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Ballz Mahoney

I figure it might be a good idea to post short bios about the characters we are playing just so we can state any background stuff about them that may be useful for others to know.

12/13/2010 #1
Ballz Mahoney

Name: Charlie Brown

Age: 17

Education: Charlie Brown is in 12th grade. He is a decent student, not straight As, but good enough where he usually doesn't worry too much about grades.

Job: Charlie Brown works part time at a retail store, which he despises every minute of.

Interests: The Little Red Haired Girl, Baseball, video games, The Little Red Haired Girl, reading, tabletop games (ex: Dungeons and Dragons), The Little Red Haired Girl

Appearance: Overall Charlie Brown is rather average look, if a little bit overweight. His most distinct feature is his very round head and light blond hair, which at a distance makes him seem almost bald. Because he hasn't played baseball since middle school started he is somewhat out of shape. He tends to only shave every few days and therefore usually has some facial stubble, though he doesn't often let it grow out beyond that.

Personality: Charlie Brown is every bit neurotic as he was as a child. He thinks of himself as a loser who is undeserving of friends or compassion, therefore he often keeps his guard up when meeting new people. He has a tendency to complain about his problems, to the annoyance of those around him. On the more positive side, he is very polite and cares about his friends more than even he himself realizes. He tries to take a utilitarian approach to dealing with people, trying to go for what will be best for everybody else. This is undermined...or perhaps underscored by his extreme fear of confrontation. He does not like getting into arguments with people and is very easily walked over and taken advantage of. He does have a fairly strong sense of justice however, and while he may not go out of his way to stand up to behavior he deems unacceptable, he is very much bothered by it.

Romance: Charlie Brown cannot comprehend anybody else liking him, therefore he remains oblivious to anybody who may like them, instead writing instances of flirtation as being teased or perhaps simple pity. He has a long standing crush on Heather, the Little Red Haired Girl, which still goes unrequited. He had a brief fling with a girl he met at camp, Peggy Jean, which ended up with her ditching him unceremoniously for someone else. Beyond that he's never been in a relationship.

Background: After elementary school Charlie Brown entered middle school and was a frequent target for bullies, who were much worse to him than Violet or Lucy ever were. His lack of meeting new friends and many of his old friends going their own separate ways made him feel even more depressed to the point where his parents sent him to professional therapy. When high school came around he more or less was back to being able to function as he used to on a social level, but was still very withdrawn.

Relationships with other characters: As of now Charlie Brown's closest friends are Peppermint Patty and Marcie, who for whatever reason unknown to him, were adamant about sticking with him through everything. He views them as close friends, and is a bit confused on why they would stick around a loser like him. Recently he hasn't seen Peppermint Patty around as much due to her being busy. A few years back something happened that is as of now unknown that caused him and Linus to stop being best friends. As Sally grew older and more mature, the two of them have a somewhat stronger brother sister relationship than they used to, she's one of the few people he trusts talking to completely. He and Lucy still maintain their odd relationship of friendship and belittling. He has more or less gotten used to her brash personality. He's also good enough friends with Pig-Pen, Franklin, and Roy, who he shares similar nerdy interests with; although he still doesn't feel like he's part of their 'group'.

12/13/2010 #2
Ballz Mahoney

Name: Pig-Pen (Not his real name, though no one seems to know what it is)

Age: 17

Education: 12th grade, is pretty intelligent but doesn't apply himself.

Job: Works at his dad's mechanic shop.

Interests: Video Games, Table Top Games, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Programming, Mechanics, Food

Appearance: Pig-Pen is quite a bit overweight and is very dis shelved. He has messy black hair and a rather scruffy beard, due to his incredibly aversion to shaving. He usually has some manner of food stains on his clothing. Of course, almost magically, he has retained his impressive dust cloud.

Personality: Pig-Pen is insistent on not caring about how others perceive him. He has very eccentric tastes and actively pursues whatever odd thing he is currently interested in without regard to how others see him. He firmly believes in not paying heed in how others see you, and therefore can be brash in defiance of certain social norms which he often goes against to prove a point. He acts as an antithesis to Charlie Brown; who proactively denies people the ability to belittle him whereas Charlie Brown passively allows it. He's generally a friendly guy, though he does like pushing people's buttons in a relatively benign way. For his insistent and positive nature, deep down Pig-Pen can still be troubled about what people think of him whenever his cheerful facade of denial wears thin. These rare occurrences do not last long though and are very difficult to come by.

