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Luna stared at her in complete bafflement.

"Oh!" Ivy gasped, again, and rather dramatically. "We're here! Luna, meet Chiaroscuro! Hic et ubique."

"Ivy," Thunder said, just a tiny bit more stern. "Let's leave that to her official recruitment."

"Aye, Commander!"

In the next instance, Luna was positive the hovercraft was slowly hovering lower, and lower and lower until everything just… stopped. The vibrating was still there, but there was something missing that just told her they were on solid ground.

She watched, in some way transfixed, as Ivy pushed buttons and moved the cyclic until the vibrating soon, too, disappeared.

"Door opened!" Ivy yelled, followed by a fit of giggles. "Check!"


i actually wrote that yesterday... i... am trying to get myself to go shower before i write. so far, i'm too lazy. =___=

11/4/2010 #361
Just Lovely

Sonya: Are you serious? That's going to be so long, I'm trying not to make certain scenes longer than they should's not going so well?

Les: I can't say anymore how much I love Ivy, she's just so lively and spontaneous?

I'm going to have to remember to do an excerpt soon...

11/4/2010 #362

Yeah, but I only have... eleven scenes to write. & all of this will be broken up throughout the actual novel- which may or may not end up being long enough for a duet or trilogy- so it'll be, like, one scene is a chapter or two.

Les, Ivy is so amusing & just... yeah, alive. _

11/4/2010 #363

lol. thaaaaaaanks.

11/4/2010 #364
Just Lovely

I think it's going to be maybe a trilogy which I would definitely buy!

Long stories like that just seem to come alive y'know?

11/4/2010 #365

As long as I don't screw up greatly. D:

But thanks. :) I have a plan down & I am determined. So determined that I think I'm scaring some people... _

11/4/2010 #366
Just Lovely

Nobody screws up 'greatly' mistakes are just things to learn from?

Scaring people? Psh, doubt it.

11/4/2010 #367

Well, yes. But... there's a lot of ways to do this "right"- that shows the story & themes that I'm trying to display- & what if I choose the few wrong ways? D:

When I say I want to write three thousand words a day, people ask me (with horror/incredulity in their voice what class it's for. & then I'm like, "It's by choice?". Of course they give me the Look & just turn away. It's easy to tell they think I'm crazy... _

11/4/2010 #368
Just Lovely

Well yeah, but sometimes what you find wrong or odd, others find it amusing and right.

Crazy because they can't imagine writing so much, like Emily for example. She's written like what? 20 to 25 thousand words so far, in FOUR days so yeah, it is kinda incredulous. But it just shows how committed you are and everything.

I'm trying to slowly get ahead in my chapter.


11/4/2010 #369
Just Lovely

Excerpt from my second chapter.


Dwyn murmured something quietly to her and Alice strained her ears to catch the soft flow of words.

"He's really...annoying.

Alice scoffed as her eyes widened a fraction at the mere words that her friend was saying.

Was she talking about a boy?!

She hesitated for a minute, trying to pick something at least appropriate, or supportive to say to her friend; but everything she thought of came to an utter blank. "You're talking about Liam right?" she voiced, logically thinking it was the most acceptable thing to say in a situation like this because she was being neutral and not judgmental...yet.

Dwyn gave a sarcastic nod, as if to ask 'who else would I be talking about?'. Alice made a soft shrug of her shoulders, apathetic; "And you've just noticed this?" she replied, a little shock laced with heavy sarcasm.

"No.'s just...he's been around me, like everywhere I am, a lot and it's getting on my nerves."

Alice gave a quiet chuckle as she watched her friend try to make words out of her emotions and thoughts. "You really don't know what he's thinking for once, do you?"

The accusation hit Dwyn harder than she expected. She was shocked to say the least. Never in all her life, had she thought that she wouldn't know what her best friend was thinking. "No, I...I really don't, Alice." And as the words tumbled out through her lips, Dwyn didn't know what she was going to expect from him, yet she always knew, deep down, that sometimes it wasn't going to be pretty.

It's not the best though...?

11/4/2010 #370
Just Lovely

*It's not the best though...? is not part of the excerpt!

I forgot the dashes....XD

11/4/2010 #371

My goal is at least 13000 tonight. Because my only class (that I'm going to, because I'm going home!) is at noon, so I can stay up really late, if I want to. So I can write & then study for Calculus. ^_^ GOOD PLAN STAN.

=3 GO RIN GOOOO! |Flails|

11/4/2010 #372
Just Lovely


I think maybe I'll try getting ahead over the weekend, but who knows what will happen then...

11/4/2010 #373

I've written 243 words today. I guess I'm just not in the mood.


