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Yes, Violet's house, and I decided to put Mansion because, well, it fits.

11/2/2010 . Edited 9/4/2014 #1
scooby-doo's girl

Violet went to see if anyone else had arrived yet.

11/2/2010 #2
Ballz Mahoney

"Hey Violet! You're out of Cheese Puffs!" A slightly overweight boy, who looked incredibly unkempt shouted at Violet. As he walked towards her a trail of dust seemed to follow. He was holding an empty bowl and his face was smeared with orange cheese dust.

11/2/2010 #3

Sally walked up to the door, she'd always liked Vi's house.

11/2/2010 #4
scooby-doo's girl

Violet turned around to yell at whoever was annoying her, but stopped when she saw who it was. Although she would never admit it to anyone, as of late, she had been developing a bit of a crush on Pigpen. "Oh h...hi Pigpen, um I think I saw Patty with the bag earlier. She'll know." Violet then turned back to greet her new guests. "Hi Sally! Hi Shermy!"

11/2/2010 #5
Ballz Mahoney

Pig-Pen smiled, "Sweet deal" and walked off.

Shermy grinned as he greeted Violet, "Always a pleasure Violet, thanks for the invite, as always."

11/2/2010 #6
scooby-doo's girl

Violet grinned back. Boy he sure is cute too.

11/2/2010 #7

She smiled and waved to her friend, "Hey Vi."

11/2/2010 #8
Ballz Mahoney

Shermy patted Sally on the back, "I'll let you two girls catch up a bit. I see some of those little party hot dog thingies that I can't get enough of. See you in a bit babe."

11/2/2010 #9
scooby-doo's girl

Violet leaned over and hugged Sally.

11/2/2010 #10

She returned the embrace, "You know if Lu decided to come or not?" It was odd when the raven-haired girl joined the cheer-squad, but at the same time fitting. She already had the attitude and vocal cords.

11/2/2010 #11
scooby-doo's girl

Violet laughed, "I think she's still trying to drag Schroeder in to coming with her."

11/2/2010 #12

"One day one of them is going to figure something out. Either Lucy's gonna get over him, or finally he's going to come around," She said, shaking her head slightly.

11/2/2010 #13
Ballz Mahoney

Pig-Pen found Patty preparing things in Violet's rather large kitchen.

"Alright so Patty. Somebody who totally wasn't me ate all of the Cheese Puffs. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is refueling the party's supply of Cheese Puffs. Level One: Go!"

Pig-Pen then held out the empty bowl and smiled at Patty.

11/2/2010 #14

Patty rolled her eyes, and grabbed the bag of cheese-puffs.

11/2/2010 #15
Ballz Mahoney

Pig-Pen clapped, "Mission Accomplished Patty! Be on stand by for your next assignment!" Pig-Pen then reached his hand into the bag and took a mouthful of the cheesy snack.

11/2/2010 #16

"Ew," She muttered quietly, "Would you just take the bag, you're the only one who's going to eat them."

11/2/2010 #17
Ballz Mahoney

Pig-Pen greedily snatched the bag, "Don't mind if I do. Catch you later Patty!" Pig-Pen walked off, content with his lot in life.

11/2/2010 #18
scooby-doo's girl

Violet went to answer the ringing doorbell. Expecting to see Lucy and/or Schroeder, she was very surprised to find Charlie Brown and Marcie on her doorstep.

11/2/2010 #19
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown stood, paralyzed in fear. Violet was always one of the girls in his childhood who made his life miserable and took every opportunity to belittle. Unlike Lucy, who he at least managed to get used to; Charlie Brown still feared any reaction from Violet Gray.

"Um...Um...Um...I brought...soda?" Charlie Brown offered.

11/2/2010 #20
scooby-doo's girl

"Um thanks," Violet said still in shock, she took the soda almost mechanically and moved aside to let them in without really thinking about it.

11/2/2010 #21
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown whispered to Marcie, "This is going to be really awkward."

11/2/2010 #22
scooby-doo's girl

"Yes I think you're right." Marcie whispered back.

11/2/2010 #23
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown noticed his sister, next to Violet and said, "Um...told you I'd show up."

11/2/2010 #24

She smiled at her brother.

11/2/2010 #25
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown stood there awkwardly for a moment I'm crashing a party. I can't believe I am actually crashing a party. What do I do now? I'm so bad in these kinds of situations. Or any social situations.

" is ever-"

Charlie Brown though was interrupted by Shermy, who took that opportunity to place his arms around Sally's shoulders and give a quick peck on the cheek from behind. "How's everyone doing over here?" He asked, smiling of course.

11/2/2010 #26
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown rolled his eyes, Last thing I need to see is him getting all touchy-feely with my sister...

11/2/2010 #27
Ballz Mahoney

Looking to get out of any more awkward moments with Shermy, and the ever present fear that Violet would snap out of her shock and call him out, Charlie Brown whispered to Marcie, "You want to head over towards everybody else?"

11/2/2010 #28
scooby-doo's girl

Marcie, who looked fairly disgusted as well, nodded.

11/2/2010 #29
Ballz Mahoney

Charlie Brown approached the snack table where they both quickly greeted Franklin and Roy, who were discussing something. Pig-Pen took notice of them and walked over, with a bowl of pretzels in his arm.

"Charlie Brown! Long time no see man!"

Charlie Brown smiled, he wasn't ever that great of friends with Pig-Pen, but he was certainly easier to deal with than say Shermy. "Hey Pig-Pen, how's it going?"

Pig-Pen yawned, "Oh I can't complain. I've been really busy in the robotics club. We've been working on this pretty cool design for the regional "Robo-Fight-Off" that's going on in April. Hey, I'm assuming you picked up SC2 right?"

Charlie Brown sighed, "My computer can't run it."

Pig-Pen shrugged, "Oh well, hit me up when you get that fixed, my username's N0t0ri0usPIG."

Charlie Brown nodded, "Gotcha."

Pig-Pen then looked over to Marcie, "Oh crap, I didn't know you were going to be here too? The Ice Queen, Violet, must finally be melting if she invited you two. How's it going Marcie?"

11/2/2010 #30
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