for you

Beauty: this wont end well

Thea: nope

Val: *sighs* fast forward Beau

Beauty: *timeskips to the plane landing* score I still got it! *jumps up and down*

Alys: *climbs out wordlessly*

Thea: *finishes her page* damn it *steps out of the plane*

6/26/2012 #20
Sailor Pluto
Once they were out a helicopter was waiting. (Never timeskip again. Ever x.x. have to do something. I'll be back)
6/26/2012 #21


Alys: *staying as far away from Venom as possible*

Thea: *reading as she walks*

Beauty: *looks around*

Val: *head for the Chopper* I'm driving

6/26/2012 #22
Sailor Pluto
(Back). Venom stared at Beauty. "What's wrong with Alys?" Sniper Wolf having chattered with Val anime sweatdropped. "We're fucked aren't we?"
6/26/2012 #23
Sailor Pluto
(Back). Venom stared at Beauty. "What's wrong with Alys?" Sniper Wolf having chattered with Val anime sweatdropped. "We're fucked aren't we?"
6/26/2012 #24

Beauty: Shes just uncomfortable with such and unnecessary*uses qoutes* emotion

Val: *in the piolot seat*

Alys: shes good but you may throw up once or twice

Thea: *sits in a seat readin*

6/26/2012 #25
Sailor Pluto
Venom sat next to Val and Gray Fox. "Why?". Firefox sat next to Alys pulling out a white wolf stuffed animal smiling while hugging it sweetly. "I named her after you."
6/26/2012 #26

Alys: Thanks I guess

Val: everyone ready? *grins mischeivously*

Thea: do we even know hwere we're going?

Val: uh no coordinates co pilot

Beauty: *shurgs*

6/26/2012 #27
Sailor Pluto
Firefox pulled out a lighter and set it on fire throwing it to Alys. Fox stood up. "YOU FUCKING MORON!!!! Are you trying to burn us alive??!"
6/26/2012 #28

Val: *flies up calmly*

Alys: *sighs*

Thea; *stops the fire making it dissappear*

6/26/2012 #29
Sailor Pluto
Firefox smirked. "Stay the fuck out of my way werewolf."
6/26/2012 #30
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