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It's rather what the name says: a forum for writing challenges for that venerated text, Lord of the Flies. Do come in.
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As always, the previous entries were marvellous.

This challenge is going to be a bit more difficult than sure the previous two. But they're not called challenges for nothing!

Prompt: off the island.

Ever wonder what the boys were like when they weren't stranded? Here's your chance to find out! Write a drabble of either 100 or 500 words, or a oneshot of 1000 words about one or more of the boys either before or after the island.

I understand that keeping to an exact wordcount may be hard, so a leeway of ten words more or less is permissible.

Good luck, ladies! This challenge runs until January 5th.

Happy Holidays!

12/4/2010 #1
Account Killer 3948

A particularly intruiging challenge! I wrote this surprisingly quickly; here it is:


Thanks for the challenge, TN (can I call you that? ;D) and I hope you guys like it. This is Endelvich, by the name. New penname :]

12/8/2010 #2

I'm so glad you liked it! =)

TN is fine with me, as are any derivatives of my real name (Elizabeth). And I shall call you...Lime? =D

12/8/2010 #3
Lauren Kassidy

Here it is;



12/12/2010 #4
Lauren Kassidy

Hey guys,

I did a re-entry for this one, as I wasn't particulary happy with my first one. So, here it is:


12/28/2010 #5

Well, after much delay, I have finally got my lazy fingers working to write this:


I'm not so sure I like it, but oh well.

12/30/2010 #6
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