eveything seems dead with this movie but it's so awsome so here is the place to rp all my others have died so please come on and keep my company PLEASE
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just say who you want be from the movie and heres the format for oc's

Name :


Merlinian or Morgainian :

Source of power:

HIstory :

Relation or how they meet one of the cannons:

9/29/2010 #1
Dark Horse Writer

Name: Eliza Kennings

Age: 25 years old (born in 1985)


Source of Power: plasma bolts and transformation (strong suites), or family love and fierce protection for what she believes in

History: Originally from Boston, but in the year 1992 Eliza Kennings family moved to New York City. In Boston, she was already inducted as Merlinian because of her father, Steve Kennings, but they moved from Boston to New York City for safety considering a Boston Morganian killed Eliza's father. She still had her Incantus and focusing ring her father gave her, and her mother (not a sorceress) fleed them to a place where they might have some haven. Considering Steve Kennings knew that a certain Merlinian was in the area. Eliza's mother Beatrice knew that her husband would want her daughter to continue her "special studies," but she was not sure where to find this certain Merlinian her husband talked about. Because nothing is ever a coincidence it was one day that Eliza was with her second grade class, her homework flew out of her backpack and she ran after it, bringing her evetually to "Arcana Cabana" where she meets Balthazar Blake. At the time, she knew about magic and when he offered her the ring she told her she already had one, he furrowed his eyes and she showed her. She told him the story of her father, that she used to live in Boston, and that he must of been the certain Merlinian he had been talking about. Because of the predicament he was in and she was in as well, he decided to at least help her finish her training, while hoping that she could help him and she did not mind at all. It was in 2000, when she was 15 that one day she was going to Balthazar for a training day and saw that he had gotten himself stuck in the urn. She knew that he must have found the Prime Merlinian, and that there was a burnt piece of paper on the floor that said "David Stutler" it was from that day on that she would keep an eye on one David Stutler, going to get a degree in pschology to be employed as a therapist at the local schools, and by the year 2008 she ended being a college counselor and helped one David Stutler make the decision to go to NYU, instead of intending Stanford, where he originally wanted to go. After the whole ordeal with Morgana, she ended meeting up with Balthazar again, and due to independant studying (and a little training) he graduated her and now she still works at the school as a counselor by day, and a sorcereress by night.

Relation to Canons: Friend, College Counselor of Dave's (through him for a shock when he discovered she was a sorceress as well)

9/30/2010 #2

cool accepted you want any cannons

9/30/2010 #3
Dark Horse Writer

Umm, I am kind of new to roleplaying, by wanting any cannons do you mean interacting with the characters, if so Balthazar Blake, Dave, Veronica, and Becky would be my choices.

9/30/2010 #4

cannons are characters from the movie who you roleplay as

9/30/2010 #5
Dark Horse Writer

Okay in that case Balthazar Blake and Dave Stutler...if two is okay

9/30/2010 #6

Name :Brisingr (fire)


Merlinian or Morgainian :Merlinian

Source of power:A burn on her hand

HIstory : Brisingr was once a young girl in the 1800's her family died in a car crash just outside Baltzahr's shop . Brisingr barley survived Baltzahr pulled her from the rubble and when he went to touch her was sent flying back by a powerful shockwave. When he came to Brisingr was by his side looking after him. He knew he was her only hope he asked her if she knew magic she told him yes a little the reason being she was what was know as the dragon queen a human that was half dragon and call on them when needed . Baltzahr had adopted her as his daughter and they became a family until one day when a morganian took her from him , he thought she was dead then in 2000 he got a phone call from a girl aged 400 he recognized her voice knowing it was Brisingr he then met Dave and you know the rest Brisingr tracked him down and now she is back with him making sure that she never leaves him again

Relation or how they meet one of the cannons:Baltzahr Blake's adopted daughter and soon to be a very close friend to Dave

9/30/2010 #7

(awsome sure you can see what you think of my oc )

9/30/2010 #8
Dark Horse Writer

I like her :-)

9/30/2010 #9


9/30/2010 #10

Hi there! This looks like fun. Would you mind if I took up Abigail Williams? I can come up with a character profile for her, if you like. Also, a question: when is this set? Immediately post-movie?

