The Brotherhood: Bonds in Blood
RP as a Assassin, Templar, Merc, Thieve or anything here! It is set in Modern days, Renaissance Italy and of course the Crusades.
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Alright here is where you post your characters. I will only except a CERTIN AMOUNT of Assassins so first come first serve.

Just make sure you follow this example





Affiliation: (Assassin, Templar, Merc, Civilian, Doctor, Thieve maybe even a Merchant.)

Time period





Name: Angus Horrigan

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Race: Scottish

Affiliation: None. He will work for any side as long as he has some fun for he never really cares about money.

Time Period: Renaissance

Appearance: Angus is extremely tall standing about 6'4" making him stick out in a corwd easily. However that wouldnt help someone trying to get him as almost 90% of his body is muscle making him almost a giant in appearance. Usually he wears a outfit made of various hides giving him a barbaric look. Under that so he isn't unprotected he wears chain-mail. The last of his features are his hair that is very long and unkempt and he has dark green eyes.

Personality: To most people at first glance he is labeled a blood thirsty monster. That is true only if you make him angry. Most of the time he is surprisingly light hearted and will crack a joke in the heat of combat. Sometimes he will taunt his enemy and laugh as they get mad with rage. Rarely is he serious and to people he knows he is rarely taken seriously.

Bio: Born and raised in Scotland for most of his life he eventually grew bored of his life there so first things first is he joined a group of warriors and fought until he turned 18 when then he decided once again that he was bored with that so he decided to travel to Italy and do some jobs there. After a while he decided that he liked the place and to stay for a while. Though he still doesn't exactly fit in there and most likely never will he got used to it.

Skills: Well if you cant guess by his looks his strenght is in close range weapons and hand to hand combat beeing able to lift to men and bash them together. However you give him a spear and he can throw it a incredible distant and still hit. That very much differs with a bow because he cant hit someine three feet away with one.

Weapons: A large claymore about 4 and a half feet in length made perfectly to severe people in half. Other than that he has a spear a small dirk with his family's crest on it, and a war spike (Big hammer with a spike.)

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Triumphant Valkyrie

Name- Andrea Auditore da Mahid


Sex- Girl

Race- Arabic with a hint of italian

Job- Assassin!

Time Period- Crusade

Appearance- Chocolate brown hair, bright blue eyes, 5'9, slim strong build.

Personality- Cold but kind when you get to know her, smart and witty and always straight forward

Weapons- sword, throwing knives, hidden blade.

Bio- Little is known about her but she was born on Feb. 4th in Masayaf. She trained and devoted her life to the Brotherhood. She knows Altair and sometimes works with him.

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Approved. And now I need to make a crusades character!!!!

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Triumphant Valkyrie
=D RP! Pwease?
9/26/2010 #4

What?? I need to make a character first.

9/26/2010 #5
Triumphant Valkyrie
I know that, just saying when you are done with your charrie, RP.....
9/26/2010 #6

Alright alright!! Now we need to get Frank over here!

9/26/2010 #7
Triumphant Valkyrie
Go get Frank then!
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aww cant you do it??? Your better at talking to her.

9/26/2010 #9
Triumphant Valkyrie
I just did.....
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The Fourth In Line

Name: Kya Della

Age- 16

Sex- Female

Race/Ethnicity- English/Italian

Affiliation: Assassin, kind of. She'll do what she feels like doing.

Time period: Umm, Renaissance? Maybe? I dunno, I suck at history....

Appearence- Light brown hair that stops at her shoulders and dark red eyes, she looks around 12 years old

Personality- Childish to the exteme, but along with the innocence of the child comes the cruelty of one. She always wants to get her way, and won't care what she has to do to be happy. Not bloodthirsty. Simply wanting to reach her goals as quikly as possible.

Weapons- A hunting knife and a bow and arrow. She tends to kill with poison and other simple methods.

Bio- Kya was born and put into an orphanage, a really screwed up orphanage where kids were beaten when they failed tests in the school there and forced to be "perfect" children. She wasn't adopted, as many kids there weren't either, since most usually died.

Skills- Extremely dexterous, and dangerous. But she can also be charasmatic and friendly, if she likes you.

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #11

Yay Approved!! Just to let you know we will start in Venice for the Renaissance.

