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Post your challenges featuring Avengers here.

It can be anything, any version of Avengers, any rating, any word count. Feel free to discuss your own potential story ideas too!

Challenge #1. The Son Becomes the Father. Write a story about a child of one of the Avengers turning into a superhero and eventually joining Avengers.

- Must be written from the POV of one of the old generation of Avengers.

10/11/2010 #1

Actually, I have a question on this one. I am a writer of my own series and, it's more of a one shot I wrote. Most of the backstory is in my other stories, but I was wondering; does it techinically have to be a child?

This series is about my OC Persiana, adopted by Tigra, to become an Avenger. The one shot is told through Tigra's perspective, and I had the relationship between the two to be more sisterly that mother/daughter. I was wondering if that could work, and that if it could be a one shot were Tigra adamantly wants Persiana on board the team, and sets out to prove it.

12/12/2010 #2

I'd prefer Avenger Jr. from Challenge #1 to be a biological son/daughter of the original Avenger, not an adoptive one. But feel free to write about your own character, if you want to.

12/12/2010 #3
Darknight Squire

Here's my challenge: Avengers vs. The Crime Syndicate from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

The setup is basically that, instead of the Earth of the Justice LEague, Lex Luthor came to Earth of the Marvel Universe and came Back with the Avengers consisting of:

Captain America

Iron Man



Maximoff Twins

Ms. Marvel

The Crime Syndicate consists of:

Ultraman/Evil version of Superman/Bully where Superman's a boy scout

Superwoman/Evil version of Mary Marvel

Owlman/ Evil version of Batman

Power Ring/Evil version of Green Lantern

Johnny Quick/Evil version of the Flash

Archer/Evil version of Green Arrow

NaTazza/Evil version of Zatanna

The matchups go like this:

Captain America vs. Owlman

Ms. Marvel vs Superwoman

Thor vs. Ultraman

Iron Man vs. Power Ring

Quicksilver vs. Johnny Quick

Scarlet Witch vs. Natazza

Hawkeye vs. The Archer

How do you think this would turn out?

(BTW, I know in the comics Superwoman is modeled of of Wonder Woman, but in CoTE it's Mary Marvel she's based off of. The Syndicate does have an evil counterpart to WW called Olympia, she's one of Power Ring's Made Men)

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #4

Challenge #3. Avengers DisAssembled. Avengers were disassembled years ago. Now one of the former Avengers learns a huge threat against the Earth. He realized that he can't face it alone and tries to gather old teammates. But years passed, some of the ex-Avengers are out of shape, some have problems that need to be solved immediately, some just gave up on being superheroes. Can our hero overcome the unexpected difficulties? Can the Avenges assemble again?

- Don't use OOC's. All your characters must be the real Avengers or ex-Avengers.

- Don't write it too tragic. Use as much humor as it's necessary.

12/30/2010 #5

Challenge #4. Nanny. In New Avengers #7 Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are searching for a superpowered nanny (potential applicants include Hellcat, Echo, Molly Hayes, Deadpool She-Hulk and many others). In the comic book Squirrel Girl was chosen as Danielle's nanny. But what if it was somebody else?

- Write the story about the first day in Avengers mansion with the new nanny, from her POV.

- You can use applicants from New Avengers #7, or pick somebody else, but don't use OC's.

1/31/2011 #6

Challenge #5. Shattered Dimensions. I'm sure you know about the game Spider-Man : Shattered Dimensions, where Spider-Man encountered three versions of himself from different dimensions. What if it happened not to Spider-Man, but to one of the Avengers?

- Write a story of the Avenger who was forced to join forces with three versions of himself from alternate dimensions.

- Your main character (from Universe 616) must be really one of the Avengers. No OOC's.

2/2/2011 #7
Barbarossa Rotbart

I know that no one has posted here in years but I've got an idea for a challenge that needs to be answered.

Challenge #6: The Thor Avengers

Thor is dead and gone, but still needed. So Odin creates copies of Mjolnir and gives them to certain individuals who are worthy. These men and women now have the power of Thor.

- Only characters who either were once Avengers and/or worthy wielding Mjolnir (even if that only happened in a What if...?) should be a member of the Thor Avengers. Examples are: Captain America, Wonder Man, Storm, Bruce Banner, Rogue, Jane Foster, Black Widow.

- AT least half of the team should be female.

- If Thor is really dead or just missing is up to you.

- M/M slash is not allowed, femslash however is.

8/30/2014 #8
ERoc901 Tha Clean Up Man

Well, here's Challenge #7: Super Soldier Switch

During the battle between the Avengers vs Hydra, Captain America and the Black Widow switch bodies when the Red Skull zapped them with the Cosmic Cube and now the team must retrieve it and reverse the process or the switch between Steve and Natasha will be permanent! In later chapters, Spidey and Carol get switched too.

Avengers Roster: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Iron Man, Thor, Hulk (with Bruce Banner in control), Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Falcon, War Machine, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Best Friends: Steve/Tony/Peter, Clint/Natasha, Thor/Hulk, Steve/Sam, Tony/Rhodey

Romantic Pairings: Steve/Natasha, Peter/Carol, Tony/Pepper

12/11/2015 #9
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