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I'm wondering if anyone else has problems with spacing between words when they're working on their stories. I'm not talking about lazy-thumb-syndrome, where you think your thumb hits the spacebar but it either doesn't or doesn't hit it hard enough, nor do I mean hyper-thumb where your thumb hits the spacebar too soon and you wind up wit hword ssplit up into strange new configurations. I mean, have you gotten your stuff written out and/or edited (in the Document Manager on the site), done the spell-check, ferreted out all the typos, had all the spaces in the right places, then click save because you either have to break down and go to work or you're falling asleep at the keyboard...and the next time you go to edit that same chapter there are missing spaces (usually between a word that is in italics or underlined and the next word in the sentence)? I've lost count of the number of times I've had to go back through something and re-insert spaces that I know were there before, not to mention posting chapters that have passed several spell-checks and have had all their spaces in place only to have to go back and re-post when I discover that spaces have vanished somewhere into the cosmos. So is this happening to anyone else or what? I even had to go back and fix this post after previewing it because the space between 'know' and 'were' a couple sentences back evaporated. I don't claim to be a great typist and readily admit that many glitches in my stuff are my fault, but the space thing is just freaky—though it doesn't happen in every place that there is underlining and/or italics, if there's a missing space that's almost always where it disappears from. Anybody know what gives?

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