11/4/2010 #374

BRIONY YOU MUST WRITE MORE! D: Or else you get this irritating little "one day behind" thingie on your stats page when they also say you are x days ahead. T_T

& I thought today was Friday... _ at least 6667 words, all! ^_^

11/4/2010 #375

I know, I'm sorta trying. I got all insecure this morning, though, and am currently rewriting chapter 2? If anything, I've lost words. How depressing.

Edit: I'm also including a club scene in my NaNo project. Considering the subject matter of my project, does it seem as though I'm copying the City of Bones? It's to add a bit of excitement to the first few chapters, and to also increase her awareness of the demons. No angel turns up in that chapter - she's met Nathaniel, but he's gone again, and there's some her & Alex bonding time.

I got a B+ in Science today, one mark away from an A-. You have to be proud of me. Everyone else in my class got U's & D's. I didn't revise either, which means the rest of my class is really thick.

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #376

If that has to do with She Who Is A Stupid Bitch, DO NOT LISTEN TO HER. You are amazing & don't let anyone- anyone!- tell you differently. |is very upset|

GOOD JOB. |flails|

11/4/2010 #377

My confidence is easily knocked, Sonya. I had to spend all of lunch listening to how I "can't take criticism" & punching her became a very tempting option, seriously. But hopefully the weekend will give me time to catch up? GAH. I AM NOW SUPER DEPRESSED. I might skip school tomorrow & catch up then.

I am seriously considering it.

Thank you! It was the highlight of my day. Does that sound sad? xD

11/4/2010 #378

Mine too (just ask Saraa, Les, & Emily), but it's not that! D: Did you tell her that being compared to someone you don't write anything like is like... it's like saying that just because we're all human- just like... Hitler- we're all going to try & take over the world because we have some sort of ambition. Ambition can be organized into self-profiting & for the Greater Good, just like everyone's writing style isn't the same because we all use words. She's sweeping your writing into a box with freaking Stephanie Meyer's & that's... how much do you trust her opinion? Unless she's the head of some International Writing Society Who Analyzes Styles Of Writing, her words mean less than two cents. Your genuine opinion of your work is what matters- what it was before she told you that it was like Stephanie Meyers (which it isn't).

Write how it feels like to you. :) &, uh, I wouldn't suggest skipping school. She will think she really got to you. T_T & I don't think she has the right to do that.

No, it makes sense. I mean, being proven to better than other people on a scale is always a really nice feeling. |rarely has that happen to her|

11/4/2010 #379

who, may i ask, is this chick?

11/4/2010 #380

A bitch.

(But really- who is she? Like... not name, but... what's she like?)

11/4/2010 #381

Seriously, Sonya; if I could hug you right now, I honestly would. I realise I sound like I'm emo-ing out over this, but I'm not good with stuff like that? It's mainly because we spoke loads about it beforehand, and I thought she was genuinely interested & then I found out she was whispering behind my back, and slating me off. In all honesty, it was more of a betrayal than anything? But I shall go in tomorrow & I shall have an entire chapter to present, with an invisible "Blow Me, Bitch" sign on it. :D

I guess skipping school is mainly so that I can catch up? I was supposed to be at 20,000 words today, so I could spend time editing on Friday, and then write massively over the weekend - instead, I'm editing early and changing stuff. My schedule has been thrown off! I HATE THAT. D:

Pffffff, I'm sure you have it happen all of the time. :) You always come across as being pretty bright, to me; you definitely, as does Emily. Maybe it's the way you write or the things you say? I don't know. :)

11/4/2010 #382

She's Ellie. Uh, we were good friends for a while, but then we moved our separate ways. During Maths, she got really involved with the brainstorming bit, and was really interested in my story, so I guess I wanted her to like it? We started becoming friends again, then.



11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #383


Then you should find someone else to read it over for you? Someone who is actually interested & isn't whispering behind your back because you aren't going to get any decent feedback from her anyway. You need someone who will be there & actually make you want to write. I mean, I told my friend Yuan about it (er, no one friend her Facebook because she will have a bitchfit with me about putting her name online & she's already concerned that I have a "Support Group" online & friends... Needless to say I have not told her of my dream to be a homicide detective/doctor in Australia) & she's like "I want to read it." So it's nice that she's finally stopped the "What the h-e-double-hockeystick about your classes?!" & is kinda supportive?

But school is important! D: NO EDITING JUST LET THE WORDS FLOW. 3

Eh, I'm too lazy to study? Everyone says that but laziness is not fetching on a high school or college transcript... God, stop making me blush tho'! D: It's because I'm eighteen & basically lived my whole life with random books. _

11/4/2010 #384

wait, so this is someone you see face to face?

punch that bitch until her face is deformed. seriously.

