Lord of the Flies Writing Challenges
It's rather what the name says: a forum for writing challenges for that venerated text, Lord of the Flies. Do come in.
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Hi there! So, let's start this thang off.

I'm TuesdayNovember/ Elizabeth, and I created this good ol' forum. Who are you?

And, just to get conversation going, who's your favourite character? I'd have to say mine is Jack. =)

9/22/2010 #1
Rachel Mantegna


I got the message about this forum, so I decided to check it out!

My name is Rachel. I'm from Canada, and I am currently writing a multi-chapter story for Lord of the Flies called 'Definitions'.

My favorite character is Simon, but Jack is a close second. :D

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #2
Lauren Kassidy

Hey :]

So, I am Lauren, and I am from England.

I have got two stories on the go, one is a LotF story, a 'girl on the Island' fic.

My favourite character ... probably Jack, but I like Ralph too. :]

9/23/2010 . Edited 12/4/2010 #3

ohhh hey. :DD

this fourm looks interesting c:

my name's Ally, but you can call me Ally. (or drizzzzle , I don't care.)

I am currectly writing two LotFs fics; one about a girl on the island, and one after the island story

I'd have to say my favorite character is Ralph orrr Jack. :D

9/23/2010 #4

Hello ladies! Welcome! =D

The offical rules and the first challenge have just been posted. Have at it!

9/24/2010 #5
Account Killer 3948

Hello chicas...

I am Endelvich, have been an avid reader/writer of LotF for a fair while, and am in dire need of plot bunnies! So it seems like this is a good place for me to be... I am currently creating the final chapter of my story 'The Funeral', and I may write for challenges after that, school permitting... bleh.

Thank you Elizabeth for making this forum; it's wicked to see people responding :D

9/29/2010 #6

Er, hello~ :D

I'm Dezagirl, which I know is irritatingly obvious. I've had the urge to write LOTF fic in my head for quite some time but never quite got around to it. So I just posted my first fic, Chapters (original, I know (sarcasm)) and I'm very happy to see there's a forum for this book. :3 With that being said, it's nice to meet you all.

PS- Holy crap, JackxSimon is everywhere. crack pairing I guess o.o;

10/14/2010 #7
Antebellum Innocence

Hi there everyone! (Belated introduction? Not at all. *cough*)

I'm Izzie, and I've loved this book for years, probably because I read it on my own, without English teachers shouting "THIS... IS... SYMBOLISMMM" at me every paragraph. I'm from New York, an aspiring poet/novelist/satirist, and probably not suitable for the very young or very old. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Currently I'm working on a couple of longer fic projects, but that's not to say I won't flood the place with oneshots in the meantime. :)

10/25/2010 #8

Endelvich, Dezagirl and Izzie, welcome! It's wonderful to have you. =)

The second challange has been posted. Have fun with it, ladies!

11/4/2010 #9

The third challenge has been posted. It's a bit more difficult than the previous, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Let's try to get some conversation going in here. What's everyone doing over the holidays?

12/4/2010 #10
Lauren Kassidy

i will definitely get on the new challenge after I have written the 14th chapter of Marooned with the Savage! this one is the best one yet, i already have a few ideas in mind.

not much! i'm just going to my dads' this year for christmaas, as it his his turn :P where i will be with my baby brother, who actually understands what christmas is all about now he is almost three.

what about everyone else? :)

12/4/2010 . Edited 12/4/2010 #11
Rachel Mantegna

I'll be sure to check out the new challenge!

This year, I'm not getting to enjoy Christmas the way I usually do. We're going on a cruise on the 26th, so we're not getting to have all the usual traditions we do. We don't even get a real tree :( And this is also the first year my much younger brother doesn't believe in Santa, so this Christmas is definitely going to be weird. But, I'm sure the cruise is going to be awesome, so I'm still excited!

On another note, we've finally got some snow on the ground now! It's snowed lightly a few times, but now there's real snow! Not enough to make a snowman, or even a snowball, but it reminds me of the old Christmases in Canada where we would have piles of snow and we would get hired to shovel and we'd have snowmen in mid November and schools would close for the day. That was a lot of 'ands' :P I guess I'm just missing the old years!

Well, I've babbled long enough - what's everyone else doing?

12/4/2010 #12
Lauren Kassidy

it's snowed loooads in England too! it's going to be real festive hopefully, as it's meant to last till the new year. Then again, who believes the weather forcast nowadays?

Where are you going on your cruise? I'm going on a ferry next weekend with the school to Germany, (for the X-Mas Markets), does that count? :P (Rhetorical Question, I know it doesn't count.)

