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Authors paint with words. Here, at the Author Appreciation Guild, we love the art they create & everything those words have given to us. We want to give something back. We offer concrit & advice guides; we want to help authors improve.
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o hai thar its elle

Introduction to: Advice & Guides

"Practice, practice, practice writing. Writing is a craft that requires both talent and acquired skills. You learn by doing, by making mistakes and then seeing where you went wrong." — Jeffrey A. Carver

Writing is a form of art.

Whether you do it for entertainment, for yourself, or for an audience, there's always room for improvement. Perhaps you excel in a certain genre, but aren't quite as brilliant at a different one — perhaps you've nailed the canon characters personalities, but you're not quite as brilliant at creating an OC. Perhaps you just want to see what other authors have to say about

When it comes to writing, there's always room for improvement; the quality of your writing shouldn't be judged on the amount of reviews you've received. No matter how brilliant people say you are, you may feel that there's something you can improve on.

That's what these guides are for.

Each and every one of them — bar any written by concritters or BETAs — are written by authors, for authors. With each guide, I will include a link back to the author's profile so, if you want to follow up anything they've said or read any of their stories, you can do so. I'll also write a paragraph describing each author, beforehand.

Guide: (noun): 1. One who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising.

There is in no correct way to write. Writing is all about expressing yourself and "Unleashing your imagination"; so do just that! In no way are any of the authors featured in these guides suggesting that there is only one way to write — and that you have to follow those guides strictly. No; that's not true.

These guides are exactly what the definition says they are; they're advice. They're designed to lead you along in the right direction, with friendly, helpful advice; however, that doesn't mean the author is always right. You can disagree. And, in no way am I saying these authors are higher than any other author; I can't find every brilliant person out there. I can only find a few. :)

Remember, these guides are just here to help.

~ elle.

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o hai thar its elle

GUIDES: Contents Page:


I. How to Write a Good Fanfic

Original Plotlines:

I. How to Write a Unique Plot

II. How to Plan

III. How to Edit & Rewrite

IV. How to Write an Interesting Summary & Original Title

V. How to Write a Chaptered Story

VI. How to Write a Fantastic One-Shot

VII. How to Write a Grabbing Opening Chapter

VIII. How to Write a Brilliant Plot Twist

IX. How to End a Story Satisfactorily

X. How to Keep Readers Interested

XI. How to Write Exposition

XII. Clichés and How to Avoid Them


I. How to Use Tenses

II. How to Use Different Points of View


I. How to Write Popular Pairings

II. How to Write Unusual Pairings

III. How to Write Yaoi

IV. How to Write Yuri

V. How to Avoid Pairing Clichés


I. How to Write a Canon Character

II. How to Work With Under-Developed Characters

III. How to Show Character Development in Canon Characters

IV. How to Avoid Bashing a Character

V. How to Write a Good OC

VI. How to Spot a Mary-Sue

VII. Stereotypes and How to Avoid Them


I. How to Write a Canon Fanfic

II. How to Write an AU Fanfic

III. How to Write Romance

IV. How to Write Humour & Crack!fics

V. How to Write Adventure

VI. How to Write Sci-Fi

VII. How to Write Fantasy

VIII. How to Write Tragedy & Angst

IX. How to Write Suspense & Horror

X. Genre Clichés and How to Avoid Them


I. How to Be a Good BETA

II. How to Find a Good BETA

III. How to Offer a Useful Review

IV. How to Respond to Concrit or Flames

V. How to Deal With Writer's Block

Guides Aimed at Specific Fandoms:


~ elle.

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