11/4/2010 #385

THANK YOU. *returns hug*

I'm thinking I shall. Well, I plan on handing it to a few of the teachers, and asking them to write their notes & thoughts on it; as well as maybe handing it to a few of the girls from my class who are doing NaNo, as well. Of course, I also plan on showing you guys, though I plan on waiting until it's finished to do that. Neither of my best friends are particularly into writing and stuff, though; they're both, for lack of better words, Science Geeks - the kind of people who get 100% every test, but don't seem to have a creative bone in their body? But there's a sort of quirky, quiet girl, who adores this sort of stuff, so I think I'll ask her to check it out.

On Friday, I have R.E & Maths. In both, we are doing test. SKIPPING LOOKS TEMPTING, RIGHT NOW. :D I shall, I promise!

I fail at studying. I have never once revised for a test, so if I pass or fail is just generally down to whether I've done well in the lessons, and remembered stuff. I guess I don't like the idea of cramming beforehand? Because I wouldn't be able to cram beforehand for a real life situation. D: YOU SHOULD BLUSH. It shows that you are humble & modest & totally awesome.

les, I love you. That is all. :)

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #386

That's a good idea? I wish I knew some English teachers, but I don't, anymore... Because I'm not taking any English classes so I can satisfy my major & certificate... T_T So busy...

But you'll have to take the tests anyway? Might as well do it while- did you review today?

I never study for tests- well, I didn't in high school. But in college, most classes have exams as your whole grade, for the most part. I don't like cramming, but I end up doing it anyway, because I am (again) lazy. But most often I just... yeah, remember what I learned in classes. But I dunno, I should be able to do better, but trying is sooooo much work. That's one way to think about it? I always blush when I get compliments. There's that stupid "raise self-esteem rule", where it's supposed to boost your self-esteem by accepting compliments instead of saying things like "I'm not that great". But I don't think that helps...

11/4/2010 #387

I will reply to your post properly tomorrow Sonya, I swear. But I am totally going to sleep now.

On a side note, meet Caleb? I just dreamt him up now, and he's generally going to be a bad guy turned sort of less a bad guy. This is the club scene; there'll be a little bit more, between Alex & Claire, and then an action scene, in which Nathaniel may return.


Utopia was packed.

Smoke poured from thinly concealed machines, covering the dancefloor in a hazy cloud of grey; bodies clashed in time to the heavy beat. Sweat dripped down naked flesh — scantily clad girls swung their hips in time to the pounding rhythm, as boys with slicked back hair and fresh shirts moved closer, underneath the neon, flashing lights. The music only just managed to drown out the dull undertone of voices, shouting to be heard above the noise; the entire room was cramped, with people packed so close into one another, that they could feel the other's body heat. The atmosphere was wild, perhaps due to the age of those on the dancefloor — most of them seemed to be in their teens to early twenties.

Fresh and beautiful, the humans didn't know what they had until it was gone.

Caleb rolled his eyes as he slouched in his seat, leaning back onto the cracked red leather of the chair, one leg resting on top of the other; he stretched his arms out, cradling two Nameless at his side — a red-head and a brunette, each with tongues as black as charcoal and eyes as pale as snow. They traced up and down his chest, touch as soft as butterfly wings, before leaning over him so that they could chatter inanely. He ignored them, eyes scanning the crowd of writhing bodies, searching for anything — anyone — to pique his interest. There were a few that he found himself watching, momentarily — the girl in the long white dress or the boy with the purple hair and the big glasses — but then his eyes would flicker across to the next person, as he lost interest.

He was surprised at the amount of demons present. They weren't dancing, not all of them; a few were, though, moving in time to the music, dizzyingly drunk on the scent of the warm bodies. A particularly stunning woman, with red nails and an equally red dress, writhed between male bodies; but at every flip of her head, he saw sharp teeth and the flash of scales, barely hidden by the smoke. He wondered, briefly, how many of them would actually get to feast, that night, and how many would be caught and killed by angels.

Too many, no doubt.

Surprisingly, there were no angels present in the club that night; he couldn't help but wonder why not. Usually, they enjoyed hanging out in hotspots such as clubs, wagging their fingers at nearby demons, a smug smirk adorning their features as they played the part of the world police — no doubt they were busy, serving a higher purpose or something as equally idiotic as that. They were probably all at one of their fancy Council meetings, discussing which silly laws they would pass next — discussing which silly laws the demons would ignore next.

It was pathetic.


I like Caleb. :3

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #388

Plus, I hit 15K. I'm happy now. :)


11/4/2010 #389

It's okay!


(& I like Caleb too... _)

&&& 10747 words! & I am finally done telling the story about Yua & Fidel. NOW ON TO RUSH'S ONE MAN SHOW. 8D

11/4/2010 #390
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