general fantasy RP. If ur not fun/crazy/hyper or anything lik that, go find another RP! OP fans welcome! if ur not an OP fan...I don't really care. Just cmon in and have a good time! Made 'cause I'm bored! Category 'cause of references and locations.
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Shisuren Heart

dictionary- Citionamary

i'll keep adding. if you can't find i word request it. oter wise STAY OFF THE TOPIC@!

topic- topicat

11/9/2010 #1
Shisuren Heart

Kitai- kitaui

11/10/2010 #2
Shisuren Heart

wit- with

11/10/2010 #3
Shisuren Heart

Rven- Raven

11/10/2010 #4
Shisuren Heart

ruin- run

11/10/2010 #5
Shisuren Heart

thaet- that

moer- more

11/10/2010 #6
Shisuren Heart

nwe yorl- new york

11/10/2010 #7
Shisuren Heart

owrelad- world

11/10/2010 #8
Shisuren Heart

anymoere- anymore

11/11/2010 #9
Shisuren Heart

deos- does

11/11/2010 #10
Shisuren Heart

coo- awesome, cool.

11/11/2010 #11
Shisuren Heart

gat- gate

eaute- at

11/11/2010 #12
Shisuren Heart

hita- hits

11/11/2010 #13
Shisuren Heart

ley- let

11/11/2010 #14
Shisuren Heart

am- arm

11/11/2010 #15
Shisuren Heart

shud- should have (past tense)

si- is

teence- tent

11/11/2010 #16
Shisuren Heart

voise- sound (general)

11/11/2010 #17
Shisuren Heart

ARTEA! this is the elfin dictionary. stay off.

11/11/2010 #18
Artea Lanora

were else should i put it then?!

11/11/2010 #19
Shisuren Heart

the rp in bold when you used it!

yu- they

11/11/2010 #20
Shisuren Heart

Cantwig- what

nealis- in the name of Lisana

Lisana- mother goddess of demons

11/11/2010 #21
Shisuren Heart

thath- that

swa- was

neesasar- unnecessary

11/11/2010 #22
Shisuren Heart

Uoyr- you're

lal- all

dioits- idiots

11/11/2010 #23
Shisuren Heart

fafter: after





11/11/2010 #24


11/15/2010 #25
Shisuren Heart

losi popped yet another bottle of champagne

11/15/2010 #26
Guardian Alpha

"Miss would be on this one if she wasn't in the bathroom being sick from all the sake." Gate said his arms crossed and laughing as hurling noises came from the bathroom.

11/15/2010 #27

sov "well that happens"

11/15/2010 #28
Guardian Alpha

"Gate~ Why'd you have to put a food poisoning extract in my drink?" Miss called

"I don't know what she's talking about." Gate looking at them.

11/15/2010 #29

sov "are you going to be ok miss"

11/15/2010 #30
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