I'm willing to play any other canon characters required, but I don't want to take up anyone someone else wants. ;)

10/1/2010 #11

sure thats awsome and this is set about a month after

10/1/2010 #12

Yay! I'll do a profile later. She'll be loosely based off my interpretation of her in my fanfic.

10/2/2010 #13


10/2/2010 #14

Name: Andrew "Andy" Jonson

Age: 17

Merlinian or Morganian: Morganian

Looks: He has unnaturally pale skin that looks like paper, very light blue eyes, and even lighter blond hair that is shaved into a Mohawk. He usually sticks with pastel tones, since dark colors just show how tan he isn't. He's very skinny and about 6'1 and still growing. He always wears a white choker.

History: Even though he is mean, he had a wonderful childhood. He was raised in Pennsylvania, in a large house with a white picket fence. He had a dog, a brother whom he bickered with, but never hated, and two loving supporting parents. So no angst – he was born mean. And that was shown when they moved to New York and he became the middle-school bully in a matter of days. He just got even meaner as he grew and his family is still oblivious. Before Horvath disappeared he was Andy's mentor/master, who beleived in harsh punishment, so that he would learn faster. He is a some-what good sorcerer, though prefers modern weapons (guns, knives, machetes, etc.)

His family is magic, though it skips a generation. His grandmother has it, his great-great grandfather had it and so does Andy. The family is very loyal to Morgania, or at least the Sorcerers are. The rest of his family is clueless, except for his sorcerer brother. To make up for the lack of magic running through his veins, he has very keen senses and pronounced canines. Unfortunately, he reacts very badly to places with a massive supply of blood, like a war or even a fight. When he's in that mode, he is all-kill and gets much, much more powerful than the average sorcerer can even imagine, and it leaves him very de-energized. He can sense diffrent things in the blood, like if they have been drinking, doing drugs, or their blood type. His only good friend is his brother, Derek, whom he usually hangs out with.

He often hangs out at a 'bar' known as the 'Magick Wonders', which his brother is the manager of, which is why he is allowed in, along with many other under-age people. It's an all-sorcerer place (and sorceress) which is where he picks up most of his dates. He's surprisingly a ladies-man. Or a gentlemens-man. Thats where he also gets in many fights, so people have a bit of respect for him there. It's a very open place, and if you talk mean about gays, lesbians, or anything of those sorts, you will be 'escorted' out by the very-strong/skilled bouncer. It's only for Morganians - there are no tricks to get in otherwise, so no use in trying.

He's still in high school, but he skips nearly every day. He's failing in all subjects, but what he lacks in book smarts, he makes up for it in street-smarts. He knows many people, from gangs to libarians, who treat him like a little brother. He can pretend to be interested and nice for a little while, but most long-lasting relayshonships aren't going to happen. When he grows up he wants to either do something like the Army (where you can kill people without getting in trouble) or being a paid killer, like a hit-man.

Source of power: A string ankle bracelet, with many different skulls on it that indicate how many people he's killed, usually hidden under his pants. So far he has 4 strings full of skulls, about 15-19 on each string. Each skull is slightly diffrent.

Personality: He is meaner, and meaner but actually does have a very small 'heart of gold' underneath. He has a permanent scowl, and loves insulting people. He always messes with people and usually gets what he wants. He's rough and tough. He's a little sexist, and always gives nick-names. He loves weapons and pain. Many people think he's pyschotic, which he is, but has never been tested. He is nosy, a smart-alec, and doesn't care. He actually does like people, and can form relashonships. He isn't openly gay, but he doesn't care if he likes a boy or girl. He hates people that hates gays, which is why he has so many skulls. He only cares for his brother. He's very charasmatic.

