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Okay, so to start off our chat, a story about my eight year old sister:

Okay, so Me, Caitlynn(My Bff), Kalle (Her Boyfriend) and Kyle(My boyfriend) went to go tutor for the second graders(Thus being the grade my little sister, Caroline, is in.) So, they were watching Shrek and we were semi-grading their test, and it get to the line 'You Stubborn Ass!' And all the kids go 'Oooo, they said a bad word!'.

The teacher takes this as a lesson and ask them if any of them know what it means. My little sister raises her hand, and I'm thinking 'Please say Donkey, Please say donkey.' What does she say? 'That's what Kyle calls my sister butt,' and the teacher goes :O and my little sister is just so pleased with herself, so she adds "He also thinks it's hot,"

and I'm sitting there just stunned and Kyles cracking up and I go to pull my sister into the hallway, and she goes 'Where are we going?" and I go 'To dig ourselves out of that hole you just made." Needless to say, Cai, Kyle and Kalle thought it was great.

11/1/2010 #1
Ballz Mahoney

Haha, way to go Caroline

11/1/2010 #2

We had a Dance competition this weekend, And, not bragging or anything, WE KILLED! (Okay, maybe bragging a little :D) Caroline's solo tied for highest mini solo, with guess who? Her other solo... Which I choreographed. I think I was happier then she was. My solo tied with a girl from another studio. Moldavian, which, while everyone hates, did amazing. It got a Platinum, Outstanding Energy, Outstanding Precision, Outstanding Showmen Ship, Critic's choice, Outstanding Ethnicity, Overall high-score teen line, Overall high-score teen specialty, Overall high-score teen number, Overall high-score OF THE NIGHT! I think that just made up awards for it after a while. Lovely, the most powerful dance in the world, got a Platinum, as did Ritz, Heads Will Roll, Wonderland, My New Philosophy, MJ, Black Cat, Let Them Eat Cake, Boy Meets Girl, and a buttload of other numbers. Africa Bambatta, Another number I choreographed, with me Kyle, Cai and Kalle, got a Platinum, and Overall high score small group, and Outstanding partnering.

Kat like winning. :D

11/8/2010 #3
Ballz Mahoney

Can't say I know anything about the world of dance, but it seems like you guys cleaned house. Congrats!

The highlight of my weekend was seeing the movie RED and then eating quesadillas at Applebees so I think you beat me

11/8/2010 #4

The SciFi 'Red', or something else?

11/8/2010 #5
Ballz Mahoney

The Movie out now in theaters, starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich. It's about a team of retired CIA agents who are the targets of a current CIA conspiracy to kill them.

11/8/2010 #6
Ballz Mahoney

Oh by the way, once we finish this Violet Party story, we gotta have the Brick Wall as one of our locations :P

11/8/2010 #7
Ballz Mahoney

Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving!

11/25/2010 #8

Happy Beethoven Day!

And apologies all around for my mild lack of presence right now...







12/16/2010 #9
Ballz Mahoney

A Happy Beethoven's Day to you too!

Trust me I know how you feel....just one left for me...

External Auditing...blegh

12/16/2010 #10

Psych, History, second half of Trig, Drama, Art, Music and English. Needless to say, I'm praying for snow. Or even ice at this point.

12/16/2010 #11
Ballz Mahoney

Owch, what kinda of history? I'm a US History Minor and took most of my history courses this semester: needless to say I'm research paper'd out

If you get snow, it'll just drag the process on more though

12/16/2010 #12

Thankfully just general history. Thank god for bring a sophmore at an arts school.

And as for snow, It might drag it out, but three more days to study is totally worth it. Plus, I could totally go for building a snowman.

12/16/2010 #13
Ballz Mahoney

I have this thing against the snow. There is a direct correlation between a period of heavy snow and my excuse of a car deciding not to start

12/16/2010 #14

Teeny tiny schools for the win! When you have 30 kids per grade, and half of them live on gravel roads, it only takes about 6in of snow at the most for them to call off school.

You could always use my snowday/car motto: *Car doesn't start* 'Screw this. Caroline! Ge'yer butt out here! We're make snow angels!'

It work surprising well, as most times as I drag Caroline outside, they call to tell us there's no school

12/16/2010 #15
Ballz Mahoney

Well it's more along the lines of my car doesn't all...and requires multiple trips to the shop to keep alive just a little longer :P

Plus there's always the question of work and while I'd love to never have to go...I'm broke enough as is lol

12/16/2010 #16

In case you ever wondered what I do at dance, This would be it:!/video/video.php?v=1777355000620

12/19/2010 #17
Ballz Mahoney

Link doesn't work, I think you need to be friends with the person on facebook

12/19/2010 #18

Darn. Well, either way, It's a video of a buch of us spinning in a circle of elastic. We also do the 'I wish I was little bit taller, I was I was a baller' song. We look very intelligent.

12/19/2010 #19
Ballz Mahoney

Oh I bet you do

12/19/2010 #20

I swear we do. The only smarter video we have is the one of us attempting a four part harmony on 'Bohemian Raphsody' at three in the morning. Now that is a keeper.

12/19/2010 #21
Ballz Mahoney

Everything is done better at three in the morning. That's a fact.

12/19/2010 #22

Two weeks. Two weeks, and I will have real time to be on here. I just have to make it through relearning a musical, as the lead, and preforming before mention musical. Why can't the Phantom just steal Christine and have that be the end of it? Uhhg. D:

12/27/2010 #23
Ballz Mahoney

Happy New Year folks! As Will Smith once rapped,

"May the past keep a warm spot in your heart May the future hold more joy then pain"

1/1/2011 #24

The conversations we have at dance...

Me-"Ohh, New guys in jazz."

Caitlynn-"Are they hot?"

Me-"You have a boyfriend."

Caitlynn-"So, it's not like their going to be straight."

Kyle-"I resent that."

Caitlynn-"You and Kalle are like, the exception. Most people who dance like boys. It's like, proven."

Me-"So you're saying that if they aren't girls, they're gay?"

Kyle-"I'm definitely not gay, or a girl."

Sarah-"You would make a really pretty girl though."

*few seconds later*

Sarah- "What?!? You would!"

1/17/2011 . Edited 1/17/2011 #25

Hold it in

The entire band are Peanuts fans, and the animation is definitely styled after the comics. We saw them live, and the keyboard was too short (Because the guy using it in BNL is shorter), and the pianist had to hunch over like Schroeder, so They keep cracking Peanuts jokes through their performance. I think my favorite was this:

Pianist- "So if any of you pretty girls want to lean on my piano, I promise, completely stable."

Guitar guy-*Throws on black wig and swaggers over to the piano*

Pianist- "Dude. No."

Drummer- "Beethoven would ashamed, dude."

1/18/2011 #26
Ballz Mahoney

Wow, they're actually pretty good, and I loved the Peanuts style art.

In a similar vein I always thought that this song could practically be Charlie Brown's theme song if he was a little older. Like the theme of a sitcom of his older life (or a roleplay such as this...heh heh)

1/18/2011 #27

Oh, I love Jonathan Coulton! It's nice to see a more serious side of his songs, to balance out the rather random other half.

And I was surprised at how good they were. I mean, I figured they wouldn't be atrocious, because they were opening for Bare Naked Ladies, but I really like their stuff.

1/18/2011 #28
Ballz Mahoney

I'll have to check them out sometime, I admit I've grown so disillusioned with most music nowadays that I don't really look to see what may be good.

1/18/2011 #29

Ehh, Most 'music' today really, to put it nicely, sucks. I'm forced to listen to enough of it for dance and cheer, I don't really listen it on my free time.

1/18/2011 #30
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