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Mostly for Lucy and Schroeder, but on occasion we might have others.

11/3/2010 . Edited 9/4/2014 #1

Lucy leaned on the piano, rather bored. She was still wearing her blue and white cheer-leading bow, but had changed into the dark washed skinny jeans and white unbuttoned-buttondown in her navy tank she'd worn to school. She had a... Business proposition for Schroeder.

11/3/2010 #2
Anon Fishy-chan

Schroeder tried ignore her, like he always did. It was a bit more difficult to show how annoyed he was by her on occasions, because he couldn't pull a full-sized grand piano away from under her.

11/3/2010 #3

She walked over to the front of the piano, slamming her hand down on the keys effectively stopping his song. "You're taking me to Violet's party," She said, not asking, mearly stating the fact.

11/3/2010 #4
Anon Fishy-chan

"I have to practice my piano," he said as nonchalantly as possible. Just then, he realized that was an incredibly lame excuse.

11/3/2010 #5

"You'll practice tomorrow, you would anyways," She said simply. "Besides, You need to socialize."

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #6
Anon Fishy-chan

"Fine," Schroeder groaned. His parents probably wanted him to get out of the house and socialize more often, anyways.

11/3/2010 #7

She smiled triumphantly and moved of the piano, looping her arm through his in one smooth movement.

11/3/2010 #8
Anon Fishy-chan

Then, Schroeder reluctantly let her drag him out of his house.

11/4/2010 #9

((Moving these two to Vio's house.))

11/4/2010 #10
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