Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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Alys: *eyes narrowed*

Val: Fire face keep talking and I'm knocking you out of the damn plane now shut your f*cking trap!

Beauty: *sighs*

Thea: *reads*

6/26/2012 #31
Sailor Pluto
Gray Fox stared at Val. "No you won't. Everyone is needed, irritating or not."
6/26/2012 #32

Val: Whatever you say

6/26/2012 #33
Sailor Pluto
"We'll be repelling once Boss contacts us."
6/26/2012 #34

Alys: *nods pulling out a cigarette not lighting it just setting it between her lip*

6/26/2012 #35
Sailor Pluto
(I'll post tomorrow. Gnite.)
6/26/2012 #36


6/26/2012 #37
Sailor Pluto
(Hi!) Big Boss contacted them via radio. "Big Boss here....your objectives are to eliminate the enemy, rescue the hostages and find and eliminate the leader. Commence operation thunderbolt."
6/27/2012 #38

Val: hell yeah *jumps out off the chopper pulling out a parachute*

Beauty: O.O OH no

Alys: every time *taes over the pilots seat landing the chopper without a problem*

Thea: *sets her book in her duffle bag*

6/27/2012 #39
Sailor Pluto
(I got the Katy Perry sims exspansion. Its awesome). Once they were out Fox spoke. "Wolf, Alys get in position with your rifles. Venom and I'VE will go together. Firefox works alone and Val, Thea, Beauty you know what to do."
6/27/2012 #40

(cool lol)

Val: *lands on the roof of the target building*

Alys: yes sir *climbs up a pipe to get a better veiw*

Thea beauty: *head into the building on different floors*

6/27/2012 #41
Sailor Pluto
(Would you mind playing Major Raikov? I'll be Volgin but I dont want to talk to myself. Google image x.x) Wolf went up a tree. Volgin sitting at his desk burst out laughing. "A school what a perfect cover."
6/27/2012 #42

Alys&Val: *cover their eyes with bandanas*

(I would but I wouldn't know how)

6/27/2012 #43
Sailor Pluto
(Doesn'tmatter. He's not like a major character so no worries) Venom followed along beside Fox, her machetes at the ready.
6/27/2012 #44

Major: *somwhere*

Val: *listening*

Alys: *putting her weapongs together*

Thea: *putting protection spells around the sercurity office*

Beauty: *sits on the table*

6/27/2012 #45
Sailor Pluto
Volgin pulled out his radio. "Major get in here!" (Sorry multitasking. X.x)
6/27/2012 #46

(its ok)

Major: *walks in swiftly* yes?

Alys: *shoots someone coming after Val*

Val: hey not cool

6/27/2012 #47
Sailor Pluto
Wolf shook her head. "We have to wait for the signal." Volgin smiled. "Raikov my pet hmm...it seems we have intruders as expected." (Yea in MGS 3 Volgin and Raikov hooked up. *shudders*)
6/27/2012 #48

Alys: sorry *sits up* hopefully this signals and audio signal

Major: I see *nods looking about*

6/27/2012 #49
Sailor Pluto
Electricity sparked slightly from Volgin's hands. "Tell them to give em hell." Wolf shrugged. "He said we'd know. What was your life like?"
6/27/2012 #50

Alys: *laughs pulling her bandanna down* you want my life story

Major: *nods doing as he's told*

6/27/2012 #51
Sailor Pluto
Wolf smiled. "Might as well. We're waiting."
6/27/2012 #52

Alys: Uh *chuckles* I'm from Astoria, oregon, I changed when I was 5.... most don't change til they're teens, i was abandoned and now here I am *replaces her bandana*

6/27/2012 #53
Sailor Pluto
Wolf yawned. "I can top that. I'm kurdish. Hence my slight accent. Even if I don't particularly look it. War, screams, gunfire. My lullabys. The battlefield was my playground. My family died infront of my eyes. Big Boss found me as a child soldier and here I am."
6/27/2012 #54

Alys: What do you want a metal *turns her head towards him* I can't give you sympathy if thats what your after that just allows you to live in the past

6/27/2012 #55
Sailor Pluto
Wolf hauled off and punched her. "I didn't ask for your sympathy moron."
6/27/2012 #56

Alys: sorry *smiles apologtically*

6/27/2012 #57
Sailor Pluto
There was an explosion. "NOW!"
6/27/2012 #58
Sailor Pluto
(I'll be back later)
6/27/2012 #59


6/27/2012 #60
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