(Sorry I used this format, but I was to lazy to redo it.)

10/25/2010 #15


10/27/2010 #16
Lobo Argost

Name: Ling Osoreida

Age: 900

Affiliation: Morganian

Power Source: Jewel studded dragon ring

History: Born in the Fuedal Era of Japan, Ling used his magic to supplant his skills as a shinobi, in part helping to give rise to the belief of Shinobi having supernatural powers. In the modern era, he distanced himself from his fellow Morganians, prefering that others leave him to his own devices, particularly Balthazar and Horvath.

How he knows canons: He had some encounters with Balthazar, managing to avoid imprisonment in the Grimhold, and at the same time, was quite glad to hear that Horvath wasn't so fortunate.

1/7/2011 #17

Hi there, I'm new to roleplaying forums but, here it goes... Since I've noticed that no one else had taken him, I'll take up his cane...He's my fave character, see. I'll be taking...Maxim Horvath...

1/10/2011 #18

sure go for it and your all accepted

ps I should say that Maxim Horvath has a huge soft spot for his niece Brisingr

1/30/2011 #19
The Curious Kills

Name : Kayashima Taiki (萱島 大樹)

Age: 19

Merlinian or Morgainian : Neither yet

Source of power: A polished stone bracelet his mother owned.

History : Kayashima grew up as an only child of his parents, who died in a car accident when he was eight years old. Kayashima, the only survivor, has since then had the power to see ghosts and sense people's mental auras. He was raised by his grandparents, and later enrolled in Osaka High School, a lonely, quiet boy who didn't talk much. There he met Nakatsu Shuichi, an active, soccer-enthused upstart who became Kayashima's roommate. Shuichi and Taiki became close friends, Nakatsu defending Kayashima and helping him become less introverted, and Kayashima supporting Nakatsu and comforting him when his grandmother died. Upon graduation, Kayashima at first went back to his grandparents, but after a year decided to enroll in a college. He received a number of scholarships due to his ability to read his teachers' thoughts, and eventually managed to get into the New York Metropolitan.

Relation or how they meet one of the cannons: Kayashima takes a class with Becky Barnes, and knows all about the recent battle with Morgana, although he hasn't let on about it.

NOTE: I can only post every other day of the week.

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #20


2/17/2011 #21
The Curious Kills

Arigatou gozaimasu ^^

2/22/2011 #22
Fandomstuck Queen

Here's my oc

Name: Krystal Van Husen know

Age: 24

Side: Merlinlian

Source of power: A woven leather bracelet her mother had given her

History: Krystal lived in Boston her whole and was always curious on why she kept doing sorcery but whenever she asked her parents were quiet on that. about the time she was 15 her mother told her about being a direct desendent of Merlin and her being a sorceress.

relationship to canon: Goes to the same as the main character. Desendant of Merlin and quite shocked to find out that she is a sorcress.

3/17/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #23


3/21/2011 #24
God Damnit Moon Moon

Name : Cheri Channel

Age: 120 years old, but seems to be in her early 30's.

Merlinian or Morgainian : while she is techniqually a Morgainian she is much more passive in her belifes. Shes doesnt see why wizards should kill each other, hopefully theyll out breed reguarl humans who will simply die out. Its only takes time.

Source of power: Her main source of power is an delicate silvir watch on her left wrist. She does however have an ring that she uses as a decoy channel.

HIstory : A sorcerss from France, she used her magic to makes her self and those she liked comfortable. She left along with many other wizards during the early years of World War II and set up a small community in NY. She sells many enchanted items under the guise of a boutique.

Relation or how they meet one of the cannons: A realativly well known fulent enchanter with in the wizarding community shes crossed pathes with most established wizards at least once.

3/27/2011 #25

wow cool accepted

3/27/2011 #26

Is dave taken?

4/26/2011 #27

Hi, Dave was being roleplayed as but you can have him if you want

4/28/2011 #28

Yea thank you :)

4/28/2011 #29

no problem

4/28/2011 #30
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