Romance: Pig-Pen is certainly attracted to many different girls such as Freida, Patty, or Sally and makes it known to their faces in a joking way. If he has any serious romantic feelings for anybody however remains to be seen.

Background: Upon entering middle school, Pig-Pen was of course assailed by bullies for his messy ways. Pig-Pen had prepared himself for this and through plenty of optimism, joking, and even some belittling on his own part he was able to not only discourage any would be critics from belittling him, but he even secured himself as a sort of leader figure for the school's geeks and nerds. Pig-Pen kept his outgoing nature throughout high school and became very involved in a variety of clubs such as the web design club and the robotics club as well as being the president of the Role Player's Guild. Despite his status as a nerd, he was able to make a lot of contacts throughout the school.

Relationships with other characters: Pig-Pen's best friends are Franklin and Roy. As best friends they tend to make fun of each other on a very frequent basis. He's also good friends with Marice, who he has a lot of contact in school thanks to the science club. He treats Peppermint Patty as one of the guys, even though he can't stand when she talks sports. He's friends with Charlie Brown, and tries his hardest to convince him not to take other people's criticisms so seriously. He has an odd relationship with Violet, which many in the school shouldn't be. However as the guy in charge of the school's website it forces him to be in contact with all walks of life in the school; and clearly someone as active as Violet is someone he'd have to meet with a lot. He enjoys grossing out and generally bugging her to no end. He also makes his attraction to certain girls like Frieda very known, considering them to be "total hotties".

12/14/2010 #3

Name: Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Richart

Age: 17

Education: 12th grade, fairly smart, but fails miserably at logic and falls asleep in class daily

Job: Baseball player

Interests: Baseball, food, ice skating, football, sports in general

Appearance: Tall and lanky, fairly slim. Auburn-ish hair, shoulder length, brown eyes, freckles. She claims to have a "big nose", but no one else really thinks so.

Personality: Peppermint Patty is a tomboy taken to the extreme, loves sports, and is generally a nice person. She can be a little nasty at times, but always means well. She's brilliant but lazy, and kind of awkward and weird. Patience is not her strong suit.

Romance: Peppermint Patty has occasionally shown attraction to Jose Peterson and Roy, but is in love with Charlie Brown. No one but her and Marcie know, though.

Background: After losing her mother as a little girl, Peppermint Patty became close friends with Roy, and remained so throughout elementary and middle school. Once she hit high school, she joined another baseball team, made a few enemies (Violet most of all), but is generally well-liked.

Relationships with other characters: Patty's best friends are Marcie and Charlie Brown, and she is also friends with Roy, Franklin, and Pig Pen, but not as close as she used to be. She's on good terms with Linus, Schroeder, Lucy and Sally (though she finds the latter two somewhat annoying). She doesn't like Frieda and Heather much, and is enemies with the other Patty and Violet. Her arch-nemesis of sorts is Thibaut.

12/25/2010 #4
Ballz Mahoney

Name: Shermy (Sherman Longley)

Age: 18

Education: 12th grade, gets by in school grade wise. Is going to an ivy league school thanks to sports and connections.

Job: Shermy has a trust fund that he gained control of on his 18th birthday. This in conjunction with his full scholarship means he doesn't need to work any time soon. He's busy enough as Quarterback/Captain of the Football team as well as Class President and Prom King Hopeful.

Interests:Sports (Football primarily, other sports such as baseball and hockey secondly), cars, local politics, networking

Appearance: Tall and strongly built without being overtly muscular. He sports a distinctive buzz cut and is normally very cleanly shaven. When not playing sports, he usually wears expensive, designer clothing and sunglasses.

Personality: Many people don't know Shermy personally, to them he's seem mostly as a symbol of school or community spirit with very little individual personality to speak of. Those who know him a little better may see a side to him that is overtly friendly and jovial; easily making acquaintances with people. In truth this is little more than a facade that masks and individual with no concern about his fellow man other than how they may benefit each other. He's more than willing to play different roles in order to get others to do what he wants. When people catch on to this though and call him on it, he gets very angry. He has a tendency to hold grudges for ridiculously long times.

