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A place to talk about pairings in Avengers comic books.

Who is your most/least favorite couple? Why? And who do you think must be together?

10/10/2010 #1
Captain Deadpool
When it comes to pairing, with me no couple is sacred. Generally I prefer couples that are a little out there, so how about Spider-Man and Black Widow? That's a real interesting combo.
10/10/2010 #2

In fact, I've read the story based on Ultimate Marvel universe, with hints of Spider-Man/Black Widow (though Peter Parker was different in this story; when he was bitten, Peter was a scientist for SHIELD).

10/11/2010 #3

First, I would like to thank Kairan1979, that someone has finally posted a forum in the Avengers section.

Some of my favorite couples from the Avengers were as follows;

Black Widow/Hawkeye (Classic)

Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch (Read House of M, can you not say there's something going on?)

Yellow Jacket/Firebird (read Early West Coast Avengers for info on this, although I think that it was more plutonic than anything else.

Some couples I would like to see are:

Sersi/Hercules (Before I get flamed for this, let me just say that it does work in a sick and twisted way. Who's to say they haven't met before?)

Tigra/Spider-man (Again, twisted, but, if you really think about it, it can work)

Scarlet Witch/Spider-man (Another twisted one, but I think that this would work, especially if written correctly.)

10/14/2010 #4

I agree with Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. There is definitely something there. On the subject of House of M, I think Quicksilver and Storm are a good match.

11/9/2010 #5

What do you think about Captain America/Jessica Jones (if she wasn't the wife of Luke Cage)?

11/9/2010 #6

I think it could work, but I'm not a fan of the pairing.

11/9/2010 #7
Winter's Warrior

Hello I'm new here I don't read the Avengers comics and haven't read them but I have seen some of the cartoons out there so I do know a little bit about them. I would defintely have to say that my fav pairings are:

Captain America/Black Widow

Scarlet Witch/Vision

Also I was kind of wandering this because I've done this in the past and no one has ever joined but me, myself and I so would anyone want an Avengers RolePlay? Ever?

11/13/2010 #8

I know I would.

11/13/2010 #9
Winter's Warrior

Cool I'll make it then just don't actually kill me with a clownwithachainsaw please. Ok the forum is up but I have to wait a little bit to make another topic.

11/14/2010 . Edited 11/14/2010 #10

What about a pairing between Captain America and Arachne? I think that would work out well.

11/15/2010 #11
Winter's Warrior

Oh...well like I said I've only watched the cartoons on TV and one movie cartoon and that's really it although my dad did tell me a little bit about them.

11/15/2010 . Edited 11/17/2010 #12

I would like to see Spiderman/Ms Marvel

Tony/a real relationship where he falls in love and all that Spiderman/Jessica Jones (she did say she had a crush on him in highschool and him being Peter Parker not spiderman aaa coma girl)

I also would like to read at least once Spiderman/Jean (just cuz of the picture you n*** line)

Also in Ultimate spiderman Spiderman and Janet

their is more I just can't think of them lol

11/21/2010 #13

To be honest, I just can't imagine Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel, or Spider-Man and Jean Grey together. And the fact that Carol admitted having feelings for him is just an attempt to give Spider-Man a new love interest, not really based on their histories (OK, Spider-Man has a thing for blondes, but that's all, I think).

11/27/2010 #14

Yea the Jean thing was less of a thing I realy want to see just thought it would be cool cuz of what she said in ultimate marvel their the "First person not to picture me n*** oh never mind." and I want to see Spider-man date a super hero instead of a normal girl it would be an interesting twist

11/27/2010 #15

No, it wouldn't. It would be mainstreaming. Spider-man is one of the few heroes who has a love interest outside of the superhero world. The only other I know of in Marvel is the Thing with Alicia Masters. This is really unrealistic compared to the number of police officers or FBI agents who date within their ranks in real life. Having an unpowered love interest is very good because it creates tension a la 'I don't want to put my loved ones in danger', it shows what happens when real people are in danger instead of superheroes (like when MJ and Aunt May beat up villains like Chameleon, Swarm, Manwolf, etc...) and it is usually very romantic. Spider-man dating a hero would be an interesting twist in the same way that Superman dating Wonder Woman would be an interesting twist. After, of course, selling his marriage with Lois to Neron. Unless you're one of those people who don't like MJ, in which case imagine Superman had never married Lois.

Still, Ultimate Spider-man could have a chance with Ultimate Jean, I think. Not Ms. Marvel though. Marvel is ex-military, and Spider-man is an open can of quippage. They would get on each other's nerves really, really fast. On another note, I think the Phantom Reporter would be a good match for She-Hulk.

11/27/2010 #16

The Mis Marvel one was not ultimate and I only saying cuz well a big thing in the spider man world has been his love ones getting hurt always them getting kidnapped I can just think of some interesting story lines were Spider-man is the one worried about he person getting hurt cuz he has always had to take care of his loved ones.

Like if I didn't love Gwen so much I would want Ultimate Spider to still be with Kitty and I have never been a fan of MJ

11/27/2010 #17

1. Spider-Man is not the only one famous hero with non-hero love interest. There is Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (turning Pepper into "Rescue" was a bad idea), Bruce Banner/Hulk and Betty Ross (until they screwed up Betty, turning her into Red She-Hulk), Captain America and Sharon Carter (she is a SHIELD agent, but not a superhero), Moon Knight and his girlfriend (forgot her name) etc.

