Lord of the Flies Writing Challenges
It's rather what the name says: a forum for writing challenges for that venerated text, Lord of the Flies. Do come in.
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Lauren Kassidy

Hey everyone, and welcome to any new people! And Taylor - I'm glad you've joined!

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year!

For Christmas, I got a new iPod (mine was somewhat outdated), a new, AMAZING phone and mainly money. And my stepdad bought us some things back from when he went to America for his mate's birthday (jealous, much?). For New Year's Eve/Day, I went to London to watch the fireworks by the London Eye and River Thames, and they were pretty amazing fireworks. :P

What about everyone else?:D

1/10/2011 #31

That sounds great, Lauren!

My holidays were a lot of fun too. It's always awesome to get presents. =D

How were your holidays, everyone? And how's school going?

Also, I was thinking of introducing a new topic in the forum - a recommendation thread, where you'd post a link to a story you've read that you really like, and that you think the rest of us would like too. What do you think of this? Would you use it?

1/16/2011 #32
Rachel Mantegna

Ooh, that sounds great! Yeah, I think that'd be a great topic. :)

1/16/2011 #33

Oh mine were pretty spiffy and I got a macbook (which I'm currently typing on). My parents liked what I BOUGHT them ...yeah this year I have a REAL job. Gone of the years where I make things for them XD. And school is going alright finals are next week and I might die so hopefully if I die Lauren will continue Welcome To Paradise :D And I think that is a great idea! I have a few ideas of stories I liked A LOT! ^_^

1/16/2011 #34

I had a pretty good holiday. I got a printer/scanner and some video games. I have finals next week,too. Definitely not looking forward to that.

I think the recommendation thread is a great idea.

1/17/2011 #35
Lauren Kassidy

Oh wow, good idea!

And Taylor, I would be happy to do so! ;)

1/17/2011 #36

Laney: Aren't they just awful! -_-

Lauren: Oh good!

1/17/2011 #37

Hello all! How's everyone doing?

Just a couple anouncements to make. First: if anyone has ideas for a writing challenge, they're free to contact me about it and I'd be more than happy to allow you to run a challenge. (Or more than one, if you've got ideas!)

Second: how would you all feel about a Writing Challenges community? We could archive all the challenge stories there, for easy access and reference. Do you like this idea? And if so, would anyone like to be appointed staff of said community, to be in charge of updating it with our challenge entries as they're posted/as challenges close?

Any thoughts you have, feel free to voice them. And don't be shy, chat away all you like. =)

2/1/2011 #38

And the fifth challenge is now up! =)

2/3/2011 #39

Buongiorno, I am Orpah, aka Rae. I have not currently finished any Lord of the Flies stories, but I love the book (read it twice, both times for school, which is what happens when you switch curriculums alot) and I'm working on a story. I've never really done writing challenges before, so I'm eager to check it out! Also, I have no idea how I'm going to remember everyone's names. T.T

2/27/2011 #40
Hello Rae! It's great to see a new face around here. I'm Elizabeth, creatress of the forum, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'd direct you over to the challenge, but I see you've already found it- awesome! Haha remembering names takes practice, but I've got faith in you. ^^
2/27/2011 #41

It's nice to meet you too, Elizabeth! Oh, and I forgot to mention - my favorite characters are Samneric, with Simon in a close second. It's cause I'm a twin and I used to be totally co-dependent too. In fact, my twin will still, without warning, just start fixing my make up or hair.

Coincidentally, what if I lag behind on my writing and miss the challenge cutoff? Or what if I only finish the first chapter and post that? Does it still count if I'm not done with it?

2/27/2011 #42

Ooh, you're a twin? That's super cool!

Don't worry if you lag behind a bit. As long as you make a mention that what you're posting is inspired by such-and-such a challenge, then it's no big deal. If you planning on doing a multi-chapter response to a challenge, that's okay too, as long as you make a mention of the challenge in your first chapter.

2/28/2011 #43

I feel so bad for not having written anything for the fifth challenge. I just didn't have time and couldn't think of a good idea. And the community sounds like a great idea.

2/28/2011 #44

Okay, cool, cause it could take awhile. ^^

And yes, it is supercool being a twin. Most of the time, except that people mix you up (even when you don't look that much alike DX) and of course, those that know you so well can really throw in some barbs in an argument. But yeah, so I have some insight on Samneric. ^^

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #45

Hey!!! I know it's a little while after this whole thang was started, but I looooooooooves Jack!!!!!!! No contest whatsoever. The book made me like him. The fanfics made me like him more, thinking about him, watching the movie, and writing a fanfic where our dear Jacky gets the girl (which I think should really happen more often) made me obsess over him. I've never been much of a fan of Ralph. Also pretty high up there are Piggy Simon and Roger. But especially Simon and Roger. Their characters are hot, But yea, Jack's my fav by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/6/2011 #46

Hello, Hammsters! =)

I'm Lizz, the good ol' Admin. Anyway, I completely agree with you -- Jack is awesome. I'm planning on (finally) putting up another challenge, so hopefully you'll enjoy that. Until then, feel free to poke around the closed ones if you need any inspiration.


