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atrociously beautiful

There we go~ ;D

7/25/2011 #31


7/25/2011 #32
Dee Jay UU


What if each member has a little yearbook page. Like each person writes a little something about somebody else. I'll be happy to organize it if you like the idea.

For Example:

On Nicole's hypothetical page:

I love ya, girl! You're the best writersoulmatething ever! I couldn't have picked anyone better ;] *blah blah blah* hugs and kisses I love you. ~Darlene

OHHHHH! I love you to pieces! Remember that time when.....*blah blah blah* .... PEACE! ~Sonya

So it would be more like shoutouts I guess. This isn't what I would write, but I think you guys get the idea.

7/25/2011 #33

that sounds like a lot of fun~

maybe more towards the end, like a typical yearbook? at least mine was like that. everyone would tend to sign on the last pages. also, if it was at the end, it would be a few of the last things we see. and i think this book should have a happy ending. c=


OH. i was creeping on the lj post of this, reading the comments (when i creep, i creep), and i thought of how this thing was sort of like a scrapbook. but ten millions times more epic and actually thought on some more. i've always liked creative scrapbooks. ;D

7/25/2011 #34
atrociously beautiful

I just love how Darlene used me! :3

I think this is a wonderful idea, ask Briony. :)

7/25/2011 #35

I love how "Sonya" said "Peace!"

... not that I never say that. But... yeah.

Why don't we come up with a vague timeline? Like... what deadlines will we need? We'll have a general idea of who wants to submit how much by the end of the week, right? We'll also need people who are doing some secret santa thing to pair up & have prompts by x day; deadline for finishing a first draft; a beta deadline; etc etc etc.

... Dammit, I had another idea but it went away. ALSKDJF. I think my dog swallowed it.

7/29/2011 #36

A vague timeline would be awesome, and is definitely a pretty damn good idea.

So, things we need to sort out:

o1. Basic deadlines - I was thinking, if we want all fics done by the end of January, beginning of February, then we have beta'ing time in February. After that, we've got a month or so longer to gather everything up and finish any artwork, introductions or messages, and then it should be finished by the beginning of next summer.

o2. Who's up for the "prompt swap/story swap" idea? If it's everyone, we can pick names out of a hat, and all that jazz. I'll do it - I'll know who's got me, but I still won't know what they've written for me (I'll leave my pairings spot free, so it's a complete surprise), and then yeah. That'll be sorted.

o3. How many people will actually do any artwork? This is more for personal reasons; if there aren't many doing art, I'll probably do less fics, cuz I have to focus on my art next year anyway, so yeah.

7/30/2011 #37

o1. I think you're right, that'd likely the best way to do it. That way we've got six months (because I know that a lot of us have got other crazy shit going on), and we'll have enough time to get the artwork and whatever done.

o2. That also could work, but that would really depend on everyone's choice. We could do like one, and then leave ourselves open for other stuff too, I guess.

o3. I'll definitely do artwork. :)

7/30/2011 #38

o1. Sounds good!

o2. Um, I shall have to see on that? I have a lot of other stuff on my plate. =.=;

o3. I... will not. Unless you want under-glorified stick figures, o' course. ;D

7/30/2011 #39

Thanks! 8D

I'm going to go write a timeline of deadlines, cuz I am so bored right now. .________.;

7/30/2011 #40
Dee Jay UU

I want to do the swap stories!

Also, I can organize the messages pages for each member if no one else is. I can wait for a bit for EVERYONE to go to the sign up because I'm not sure if some people are still putting it off, and send out an email to everyone and collect stuff and stuffs.

So yeah. Say the word and I'll get on that.

ALSO! I want to draw a self portrait. It shall be decent.

7/30/2011 #41



IMPORTANT: You may begin writing or drawing at any point.



All sign-ups must be completed; you must state whether or not you're doing fanart, as well as fanfiction, so that I can create a list of potential artists. Any final questions will be answered, too, so if you've got anything else you'd like to offer or ask, then say it now and say it quick. You must also have signed up for the "story swap" by the 8th of August, so that we can deliver prompts to those who will need them. We will also begin discussing possible layouts for the actual book. All interview-style questions will have been chosen, too.


