Lord of the Flies Writing Challenges
It's rather what the name says: a forum for writing challenges for that venerated text, Lord of the Flies. Do come in.
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Hey there!

As you know, we've got to have rules. So, here we go.

General Forum Rules:

This stuff probably goes without saying, but still, better said than unsaid.

Be nice. Everyone has different views, and debate is super, but don't get belligerent with people, because that's not nice.

And, of course, don't say mean or offensive things. I don't expect that any of you would, but it still needs to be put out there. And if anyone is feeling uncomfortable with things said, do come talk to me. =)

Writing Challenge Rules:

First, prompts will last for 30 days. After that time, you can feel free to use that prompt for anything you'd like, but it won't be considered a part of the challenge.

Second, unless explicitly stated in the prompt, you can write a story or poem of any length, so long as it satisfies the requirements.

Third, once you've written your challenge fic, post a link to it on the challenge thread so we can all read it!

Fourth, if you're a member of this forum, review! You've probably realized the awesome feeling of getting a review by now, so don't just be a passive reader, share the luuuve!

Fifth, if you've got any ideas for a prompt, message me and I'll get back to you about running a challenge for said prompt.

Sixth, if you write something for a challenge, decorum states that you should mention that it was written for a challenge and post at least part of the prompt in your author's note. A bit arbitary, but it's the way of the world.

I think that's about it. If anyone thinks I've missed anything, tell me! =)

9/23/2010 #1

is this group still in effect...? I took a rather long break from fanfic, but my LOTF obsession has driven me back. If it is disbanded, I might go ahead and write to these anyway, and I'll be sure to credit that I was prompted here :))

10/24/2011 #2

lostsoul512, I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to you! The forum did indeed fall into disuse, but you're welcome to write anything you like based on the challenges. If you're still interested (Oh, two and a half months later... -__-) perhaps you could pop by the intro thread, and maybe the other members will find their interests revived as well.

Again, I'm quite sorry for the delay!

12/13/2011 #3
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