Romance:Shermy has gotten with most of the girls that he's ever wanted. In the old days he was very close to Patty, though it is unknown if he has any feelings for her anymore.

Background: Shermy originally was the best friend of Charlie Brown and Patty back in kindergarten and he was successful in showing up Charlie Brown at everything (of course not a difficult thing to accomplish). One time as Charlie Brown was walking past him and Patty he remarked about how much he hated "Good Ole Charlie Brown". Nobody knows why but it seems that throughout their childhood Shermy never acted on those feelings. Instead he went off to do his own thing, separating himself from the increasingly weird crowd that seemed to sprout up with Charlie Brown. Around the time Peppermint Patty met Charlie Brown, Shermy had quit the baseball team, citing to Charlie Brown that a guy like him needed to win things once in a while. Subsequently Shermy seemed to fade away into obscurity; for all the things he was good at, he just seemed bland. Once he got into middle school though he began to work his way into becoming one of the school's sport's superstars and by the time he was in high school he was anything but obscure. He has used his popularity garnered from being the first captain to bring their school a winning season in 10 seasons to make many unique contacts and has scored a full scholarship at a prestigious ivy league school.

Relationships with other characters: Shermy is not very close to any of the other main characters. He surrounds himself other prominent members of school sports teams as well as the cheerleaders. Prior to the events of the RP he maintained occasional contact with Violet and Patty, his old friends from elementary school who were popular enough to stay in his radar. He also briefly began to date Charlie Brown's sister, Sally. Recent events however have alienated him from most of the main cast, thanks to his rude and even manipulative nature.

12/25/2010 #5

Name: Margaret Jean "Peggy Jean" Lodge

Age: 16-nearly-17

Education: In 12th grade. Fairly smart, gets good grades.

Job: Peggy Jean works part-time at a bookstore, but she seems to spend more time drawing than actually doing her job.

Interests: Cheerleading, art, swimming

Appearance: Average height and build for a girl her age. Light red hair, about shoulder length. Has a tendency to wear black headbands. Pale complexion. Blue eyes.

Personality: Sweet and slightly naive. Peggy Jean is friendly, and easy likable. She is a bit shy, though, so not a lot of people know much about her beyond that.

Romance: Was Charlie Brown's childhood sweetheart at camp, not to mention his first kiss. She had a boyfriend in middle school (breaking Charlie Brown's heart), but they broke up. She hasn't had a steady boyfriend since sophomore year, but has shown slight hints of being attracted to Charlie Brown again.

Background: Not much is known about Peggy Jean's background, other than the fact that she attended the same summer camp as Charlie Brown. They went to separate middle and elementary schools, but lived in the same town. She attends Charlie Brown's high school.

Relationships with other characters: Peggy Jean is somewhat friendly with Charlie Brown. Linus considers her to be a nice girl, and Sally thinks she's okay. Lucy likes her fine, and Frieda, Heather and Patty find it hard to dislike her. She doesn't like Violet and Shermy much, but isn't rude to them. She and Marcie are friends, due to Marcie being a regular at the bookshop that Peggy Jean works at.

12/26/2010 #6
Anon Fishy-chan

Name: Schroeder (if that is his first name or last name remains unknown)

Age: 17

Education: In 12th grade. Excels at music, but has average to poor grades in most other subjects.

Job: Schroeder has no steady job, and earns most of his money by winning piano competitions. Although he claims that he's playing his instrument for the art, he doesn't mind earning money.

Interests: Music, particularly classical (although he's becoming more open-minded to other types), Music History, Anything having to do with Beethoven.

Appearance: Fairly tall and thin. Thick blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Likes shirts that have horizonatal strips, or some music-related statment or image. Occasionally wears glasses (squinting at sheet music for so long has slightly impaired his vision).

Personality: Quiet and introverted, but easily annoyed and angered. He is snarky, and (surprisingly) does not have a bad sense of humour. Somewhat of an artistic person, this especially shows through his piano playing.