By the end of this month, we'll have decided on an initial layout for the book, which we can then develop and add to at a later date. We'll also all have started writing - although those of us who aren't free will have plenty of time to catch up in the next few months, too, so you can still be planning at this point. Updates reminding members of Project X will be sent out constantly, so that no one forgets about it. You must also have a basic draft of your introduction finished by this point. You can also begin thinking about answers to interview questions.


For those of us who are still drafting, now is the month to have pretty much wrapped that up. This is when we should all be writing! Anyone who has finished writing a one-shot or whatever can also send it to me at this point, as I'll no doubt be experimenting with the layout of the book. All introductions must be finished, so that I can add them to the "introductions" page; we will then have samples of pages of the book, so we can begin thinking about what we want to change or add to the pages. You'll also be expected to hand in any of your answers to the interview questions.


As it is NaNoWriMo, there may be some people who have taken a break from writing for this, and may be working on other projects. This is Kit-Kat month! You can all take a break! However, if you do wish to continue writing, you can do so. I'll be asking people how many pieces of writing they expect to complete for the actual book at this point, too, as there'll only be two more months after this one, so I'm sure you'll all have a good idea.


Back into the writing zone, guys!

This is also when, realistically, if you're doing fan-art, you should probably start drawing.


This is going to be the month in which everything is handed in. In the third week of the month, I'll expect you all to begin handing in pieces of writing, including story swaps - which will be kept secret until the book is unveiled, so no peeking or giving it to your person! There'll be a week of added time for anyone who needs it, but, by the end of January, every piece of writing should be handed in to me, so I can add it to the book. As this is the week of handing in, you'll also be handing in messages for the messages page. These will include nice little messages and pieces of advice for everyone taking part, and there should be, by the end of the handing in session, a complete page for each person. I'm also hoping to get a little foreword from Elle by this point, fingers-crossed.

For those of us doing artwork or soundtracks, the deadline will be at a later date.


We'll be beta'ing this month. Everyone will be assigned a beta, who will look over each of their pieces of work. Hopefully, this should only take three weeks, as I'd like the initial pieces of writing to be considered "first drafts". You'll then have the final week to read over your work with fresh eyes and make any changes you want to make. (This'll also give you a sneaky chance to sneak any pieces of work you might have done since the deadline to your beta; meaning, if you had a final piece of work you didn't manage to finish, you could possibly beg your beta to take a look.)


By the end of this month, any extra pieces of work - including poetry, fan-art and soundtracks - should be handed in. However, depending on how artists or... soundtrackers feel, this deadline can be extended. This is also the month in which I say, "Look guys, here's what we've got in the book altogether so far, and here's what you, Person A, have specifically. Is there anything you'd like to add?" If there is anything you've missed or forgotten - anything you'd like to add to introductions or messages or whatever -, then you're given March and April to finish it off.


This is going to be a month in which everything is tied up, including the actual book itself; by this point, the first draft will be complete. It's also the month of extended deadlines, so you can send in that extra piece of fanfiction that you didn't finish writing by the end of this month. However, there is a chance that your beta might not be able to beta it for you; if your assigned beta cannot beta it, then it's up to you to get it beta'd. All work must be beta'd.


During this month, I will be sending copies of the first draft of the book; it will only include pages you have written, so as to keep the rest of the book a surprise. I'm going to have to trust you guys not to send them all to each other and create a finished copy, haha. ;D But anyway, this is where you can tell me any changes you want to make. However, bearing in mind that this is probably the month of exams, too, try and keep the edits to a down-low, as everyone'll probably be revising or working or whatever. Darn school!

This will also be the month of the final copy!


I'll have wrapped everything up, and the book will be complete. As a result, this is the month in which you all send me your addresses, if you're allowed to, so that I can send you hard-copies. Whether or not you get them for August, as intended, will probably depend on the cost of shipping and stuff. I might see if there's somewhere online which'll work as an Amazon/Ebay-like website, and you can order copies online. I'm still looking into this.


