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That's just part of who Sonya is.

I'm... writing right now, actually. And it's not NaNo prep (which I'm not proud of, because I really need to get going on that), but I think it's going to turn out a lot of fun. :D

10/13/2010 #1,171
Dee Jay UU

I read Briony's stories and then wrote something myself and realized- I 'm DEFINATELY not as good as I thought I was. I need to practice.

10/13/2010 #1,172

Practice makes perfect! Everyone can get better, so it's worth working towards. :) I always look at everything I write thinking "This could be better." But trying to not sell myself short, you know? Which I'm apparently not good at... .

But hey! What do you mean, "That's just who Sonya is"? D:

10/13/2010 #1,173
Dee Jay UU

you using question marks all the time.

10/13/2010 #1,174

And you sell yourself short far too often, young grassphopper.

That's just who you are! You like question marks, and so do I! It's not a bad thing!

10/13/2010 #1,175

I think of question marks as some kind of inflection. Like... "unsure".


10/13/2010 #1,176
Dee Jay UU

Exactly! I used to think I was so good at everything, but lately I've been feeling so... average. I hate it.

10/13/2010 #1,177

IDK? I feel... weird, most of the time. No average, not good at everything, just... a bit of an outsider.

10/13/2010 #1,178
Dee Jay UU

I feel that way alot too...

10/13/2010 #1,179

But I kind of think that everyone feels like that, y'know? I mean, we're all just people, but at the same time, we're all so very different. I always felt like an outsider because I read so much, and because most of the time, I preferred the company of books to people (which... I still... kind of do...), but... I don't know. I've gotten better at social interaction?

10/13/2010 #1,180
Just Lovely

Hii Everyone!!!!

You're all so lucky you can write, I'm stacked up in homework and tests and presentations and it sucks. Seriously.

NaNo's been distracting me all day...:P

10/13/2010 #1,181

Ewww, homework. I love that there's very little of that in university. I love it soooo much.


Also, I've sold out: I'm listening to Adam Lambert, and not being disgusted by it. It's a sad day. Then again. I love Ke$Ha.

10/13/2010 #1,182
Dee Jay UU

I really need to start working on NaNo. i keep putting it off. I guess the one thing that's makes me feel most like an outsider is how all these teenage girls and stuff are always talking about their feelings. I never do. I'm more private.

10/13/2010 #1,183

I want to write NaNo so bad. I think it's the one story that I've got in my head that people might be interested in.

But I always feel like I'm a little weaker in the fact that I can't get into characters' heads as much as everyone else seems to. I see a lot of places for work. Lesigh.

10/13/2010 #1,184

I'm not really emotive? I hate people knowing how I feel because I'm freaked out that people will judge how I feel about something & use that to decide how I'm not the same. I can be really "I'm HAPPY" or "I'm sad..." or... well, anything. But only with people I'm really comfortable with.

10/13/2010 #1,185

NaNo, for me, is a constant source of excitement. I'm already planning all over the place.

Oh, my friends unload their feelings on me all the time. I'm used to it? And I don't mind, because all I do is feel. I'm irrational and easily hurt, and crazy, and sometimes I think too much. But I jump in headfirst (I need to learn to "look before you leap, god, sara, you're going to get yourself killed one day," apparently), becauser it's... what my heart says I should do. It's always heart over head, for me. I go with my gut.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #1,186
Dee Jay UU

Same here. I don't really know what's really bothering me about how I write. I think that I speak about the character's emotions too much through monologe and not enough through other places. I guess... and my writing tends to be too cliche. I have really bad... flow? I guess that would be the word.

10/13/2010 #1,187

Flow... all I can suggest is to write like how you speak. That's how I write? I write how I'd say it aloud.

...Which is... kind of another reasons that I'm always off on my own, because I wax poetic about everything...

10/13/2010 #1,188
Dee Jay UU

When I talk I can't explain things right. That is why I say like 5 time a minute.

10/13/2010 #1,189

Then write it out? I honeslty don't know how else to write... Write like you think. Write like a smear of paint across a canvas, twisted and marred and awful and terrible and beautiful. Write in colour. Write in pictures. Write in the margins and the bifocals of your eyes. Write about stomping through piles of leaves and colour bursts of flowers against rainforest bark. I don't know, I'm probably making no sense.

10/13/2010 #1,190

Apparently I have flow? But I feel like I don't get into it enough. Like... I see people whose characters pick out the minutest details & incorporate them into the flow. & I can't do that. I'm working on that, but I think it disrupts the way I'm used to telling stories in.

& I do think with my heart more than my head. But sometimes my head will take over halfway through my heart (the Bennett Catastrophe much?) & its actions &... well, it never ends well. T_T

10/13/2010 #1,191

You do, too. I love your flow.

(Ohhhh, the Bennett Catastrophe. Let's never go there again, okay? DX)

10/13/2010 #1,192

I agree with Saraa... You want to write like you're trying to get people to see in a new way. When you write about something, write about each important action- every important sense. Like the way oranges taste like sunshine in the winter, but it tastes blander in the summer when the sun is everywhere.

10/13/2010 #1,193
sarsaparillia you've gone and made me want to find an orange, Sonya, gosh.

10/13/2010 #1,194
Dee Jay UU

Thanks! AND I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I realized why I hated what I wrote. the dialoge was SO unrealistic. People DON'T talk that way. I don't know what I was thinking. Obviously dialoge is also a problem of mine.

10/13/2010 #1,195

Geez, sorRY. :D I like oranges during the winter... The fall... it makes me think of leaves. Like the one Rachael has on her side of the room with a pipe pinning it against the wall...

10/13/2010 #1,196

Talk yourself through that - like, when I write dialogue, I actually have a conversation in my head. Or, I'm just listening to the two character bitch at each other, which is almost just as good. :)

10/13/2010 #1,197
Dee Jay UU

The problem is... I probably would talk like that. That's how my daydreams sound.

10/13/2010 #1,198

Then go with it? If you think that's how it ought to work, then that's how it ought to work. /nod

10/13/2010 #1,199
Dee Jay UU

alright. I'm fixing what I sent to you before now though... I think totally rewriting the dialoge will make it so much better.

10/13/2010 #1,200
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