Romance: Unrequited love object of Lucy and Frieda. Although Schroeder finds Lucy more annoying, he knows her much better than Frieda, so he likes her a bit more. He has never been romantically involved with anyone, and seems to be uninterested in romance. Who he loves, or if he even is in love with anyone, remains unknown.

Background: Attended the same school as Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and etc. for all of his education. Despite his slightly odd personality, he has not been bullied much because any potential bully would be scared off by Lucy.

Relationships with other characters: Friends with Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang since he was young, and has been the love interest of Lucy and Frieda for just as long. He used to be the catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team, but eventually quit because he wanted to have more time to practice his piano (as if he doesn't practice enough already). Schroeder was good friends with Charlie Brown and Linus, as well as to a lesser extent, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Franklin, Sally and Pig-pen, until middle school. However, Schroeder eventually grew apart from all of them because of his slightly antisocial behaviour. He is visited often by Lucy, and less frequently by Frieda. He is fairly indifferent towards Shermy, Patty, and Violet. Schroeder currently hangs out with other "musically-oriented" students, but is not really good friends with any of them.

12/28/2010 #7
scooby-doo's girl

Name: The Little Red Haired Girl, AKA:TLRHG (or Heather if you're anyone but me.)

Age: 18

Education: 12th grade. Not really the smartest person in class, believing herself too popular to do much studying.

Job: She thinks she's too good to take a normal job and is waiting for someone to hand her a job at a big company.

Interests: Cheer leading, Parties, clothes, boys, makeup, shopping...

Appearance: Tall and slim with long auburn hair and green eyes. At school she usually wears her cheerleader outfit or lots of pink. At parties or dances she tends to dress more on the "Sexy" side.

Personality: Very nice towards her cronies and the other popular kids/cheerleaders but treats less popular kids like dirt, hates Charlie Brown for "Stalking" her.

Romance: Has dated all of the jocks and most of the other popular guys, went out with Shermy for a few months during her Junior year. Currently she has her eye on Linus. She is the object of Charlie Brown's longest standing crush, the feelings are totally unrequited.

Background: She has been in the same class as most of the gang since at least the third grade. and lives somewhere in the same neighborhood as Charlie Brown, he had to walk by her house to get to the elementary school.

Relationships with other characters: She gets along well with Peggy Jean, Shermy and most of the Jocks and Cheerleaders. She believed herself to be close with Violet and Patty but lately they've seemed rather annoyed by her. She tolerates Sally as a member of the cheer squad but dislikes her for being Charlie Brown's younger sister. She thinks Linus is hot, but won't go near any of his friends.

1/4/2011 #8
scooby-doo's girl

Name: Linus Van Pelt.

Age: 16

Education: 12th grade. Linus skipped a grade when he was little and went straight to the head of the class, the school considered moving him up a second grade but decided against it when they realized it would put him ahead of his older sister. He is one of the top three students in the school (the other two being Marcie and Franklin.)

Job: Linus works as a tutor at the Jr. High and his old Elementary School.

Interests: Reading, math, The Great Pumpkin, the occasional video game, religion.

Appearance: Tallish with dark hair and Blue eyes. He usually wears a red shirt with horizontal black stripes. He is considered hot by most of the female student population.

Personality: Linus is a very sweet guy, nice to everyone even the jerks, popular kids, and bullies, but he can be tough if the need arises. He his very protective of and loyal to his friends.

Romance: Linus has been the object of Sally Brown's affection since she was little more than a year old. When she was very young he wondered if she might go out with him someday but his feelings for her diminished over the years. He has dated a large number of girls since Jr. High. He appears to be falling back in love with Sally.

Background: He is the younger brother of Lucy Van Pelt and the older brother of Rerun. He is Charlie Brown's next door neighbor.

Relationship with other characters: Linus was Charlie Brown's best friend until something happened, and is Lucy and Rerun's brother. He gets along well with most of his old friends, and doesn't do too badly with Violet and Patty. He dislikes Shermy for the way he treated Sally.

1/4/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #9
scooby-doo's girl

Name: Violet Grey.

Age: 17

Education: 12th grade. Violet is pretty smart but not always a good student. She is very fond of foreign languages, though if anyone asks, she says she just likes being able to say things without them understanding.

