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As the subject says, it's a Sherlock Holmes challenge and goes as such: Holmes was an inspiration in the early days of forensic science, but a lot of his stories did coincide with many major developments in the field. I haven't read mention of them in Doyle's work, but I firmly believe Holmes would be a part of it as much as possible. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story involving Holmes 1) reading about these new techniques and his reactions (to include his interaction about it with others, like Watson or Lestrade); 2) testing them himself to verify them; 3) using them on a case or person (if applicable) or 4) any combination/variation of the previous three. Bonus points if you use them all! You can write your own case or use a modified original if you like. Any information needed (corresponding years, or something about a technique or development itself) I can provide. This is to ensure accuracy and you don't have to go all over the internet researching. Since a lot of developments occurred in the 1900s you can and are encouraged to do retirement setting fics. Pre and Post WW1 are fine; if you can manage during even better! In addition, you have these other requirements: 1) Must Have Watson (don't just throw him in willy nilly, have him involved! Holmes and Watson are a package deal after all) 2) Be accurate with the information (it does make a difference in how you use some words and in what context; don't be hesitant to ask me something) 3) Slash is welcome but not preferred; if you write slash, keep it VERY light 4) Keep characters in character That's it :)

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