As for Phantom Reporter, I think the only woman he could be interested in is Black Widow/Clair Voyant.

11/27/2010 #18

No, I think he and the She-Hulk would compliment each other nicely. One is modern and the other is from the last century, one is superstrong and faces her problems head on and the other strikes from the shadows, they're both very smart, and they both have jobs that help people even without being heroes.

And yeah, I mean the only ones with serious romantic interests. Betty was dead like all of the Hulk's other love interests the last I heard (thanks for spoiling She-Hulk's identity). I don't think Tony and Pepper have ever been serious, just an underlining tension like in the movies. Captain America has had tons of girlfriends, but yeah, I like Sharon Carter the best of them. And while the Moon Knight does have a girlfriend, he's too married in his work for her (or anybody).

11/27/2010 #19

No, I think he and the She-Hulk would compliment each other nicely. One is modern and the other is from the last century, one is superstrong and faces her problems head on and the other strikes from the shadows, they're both very smart, and they both have jobs that help people even without being heroes.

If you read The Twelve, you can notice that Phantom Reporter often compares superpowered heroes like Dynamic Man or Fiery Mask to the "tourists" like Mr.E, Blue Blade.

"Anyway... Suffice it to say that I was way out of my league with some of these guys".

With his insecurities, I doubt he is looking for a girlfriend who can bend steel with bare hands.

11/27/2010 #20

Well... okay maybe you have a point. Who do you think would be a good match for She-Hulk than?

11/27/2010 #21

I think She-Hulk as her alter ego could go well with daredevil (See House of M) I liked the House of M pairings, they made sense, even Scott Lang and Jessica Jones.

I am 100% YA Fan Cannon of course.

Ms. Marvel and WonderMan was interesting, possibly because i find both extremely annoying.

Also Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Wanda/Vision (very important pairing)

2/22/2011 #22
Lady Octarina

I totally agree - Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch (and New Avengers #26 is the best edition for supporters!) and Storm-Quicksilver (poor guy, but at least he gets her in the Age of Apocalypse). But, reading Avengers Disassembled, I can't say I didn't like the Scarlet Witch with Captain America... even if I prefer Hawkeye.

3/7/2011 #23
Darknight Squire

I really like the pairing of She-Hulk and Hercules. There's just something about those two.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird are a great pair. Him and Black Widow-it's just best as a professional relationship.

Hank Pym and Jocosta-weird, but I like it!

One thing I see too much of is Quicksilver/Northstar. Quicksilver's not gay; obviously people who think so never saw the cabin fever X-factor story arc. And before he met Crystal there have been a few storys showing him attracted to other women; I think it's likely before her he just had a string of one-night stands. Quicksilver and Aurora though-I can definetly see that! Two speedsters, one who constantly sees the world in slow motion, the other with multiple personality disorder. And while I'm not a big slash fan, if Northstar has to paired with someone why not Living Lightning?

10/9/2011 #24

Jess actually married Capt. America in the What If? comic, "What if Jessica Jones had joined the Avengers?". It was a pretty decent What If? issue. (my favorite)

1/14/2012 #25


I agree about that What If issue.

The Pairing I don't like is Hank Pym/Tigra.

2/17/2012 #26
Rider Paladin

For Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel (or Captain Marvel, as she's called now), it's a case of "opposites attract." Spidey can't keep his mouth shut to save his life, and Ms. Marvel is a no-nonsense ex-military woman with no time for B.S. While those are their most obvious characteristics, what's not as obvious is that they both use their public personas as a kind of defense mechanism to deflect the weight of their individual struggles. Spidey's constant banter is a psychological wall that keeps the weight of his guilt and grief for all the people he feels he's failed from completely crushing him. Ms. Marvel's steelier personality is also a psychological wall that keeps the weight of the loss she feels from having her entire life stolen by Rogue's powers and then not even having the emotional connections that go with her memories of her old friends and family anymore, not to mention her inferiority complex about not having lived up to her full potential as a superhero. The last part is also something Spider-Man can relate to, because until fairly recently, he never got the same respect that guys like Captain America and Iron Man usually enjoyed, and he was occasionally accused of not living up to his own full potential as a superhero. Their personalities are rather different, to be certain, but their struggles have just enough common threads running through them that they can at least find some common ground if they sit down and hang with each other long enough.

7/31/2012 #27

Out of all Daredevil's love interests and girlfriends, I think it's Elektra who suits him best.

9/23/2012 #28

dude, if you are interested in a Spidey/Ms Marvel pairing story, feel free to check out my story the 'Marvel Alliance'

3/2/2014 #29

Quicksilver never paid attention to girls before he married Crystal, but then he didn't have much of a chance. He was an X-Men villain so he ignored Jean Grey, and in the Avengers the only girls were his sister and Jan, and Jan was with Hank Pym. Hawkeye was in love with Black Widow who dumps him for Daredevil (then dumps Daredevil too!) He kind of liked Wanda a bit but by then she'd fallen for the Vision. Wanda flirted with Captain America at first but he never even noticed. The only X-Man that didn't fall for Jean was Iceman. "Big deal! A girl! I'm glad I'm not a wolf like you guys!" Professor X even fell in love with her. "But I can't tell you as long as I'm in this wheelchair and leader of the X-Men!"

4/28/2015 #30
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