12/4/2010 #13
Rachel Mantegna

I've got a lot of family in England, and I've heard the snow's been CRAZY! At least it seems like you guys will have snow for Christmas - we haven't had a white Christmas the past two years! Very true, though - the weather does lie a lot :P

It's a week long cruise, from the 26th to the 2nd, so we'll be spending our new year at sea. We fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico and start our cruise there. Later, we hit Barbados, then St. Lucia. Then Antigua - I honestly don't know where that is. Then, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands. Later, St. Thomas, the US British Islands. And after, back to Puerto Rico to fly home.

12/4/2010 #14

Hey, I'm Persphone's Melody/Caitlin and my favorite character is Jack, shortly followed by Piggy.

I'd love to start writing these challenges!

12/16/2010 #15

Welcome, Caitlin! I'm Elizabeth, and I'm glad you've chosen to join us. =)

The current open challenge is #3, Off the Island, which is running until January 5th. You're more than welcome to enter that one. And of course, if you're inspired by one of the previous challenges, you're more than welcome to write for one of them, too. Just link the story you've written in here instead of in the challenge thread, like you would with an open challenge.

Have fun with it! =)

12/17/2010 #16
Lauren Kassidy

Caitlin! You joined :D I know that you'll have fun with this like I do, you're a brilliant writer. EVERYONE - check out her drabble and The Savagery of Prejudice.

12/18/2010 #17

Aw thanks! You're the best Lauren. You're also an amazing writer, as everyone here probably knows.

I can't wait till I actually have time to write a response to the challenge!

12/18/2010 #18

Hi, my name is Elaine. I'm looking forward to trying these writing challenges, too. I very recently got into LOTF, maybe two months ago. It made me love English class. My favorite character would have to be Simon. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

12/29/2010 #19

Welcome, Elaine! I'm Elizabeth, creatress of the forum, and I'm glad you've decided to join us! =D

The third challenge is open at the moment, but it will be closing in early January. You're welcome to enter, though. And if you'd like to enter one of the previous challenges, you're more than welcome to. Just follow the challenge guidelines outlined in The Rules.

Again, welcome, and I look forward to reading your work. =)

12/29/2010 #20

Hey! I'm LiveLoveWrite-93 or LLW-93 or my real name Taylor

I got into lord of the flies a while ago and I'm currently writing my own fic Welcome to Paradise I would love to get into this forum!

Oh and my favorite characters are (3 way tie)

Jack, Ralph, and Simon :D

1/4/2011 #21

Welcome, Taylor! I'm Elizabeth, I made this forum, and I'm very glad you've found your way here, and I hope you decide to take place in some challenges.

The next one will be up tomorrow, and you're more than welcome to write for it. You can look at old challenges as well, and if you're inspired, you can write for any of those as well. Just take a look at The Rules, and feel free to partake in the challenges and post here if you'd like a chat. =)

1/4/2011 #22

All right, the fourth challenge has been posted. Have at it! =D

1/5/2011 #23

Thanks I am too ^_^

1/5/2011 #24
Cheese In A Box

Hello, mates! I'm Cheese In A Box, some call me Luxvan cuz that's my old username or Snoopy if you talk to certain people (not here, though.) Real name's Michael and I love thinking about stuff. That's why I do this. Favorite character's Simon, by the way.

1/6/2011 #25
Rachel Mantegna

Welcome, Cheese :D I hope you enjoy our little forum here. Elizabeth (TuesdayNovember), our Admin, just posted the next challenge. We hope you choose to participate. (And my favorite character's Simon, too, by the way.)

1/6/2011 #26

You beat me to the punch, Rachel! =D (And hello, it's been quite a while!)

Welcome, Michael, it's great to have you. Rachel's said pretty much everything, smart bugger she is. I'm Elizabeth, and the next challenge is up, if you'd like to participate.

Feel free to chat all you like. =)

1/6/2011 #27
Rachel Mantegna

I know, I know. I've been away for a while, and life's been crazy :P Excuses, excuses...

And I'm the smart one? Elizabeth's the genius who created this forum (and many amazing stories for our archives as well) :D

Well, I am still trying to get inspired to write something for the challenge, but I'm really hoping something will come to me as it's a very intriguing idea!

1/6/2011 #28

Rachel, whoever said that flattery would get you nowhere was dead wrong. =D

How were the holidays? Get anything exciting? (This question goes out to all of you, by the way.)

1/6/2011 #29
Rachel Mantegna

I got a laptop, which is what I was super excited about :D I also got to go on a cruise from the 26th to the 2nd, which was amazing! And, in addition to that, I got some Sidney Crosby memorbillia. He's my favorite hockey player, let's just leave it at that.

What did everyone else get and do?

1/6/2011 #30
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