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o hai thar its elle

This is the spot to talk about whatever you want. Seriously, I mean anything; movies, music, the Jonas Brothers, the weather, Twilight, anime, video games, etc. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion, and you're not always going to agree; be respectful of each other.


9/25/2010 . Edited 9/25/2010 #1

This is really exciting. :D (Or I'm easily excited, which is more likely..)

So, yeah, hey everyone! Follow me to the chat, my pretties! ESPECIALLY YOU, STOVER! 8D

9/25/2010 #2

*flips hair*

I should be asleep but I'm too busy being sexy. Do you how do?

9/26/2010 #3

les, you are way too cool. :D

I'm a bit tired, because I just woke up - and way too early for my liking, as well. But, anyway, how're you? :)

9/26/2010 #4

So I've been told... *ego inflates*

Nah, kiddin' - we're all ice cubes here. :)

Oh, I'm beyond tired; but I have a slight problem with sleepin' so I'm waiting til I literally crash. Dude, you're in the UK, right? Is it morning there, already? *is fascinated easily*

9/26/2010 #5

I'm an ice cube! :D

Ah, I'd say I know what you mean, but I'm so lazy that I can sleep whenever. Yup, I'm in the UK; and it's 08:50 AM. I'm up early! GAH. D8 It's usually unheard of, but having seven pets means I have to get up. It's lame. D:

9/26/2010 #6

That you are, my lovely new friend, that you are. *wise mode*

Haha! I'm generally lazy, too, and I most definitely know what you mean when you say you sleep whenever. This sleeping problem has just started... Last month, methinks. So, it's basically nine, already? Don'cha have class?

(..Do you happen to have a cat? I want a cat, but I have a dog, instead.)

9/26/2010 #7

I wish I had a wise mode. It would help me in Science.

I love being lazy. It means I have a reason for being bad at sports - apart from running. I can run. D: I used to have a sleeping problem, except it was all my fault; I'd just stay up way too late. Yeah, it's pretty much nine. I don't have class. It's the weekend, and I'm still at high school. :)

(I have three cats. Two ginger kittens, and one black witch-cat. Then I have three dogs, and a guinea pig, who I always forget the name of. :D)

9/26/2010 #8

Meh, my wise mode comes out when I least need it. I'm generally immature and weird. :)

Oh! I love being lazy, too! I passed P.E. with a D and that's only because my mother set me up on daily progress reports; meaning I had to do good or else. You know, I do that a lot.. The keeping myself up too late... Some of the awesomest things happens after midnight. :) ....I'm actually blushing; I totally forgot it was Sunday. O_o les is a dork.

(....I'm jealous. Everyone has cats but me! It's my new life goal; get a cat... Wait, you forget the name of your guinea pig?! LOL. Now that's slowmo to the next level!)

9/26/2010 #9

I don't think I have a wise mode. If I did, I swear it would help me with my Science. Otherwise, it would turn into an evil mode, and that would be.. evil, I guess. :D

Ah, I hate P.E, so much; the plus side is, though, because I never do anything, I never come out looking sweaty and icky. I always have brilliant ideas late at night; and if I don't start writing them down then and there, it'll turn into a jumbled mess of stupidity in the morning. Oh les, you make me laugh. 8D

(I want a dalmation. But only when it's a puppy. I only really like puppies/kittens. I always forget the name of the Pig, so we pretty much just call it, "The Pig". It's a much loved guinea pig really. :D)

9/26/2010 #10

Good morning, all!

HAHAHAHAHA LES. I love your Elder mode. It makes me feel all young and baby-ish (but not innocent, my god).

9/26/2010 #11

Wah, it's morning for you? I've finished my entire day, pretty much. And I got grounded. D:

But, anyway - greetings and salutations, Sara! :)

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #12

Well, morning-ish. It's just noon, right now, I guess. My parents are in Paris, and I haven't been grounded in... oh, years? (ONCE AGAIN: BEING OLD = GOOD.)

"Salutations" is a good word. Like "obelisk". That's a good word, too.

9/26/2010 #13

It's, like, 7:00 here. Your parents are in Paris? Gosh, that sounds exciting. :D I was grounded, because my sister did something wrong; my parents have developed a new way of punishing us. If I do something wrong, she gets punished; it's supposed to teach us a lesson. Like, "don't be bad, or your sister will hate you." It doesn't work, but my parents still try it. :) (BEING OLD = GOOD UNTIL YOU GET WRINKLES. D:)

I just stole it from Christian Slater, in Heathers. He was hot back then. :)

9/26/2010 #14

Ahhh, the time-change. Mhmm, it's their anniversary. Two weeks ago, they were like "Hey, by the way, we're going to Paris. Kaypeace. *gone*" and I was just kinda staring after them going "...WTF?" Also, that's an awful way to get someone to not be bad. I'd have been bad to watch my brother get in trouble just for the hell of it; I *love* watching him get in trouble.... Oh may, does that make me a bad person...? (Well, obviously. There's just so much more to DO, once you're legal.)

XD ohhh, yeah, he was! But that was sooooo long ago.