6/7/2011 #47

Hello all! Nice to meet you! I'm Gladioli.

I started reading Lord of the Flies fanfic's awhile ago. To bad I can't find any (*looks around*). I'd have to say my favorite character is Ralph. Then I'd say Roger. Because what are the chances of an evil child psycho ending up in that plane crash? I like Jack/Ralph as a pairing, I would probably like a Roger/Ralph pairing fic if I could find one and I think the twins are pretty adorable.

Piggy is funny, I wish he had lived. I sometimes wonder if he and Ralph would have stayed in touch. Since towards the end of the book they seemed to have bonded somewhat. My preference is stories based after the island. Mostly because I like slash and there isn't much to do on the island except pick berries and kill people.

6/7/2011 #48

Hello, Gladioli! I'm Lizz.

Your bit about evil child psychos and not having anything to do on the island but pick berries and kill people made me laugh. And I agree with you 100% about Jack/Roger. It's just unfortunate that there's so little of it. (I started writing one myself, but I lost my thread of plot and stopped. =/)

Anyway, welcome, make yourself at home, and feel free to peruse the closed challenges for inspiration.

6/7/2011 #49

Thanks Lizz! I'm a joker lol. I'll definitely look the challenges over. I just finished writing up some rec's for people to read so I hope that that will give a little more inspiration too.

6/7/2011 #50

Hi everyone, I'm Monika.

It seems that I'm a bit late to the party... But is this forum still active? I might be interested in the challenges, if this place is still alive. There's nothing like a challenge to cure writer's block ;)

Favorite character just has to be Simon.

Nice to meet you and hope to be hearing more!

12/13/2011 #51

Welcome, Monika! I'm Lizz, the lovely little Admin. Unfortunately the forum hasn't really been particularly active for a while, but hopefully a new addition (you!) will revive the place a bit. =)

Go ahead and try whatever challenges suit your fancy, and if you have any ideas for future challenges, please don't hesitate to contact me, and hopefully everyone will come back to the forum...? =D

12/13/2011 #52


a new person interested in this forum!

and Hey Monika, it's nice to meet you. I'm gladioli,

Simon is a cool character, the nicest one too. This makes me want to think up some new challenges. Something to do with Simon's love of nature would be interesting...or maybe with him having survived everyone's attack somehow!?

ah, I gotta go try writing some more challenges.

Do you like slash? In this fandom they seem too young but after everyone is saved fics are interesting. Actually writing this reply makes me motivated to write a LOTF fanfic. I never have before, since I'm writing in the Death Note fandom right now.

If you have any challenges then write them up! (I would like to write about, well, every or any character.) Cheers,


12/13/2011 #53
Account Killer 3948

Yay, new people! Welcome, Monika :) I'm Limerence.

I've been worrying about the lack of activity lately; the Christmas holidays are starting and I feel to need to unleash more Lord of the Flies-ing. I even thought (gasp) that I'd stray away from the standard Jack/Ralph. Even though it's against my better nature..... mwaha.

Is anyone planning anything new fo the rundown to Christmas? We could totally have a Christmas-themed challenge. Full of adorableness..... :3

12/14/2011 #54

Hi Lizz, Gladioli, Limerence! Thanks for welcoming me.

Sure, I'm up for writing some LOTF. A Christmas-themed challenge would be very fun and very very cute :) Any other ideas?

Hehe I do like slash. But really: All-boys schools stranded on a desert island?...

Here's to hoping that more people return to the forum! Happy holidays~

12/14/2011 #55
Crooked Souls


is is anyone still out there? I feel like I'm alone here, but if anyone would care to join me, we could fangirl together

My name is Ashley, but you can call me anything really. My favorite character is Ralph, from the very start, and I also like Jack. I secretly ship JackRalph (is there a name for this?) and, uh yeah. I like the book :D

11/11/2013 #56

I haven't been on here or in this fandom for awhile, got sidetracked. There hasn't been activity in this forum in awhile and I had forgotten about it actually! But I'm always willing to fangirl about LOTF. JackRalph is great in my opinion ;-) though I don't know if their has been a name made for them or any of the ships. What would it be... Rack? haha my favorite character is Ralph also. I should go back and re-read this book. It's been too long.

11/11/2013 #57
Crooked Souls
Hello there! To be completely honest, I haven't finished the book yet, I'm reading it for school, but I do know what happens and what certain things mean and such. I'm the only one in my class who likes the book lol.
11/13/2013 #58
Rachel Mantegna

Jeez, this is an old forum haha. Never thought I would get an email about a new post again!

11/13/2013 #59
Crooked Souls
Lol yeah it had definitely been a while
11/13/2013 #60
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