9/26/2010 #12

Name Sir Alexander Horrigan the 2nd

Age 27

Sex Male

Race/Ethnicity Scottish

Affiliation: A Templar!!!!!!

Time period Crusades

Appearence He is a muscular man at about 6'2" with some rugged features such as a unshaven face and long unkept hair. He has eyes that change from dark blue to a dull green colors. And finally what he usually wears is a long black tunic with a white cross on the middle of it. Under that he wears chainmail while above it he wears a golden cross necklace.

Personality A rather serious man during most situations such as a battle but he softens up to a nice person during free time just relaxing and such.

Weapons a very pristine longsword that he prays to (stabbs it into the ground and it resembles a cross) as well as a black shield with a white cross on it.

Bio He was born in Scotland where he helped fight along side the legendary William Wallace for its freedome for a short time before joining the crusades. he doesnt believe that the crusades are the correct way to solve taking back the 'holy lands' but he still is there to fight as most tohers believe by gods will.

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Triumphant Valkyrie
Name- Andrea Auditore da Florena Age- 24 Sex- Girl Race- Italian Job- Assassin! Time Period- Renassiance Appearance- Chocolate brownish hair with bright blue eyes, 5'8. Personality- Out-going, kind and sweet but get on her bad side and she'll kick your ass. Weapons- throwing knives, hidden blade, bow and arrow. Bio- Little is known about her but she is pure Italian and loves her job. She has devoted her life to being a assassin. She was born on Feb. 10th in Florence.
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The Fourth In Line

Name: Ariel Marie Dawson

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: English

Affiliation: Thief

Time period: Crusades

Appearance: Dark black hair pulled into a ponytail and emerald green eyes, around 5'7 in height and 98 pounds in weight

Personality: Ariel is well, unpredictable. She could be nice, sullen, caring, murderous, all depending on her mood.

Weapons: An array of daggers and many other small weapons, she keeps her profession a secret.

Bio: Ariel was born and raised in luxury, but she's not spoiled. She ran away from home once she was good enough at being a theif to survive on her own, she's one of the best.

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Name: Remo Raniero

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: Italian

Affiliation: Assassin/Thief. (Basically a Merc)

Time period: Renicancce Period

Appearance: Dark Brown hair, 6'' 0', Average build, he wears Black Assassin Cloak, with a Dark Red Cape, hood up most of the time. He has Grayish eyes, and a few scars.

Personality: A dark, quiet person who most of the time, STAYS quiet, unless he can trust the person. Also, he is very sneaky, and acts surreptitiously.

Weapons: Dual Hidden Blades, Basic Sward, and Throwing knives.

Bio: Remo was born in Italy and has a strong Italian ancestry. After he grew up and received Assassin training, he moved away, doing jobs to kill anyone, he soon learned the art of thievery and soon became a Thief for hire. Currently, he is roaming the area of Italy. (Or wherever the RP takes place.)

9/29/2010 #18

Approved!!! And right now were in Venice.

9/29/2010 #19

Okay, I'll be postin' in a moment.

9/29/2010 #20

Okay just to let you know Angus is about to fight with a random templar and Kya is with him at the moment. Then I dont really know where Andrea's characters are.

9/29/2010 #21

Remo shall be stalking them.

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Triumphant Valkyrie
Hi, well my charrie and Ezio (someone else please control him! It's silly to let a Altair AND Ezio fangirl have COMPLETE control of them, i'll keep Altair though.....) are walking around some open area.....
9/29/2010 #23

I cant. I HATE both of them.

9/29/2010 #24

I would, but it would be an ACT OF GOD if I keep them in character.

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Triumphant Valkyrie
*In shock* WHAT DID YOU SAY ARMY!?!?! *Takes out chainsaw* You HATE Altair and Ezio!? TEMPLAR!!! *Attacks* Never saw that to a fangirl or they'll kick your ass.....
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I. Hate. Altiar. And. Ezio. But I love Ezio's uncle he was awesome.

9/29/2010 #27
Triumphant Valkyrie
Mario?! But you hate Altair and Ezio, wtf?
9/29/2010 #28

Yep pretty much. I have better people then them in levels of humour/bad-assness. I can name them if you want.

9/29/2010 #29
Triumphant Valkyrie
Then go on. Name them, Mr. Templars are cool and Assassins suck.....
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