9/26/2010 #15

I want to go to Paris! Well, I kind of just want to leave Britain to go to anywhere - New York, preferably - but we never do. We always holiday in Wales, and that's depressing. My parents got married there. In the rain. D: I wish my parents were like that! :D I can't remember where they got their new-fangled disciplinary ways from, but I have a feeling it was Supernanny, or something equally lame. (Gah, at the moment, I just have to touch-up my ninja sneaking in skills. And heels. I have to wear heels.)

I know. He should have just frozen himself, so I could bask in his beauty forever. He's all old and nasty now. D8

9/26/2010 #16

I think everyone wants to go to Paris. I've been a few places... I loved Quebec, hated Manitoba, was bored by Saskchewan, ADORE ITALY SO MUCH IT HURT OMIGOD I WANT TO DIE IN THAT COUNTRY, and Spain was beautiful. Cuba was sad. Supernanny? Oh dear. (Honey, if you can be a ninja in heels, then you have nothing to worry about.)


http :// www . youtube . com / watch?v=mFd6r9fw0rM IDK if that'll actually work, but, dear lord, it is FUNNY. And it will ruin the song for you forever. XD Hopefully, anyway. Just take the spaces out?

9/26/2010 #17

I know; and I have a feeling it won't live up to my expectations. D: Uhm, I've only been to Spain and Cyprus, I think. The third on your list sounds really interesting, ironically. That's exactly what I said, when my parents told me about their new plan. (I'm not as awesome as my friend, yet; she really can do everything better in broken heels.)

Thank you! I knew someone would. 8D

Ha, that was so awesome. That'll be me learning the words until midnight, so I can sing it to my friends and just creep them out. 8DDDD

9/26/2010 #18
o hai thar its elle

When you've got time, head on over to the Here's My Bright Idea thread, and tell me what you think of the ideas for guides I've had. :)

And it's nice to see you all chatting. So far, it's all going well! :D

9/26/2010 #19

Hi, I think I know everyone talking on this thread...? I feel so cool. It's like walking into my floor's lounge & being able to say hi to people by name. :3

Anyway... I've never been out of the States. But this summer, I'm spending the last half of July in Taiwan & just... doing stuff. Don't know quite what yet, but it shall be awesome because I will be able to have sushi until I'm sick of it (though that will never happen) or gyoza & just... yeah. I find it strange that.. well, it's interesting- I want to get to the UK or Australia on the fastest plane known to mankind & you want to get to New York, Briony. It's... strange. (OH I LOVE HEELS. :3 I can walk in five inch heels- I just do it in my dorm room where no one can ask what's wrong with my head & if my toes hurt yet.)


9/26/2010 #20
o hai thar its elle

Ha, I'm like Briony. While I appreciate the UK, and all that jazz, I'd much prefer to be anywhere else. Preferably outside of Europe, completely. Australia, America, Japan, China; I'd love to see the Great Wall of China, as well as the Great Barrier Reef - though I don't know whether you're actually allowed to go down and see it; I swear you can. I think I just want to go to America, because CSI makes it look so interesting; and, besides, it'd probably be so much more interesting to be a detective in America, than in England.

(Gah, I can't do high heels; I'm jealous of all of you. I have to stick to Converse, otherwise I fall flat on my face.)

9/26/2010 #21

It's probably one of those "I've lived here my whole life. Please help me escape" things. I really do want to go to Australia. It's apparently really exciting once you get out of the cities. Hmmm, I would work in the CIA just because the life is dangerous & difficult, but in a way, you can make something from it.

(It takes a lot of practice. Spent eight years wearing heels every time I had an orchestra concert. I'm actually so much more coordinated when I wear heels than in my Vans. Flip-flops work just as well.)

9/26/2010 #22

Most likely. I hate Calgary with such a passion sometimes, it's not even funny. :D I want to see Egypt? And I want to go back to Italy.

("I totally saw a Criminal Minds episode like that." Ah, heels. The things you can do with them. I can't weird five-inch [EEEK, I'D FALL AND DIEEE], but I can do three-inch, sometimes four-inch. Mostly, I just wear flats, 'coz I'm lazy and they slip on.)

9/26/2010 #23

I just brought sexy back. So, like, hi.

I've been out of Cali! I've gone to Virginia and Washington and Nicaragua and Costa Rica. :)

9/26/2010 #24
Nautica Dawn

I feel so lost here. The only one of you I know is Panda.

9/26/2010 #25

Luckily, I'm still awake and we can fix that!

I'm Les and I like soda. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Emily. :)

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #26
Nautica Dawn

So you're the legendary Les? I suppose it's a good thing I'm a night owl.

By the way, I love your nom de plume.

9/26/2010 #27

LOL. Legendary? Don't make me blush. XD

Haha, thanks! I've never gotten that one; usually it's just people asking me why that's my penname. My answer's usually "coz I'm wearing these glasses".

So, how are you?

9/26/2010 #28
Nautica Dawn


I wear glasses, so I completely understand.

I'm...avoiding homework. I am never, ever taking this many literature classes again. You?

9/26/2010 #29

Oh! I avoid anything school related all the time! I'm just passing my time away until I get tired.

9/26/2010 #30
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