On the 1st of August, you will all recieve a digital copy of the book, as well as (hopefully!) your hard copy! We'll have come round in a full circle, and be as awesome as before. ;D


Personally, to those of you who're able to, I'd recommend drafting straight away; I'd start finding people to collab with, if you want to collab, as well as figuring out how many pieces of art or writing you plan on doing. While it might seem as though we've got months, I bet the deadlines creep up on us all so quickly!


7/30/2011 #42

Good job, Briony. :) When Stover sees this, she'll probably be weeping over her protege.

7/30/2011 #43

I learnt everything from her. ;D

Well, and all the other list-makers out there. 8DDDDD

7/30/2011 #44

o1. wow. the deadline thing was put together wonderfully, briony. it really helps to see that. but anyways, that sounds good to me.

o2. i think i'd like to do that. that's like the secret santa thing, right? if it is, then, yeah, i'm down with that~

o3. i am not an artist, by any means. so, if not everyone has to do artwork, then i'd prefer not to do any of it. (although, i'd be fine with adding random photos, if we do any photography things. most likely. ahah)

7/30/2011 . Edited 7/30/2011 #45
Just Lovely

August: So, fanart, how exactly would that be transferred to you?

January: I have exams around the end of the month, so could I hand/send it in earlier?

March: The extras: fanart and soundtracks, story swap etc. are optional?

This is really well laid out, Briony!

I already feel a little overwhelmed.

7/30/2011 . Edited 7/30/2011 #46


o1. Thank you very much! 8D

o2. Yep, it is the Secret Santa thing, altho' we'll have to come up with a different name for it, haha.

o3. Photographs would be cool, too! Really, anything you have to offer will be accepted; and if there are photographs of things you want to have on your page, then you should definitely take them, cuz then we'll have an entire page of you, basically.


Uhm, fan-art, I think, would have to be scanned in and then transferred to me in a jpg, or, if possible, in a pdf, so that I can open it with photoshop & place it onto the book. Either way, as long as it's emailed to me, it'll be fine, cuz I'll be able to use photoshop to add it to the pages of the book.

Yes, of course you can hand it in earlier! The end of January is pretty much the maximum amount of time we'll have; if anyone finishes stuff before then, you can hand it in, and we'll just see if we can find someone to beta a bit earlier.

Yup, all extras are optional! While it would be nice to see them, we are predominantly authors, so yeah. ;D

7/31/2011 #47

....we're making a book... holy vaginas.

....just.... the holiest of vaginas... briony, your organization is sexy.

7/31/2011 #48
A. E. Stover

The timeline has been Stover Approved!


8/1/2011 #49



that is all.

8/1/2011 #50
atrociously beautiful

selene is exciting. can't you tell? ;D

lets do thisssss

8/1/2011 #51

How long d'you guys think this'll be? :)

8/1/2011 #52
atrociously beautiful

A year, maybe longer!

8/2/2011 #53
Just Lovely

I think it'll be done between a year and a year and a half.

Mmm, question! That posts request, are we still doing it or not?

8/2/2011 #54

What posts request? ._____.;

8/2/2011 #55
Just Lovely

The suggestion... sorry, about having people in charge of certain parts of Project X?

8/2/2011 #56

Oh, right! Well, I think people are just offering up what they'd like to do, or to organise, and then yeah, they just sort of... do it. I mean, that's what Nicole did, so yeah, and Stover's gonna be the one who emails out all the alerts & reminders, when it comes to writing.

8/2/2011 #57
atrociously beautiful


I was a little to enthusiastic about the idea...

8/2/2011 #58
Just Lovely

Well, I can help with anything that needs to be done?

8/2/2011 #59
Just Lovely

Oh god, double post; but I have to ask this question.

I think someone else asked it but it was never answered, or I didn't read one.

The fics that are submitted for the Project X, can they also go up on

8/3/2011 #60
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