general fantasy RP. If ur not fun/crazy/hyper or anything lik that, go find another RP! OP fans welcome! if ur not an OP fan...I don't really care. Just cmon in and have a good time! Made 'cause I'm bored! Category 'cause of references and locations.
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Shisuren Heart





Favorite food:



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Artea Lanora

Name: Petra

Gender: F

Age: 20

Job: Artist, Medicine women (uses chi), author

Favorite food: Noodles

Appearence: Black hair, (blind so her puipls are completly white), tall.

Past: tbr

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Shisuren Heart

Name: Aster Starling

Age: 24

Job: Professional psychic (ki), and Botanist

Favorite food: Starfruit

Appearance: White blond hair, Tan, Midnight Blue eyes dresses like a tomb raider.

Past: Tbr

12/6/2010 #3

Name: koroshuya

gender: male

Age: 21

Job: pianist, water charmer

Favorite food: soup

Appearance: blue hair, wears clogs and a hat and a blue ring on his thumb and some bandages covering his right eye and his left eye is grey and empty

Past: unknown to him

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Shisuren Heart

i hate to break it to you miss, but this is modern times.....

people, edit in gender

Name: Lied Spoelen


Age: 18

Job: Foreign Exchange Student

Favorite food: Ramen

Appearance: Blue and green streaked hair

Past: nothin much

12/6/2010 . Edited 12/7/2010 #5

Name: Ondarea

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Job: Archeologist

Favorite food: Risotto

Appearence: Light brown hair with natural blond highlights, dark blue eyes,


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Shisuren Heart


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