Job: Violet is interning at her father's company Grey Enterprises as her entrance into the business world. She hopes to get a job where she isn't watched by her father every minute when her internship is over.

Interests: Cheerleading, reading, having parties (not inviting people), shopping, bragging, Etiquette, foreign languages, and hanging out with Patty.

Appearance: Tall and slim with black hair and dark eyes. She is considered to be one of the prettier girls in her class.

Personality: Violet spent most of her childhood bragging to her friends and purposely not inviting them to parties. Lately she has been noticing that she is mostly surrounded by fake friends and that her only remaining real friend is Patty. As such Violet is trying to change her ways and be more of a good friend, although she will occasionally slip back into her old self.

Romance: Violet had a big crush on Shermy for years, they went out briefly during their Freshmen year. She has dated a number of the jocks, but to her surprise has lately been harboring secret feelings for Pigpen.

Background: Violet has been Patty's best friend since the day they met, lives next door to Schroeder, and has known several of the main cast for nearly her whole life.

Relationship with other characters: Violet is Patty's best friend, and usually gets along well with Shermy and the other popular kids (sometimes they do get on her nerves however.) Violet has been trying to mend her relationships with her former friends and would like to be accepted by them again.

1/5/2011 #10

Name: Thibault (No one knows if this is his first name or last name-- there's a joke saying that even he's forgotten.)

Age: 17

Education: 12th grade. He's competent, but does terribly in school. (Probably because he constantly skips class.)

Job: Thibault has no steady job but is occasionally hired to do some heavy lifting-- or be a "hitman" of sorts, beating people up for money.

Interests: Beating people up, being nasty, etc.

Appearance: Short (shorter than Marcie, even), dark eyes, messy brown hair, usually has a few bruises or cuts.

Personality: He's a generally nasty person, enjoying pushing people around, especially Marcie and Charlie Brown. He never does things because it's the right thing to do-- Thibault will only do something if it benefits him. He is a racist and a sexist.

Romance: No one really likes him, as a friend or otherwise (except for maybe Shermy), so he has little-to-no romantic background.

Background: He lives on Peppermint Patty's side of town, used to play for her baseball team (before she kicked him out, that is), and has gone to the same school as her all his life.

Relationship with other characters: Thibault has no real friends, save Shermy, but that's kind of debatable when you think about it. They have an alliance together. His worst enemies are Peppermint Patty, and Marcie after a particularly nasty encounter in the fourth grade.

1/16/2011 #11

Name: Snoopy

Age: 13(in human years)

Education: Nobody knows...

Job: As part of his delightful eccentricity, he can be anybody - a World Famous Author, Joe Cool the college student, Head Beagle of the Beagle scouts, the World War I Flying Ace... you name it, he can be it.

Interests: Takes delight in his imitations and personalities(see 'Job') but also likes sleeping on the roof of his doghouse and relaxing by laying his head down in a water bowl(seriously, he's done that)

Appearance: He's a Beagle dog, A fairly big, ovalish head with a big round nose. A regular dog body.

Personality: Very eccentric and crazy. His joy in life is being happy.

Romance: Used to be in love but his girlfriend broke up with him.

Background: Born at the Daisy Hill Puppy farm, given to Charlie Brown when he was a baby pup.

Relationships with other characters: Snoopy has a very strange up-and-down relationship with the others. He can be very annoying when he wants to be, but he can also make people laugh with his wild and wacky imitations, and he even helps out sometimes. Has a bird friend called Woodstock, originally his secretary.

2/11/2012 #12

Name: Woodstock

Age: Nobody knows.

Education: He gets all of his knowledge from Snoopy.

Job: Originally Snoopy's secretary. They don't like to talk about it now.

Interests: Hanging out with Snoopy, helping him out, etc.

Appearance: A little yellow bird with spiky feathers on his head.

Personality: Nobody's bothered to find out.

Romance: Not in love with anybody at the moment, although he does have his eyes on Snoopy's sister Belle.

Background: Basically just a regular bird until he met Snoopy.

Relationships with other characters: Snoopy's lackey and best friend. Doesn't care much about the others, only if Snoopy does.

2/11/2012 #13
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