eveything seems dead with this movie but it's so awsome so here is the place to rp all my others have died so please come on and keep my company PLEASE
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roleplay here once you sign up

9/30/2010 #1

(ok I'll start)

it was dawn and Brisingr was already awake she yawned as she made herself a hot cocca she sneezed and ice formed on her palm "dam I hate winter"she muttered

10/2/2010 #2
Dark Horse Writer

Eliza was not looking forward to today. She had to tell at least sixteen different students that the possibility that they could go to Harvard was close to zero, considering even though they had good grades, they were most likely not going to get in. She unplugged the charger from her Iphone and saw at least a dozen texts from friends and collegues and one text from Dave. Great, Balthazar would need her today. This day was going to be perfect.

10/2/2010 #3

Brisingr walked to Daves lab sneezing all the way Cyril whom was invisible all except sorcerers laughed "shut up" she groaned

10/2/2010 #4
Dark Horse Writer

Eliza ate a quick breakfast of a banana and a banana nut muffin with some Starbuck's coffee. Two blocks away was the school she worked at now, on the way she could see some morning joggers. She went up to the building when she got another text from Dave, apparently she was needed right now. Her boss was going to love this, and she didn't want to make one of her students sad.

10/3/2010 #5

Brisingr and Cyril walked into dave's lab "dad you here?" she asked looking for Baltzahr

10/3/2010 #6
Dark Horse Writer

Thinking how in the world she got out of her morning appoitments with her students, it must have been luck, nah she didn't believe in it. Eliza took the subway to head towards the subway turnaround station that was Dave's lab and dubbed "sorcerer's lair". Dave had no classes today, who knew what the day would bring.

10/3/2010 #7

Brisingr cracked up when cyril hiccuped sending books flying everywhere

10/3/2010 #8
Dark Horse Writer

"Seriously you dragged me here, knowing full well I have a job to do, so you could take Veronica out? Un-be-lievable!" Eliza was starring her rampage when Balthazar quirked his eyebrows,

"You owe me for what happened in 1999 before New Years day," Eliza sighed as she saw Veronica and Balthazar left the lair. Dave looked on, and Eliza replied,

"He saved my butt from my not-so annoying boyfriend Max," She instructed Dave to a certain page in the Incantus. To add, her Starbucks was cold.

10/3/2010 #9

Brisingr walked over

"dad hasn't had much fun in his life he deserves it "

10/3/2010 #10
Dark Horse Writer

Eliza looked at Balthazar's adopted daughter that she had met on a few occasions and said,

"Yeah you are right," Eliza sips her cold coffee in silence.

"You know maybe today I could play hookie from work, I am sure Sharon could fill in for me today. I mean she is already filling in for me anyways," Dave looks at the two of them as he stands in the Merlin circle practing a certain spell.

10/3/2010 #11

Brisingr smiled

Cyril hiccuped again and groaned

"to bad Baltzahr Blake did not teach you anything to get rid of hicups "

10/3/2010 #12
Dark Horse Writer

Eliza looked at the hiccuping girl and said, "Why don't you have a glass of water, or..."

Eliza stopped.


10/8/2010 #13

Cyril fell backwards and coughed up a scroll

Brisingr picked it up

"what the ....*mummurs* oh god...GUYS COME QUICK"

10/8/2010 #14

(sadly I have to go going shopping again ARGHH be back in about 4 hours sry DX)

10/8/2010 #15
Felix Forsythe


10/8/2010 #16


10/8/2010 #17
Felix Forsythe

(sorry, i just got the heads up that I can't actually do anything with my phone overseas and on the internet. I'm sorry)

10/9/2010 #18

(its ok)

10/9/2010 #19
Felix Forsythe

(so all that anxiousness about it kinda just faded?)

10/9/2010 #20


10/9/2010 #21
Felix Forsythe

(you weren't really that excited about it were you)

10/9/2010 #22

(of course I was)

10/9/2010 #23
Felix Forsythe

(well you seemed to get over that pretty fast)

10/9/2010 #24

(I'm use to bad luck .....)

10/9/2010 #25
Felix Forsythe

(i'm sorry)

10/9/2010 #26

(its ok)

10/9/2010 #27
Felix Forsythe

(this is so hard...)

10/9/2010 #28

Unfolding the small piece of paper in his hands, Maxim Horvath quirked up a brow as he read its contents. It contained a few information about a particular Merlinian quite close to Balthazar and the others. A new found ally, as he had put it. Good. At least he was aware. It would be useful for his revenge.

Glancing around the streets, he sighed and turned on his heel.

There was a particular place he needed to go to, although he really didn't want to go there...

1/10/2011 #29
Lobo Argost

(To move it along, let's say he needs to see my OC.)

Ling sat in his antique shop meditating, not even opening an eye as the bell above the door rang as it opened. Welcome to Ling Osoreida's antiques. We carry a fine selection. Just remember, break it, you buy it and all that jazz," he said, still not opening his eyes.

1/10/2011 #30
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