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"Dark" version of Avengers was created by Norman Osborn after Secret Invasion.

The team consisted of Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot), Venom/Mac Gargan (Spider-Man), Daken (Wolverine), Bullseye (Hawkeye), Noh-Varr (Captain Marvel), Moonstone (Miss Marvel), plus Ares and brainwashed Sentry.

What do you think of them?

10/27/2010 #1

I'll start with the basic concept; Osborn uses the momentum he has gained since killing the Skrull Queen and gains instant popularity and support. This allow him to gain much more power and prestige, and people were willing to let him have a sort of free reign on how he wanted to run things. Osborn is a lot like Lex Luthor; calculating, and intelligent. Osborn saw his moment of opportunity and took it, creating the Dark Avengers.

Now to the characters:

Well, I never liked the Sentry character honestly. He just seemed really shallow to me.

Ares was only in it for the fight and glory of war. As far as he is concerned, it is a fight, and he wants to be a part of it.

Bullseye was always an intriguing villain, but I think he actually lost a little respect for me when putting on the Hawkeye costume.

Moonstone was just a filler character. No, really.

I dislike the Scorpion Venom.

I know very little about Noh-Varr.

As for Daken, well, there's more to him than I would care to imagine. I would think he would be the most dangerous of them all, next to Osborn.

10/28/2010 #2

Osborn and Bullseye both suffer from the same problem in Dark Avengers; why on earth would people take them seriously? There are two Gbolins out there, Norman, the Green Goblin, who is really, really insane. And the Hobgoblin, who is careful, calculating, and evil sure but sane at the same time, much like Lex Luthor with superpowers. If the Hobgoblin took over Shield under the Green Goblin's circumstances, I would believe it. Norman Osborn? Well if anybody, ANYBODY, at all can take him seriously, he's lost his edge. It's not like Lex Luthor being president, it's like the Joker leading the Justice League. Bullseye at least has the excuse of everybody thinking he's Hawkeye. But I wish the same could have been done for the readers. I think the Dark Avengers story line would be greatly improved if who the person in the Hawkeye costume was ramined a mystery until the grand reveal at the end.

Sentry? Nobody likes him. Myself included. 'Nuff said.

Moonstone is okay I guess. But Captian Marvel is a little too B-list to be on the Dark Avengers. His role should have been filled by... say... Kraven the Hunter as the Black Panther (Osborn providing pills for his insanity of course).

Sentry and Daken are both excellent choices for this team.

I like the idea of Venom being on this team, but it really should've been Eddie Brock. I can't stand Mac Gargan as venom. How dare an awesome villain like the Scorpion consider himself C-list, to the point where he'd degrade himself by wearing the Venom Symbiote. He's not C-list! He's one of Spider-man's greatest foes! He shouldn't have the Venom Symbiote.

11/9/2010 #3

Well, as I understand it, without Mac Gargan wearing Venom symbiote there'd be no Anti-Venom.

And I agree about Sentry. He is just as annoying as Superboy-Prime at DC universe.

The best chioces for the team are Bullzeye/Hawkeye and Daken. The way Daken tricked both DA, Osborn and Fantastic Four is just great!

I think Noh-Varr's role is simple. The guy who takes it all seriously, thinking that Dark Avengers are heroes (until Moonstone tells him the truth).

11/9/2010 #4

I know, horrible isn't it? If only Gargan had stuck to being awesome, we'd have an awesome villain and dark anti-hero instead of a lame villain and a ridiculous anti-hero.

I actually like Superboy-Prime. Is he annoying? Yes. Is there a purpose to him being annoying? Yes. Superboy-Prime is a parody. Not so with the Sentry. We're supposed totake the Sentry seriously, apperantly.

11/9/2010 #5

I think that maybe the Dark Avengers should just be a group of anti-heroes, not unlike the Secret Avengers, which is the black ops team for the Avengers. The only difference is that the Avengers would not endorse them.

11/15/2010 #6

Or maybe a group of villains who operate like the Avengers; instead of planning like other villains and setting the stage, they would be a group of villains who are more like a response unit, coming to 'save' bad guys from heroes.

12/4/2010 #7
Spidey Legend

Well, what about the new Dark Avengers that Norman had put?

-Superia as Miss Marvel.

-Toxic Dixie as Scarlet Witch.

-Skaar as Hulk.

-Gorgon as Wolverine.

-Barney Barton as Hawkeye.

-Al Apaec as Spider-Man.

-Ragnarok (Clor) as Thor.

12/30/2011 #8

I'm not happy with most of them. Skaar has no reasons to assist Osborn, Superia believes in woman superiority. Being in command of inferior male like Osborn makes no sense. Gorgon is too proud to dress up as Wolverine.

Only Ragnarok and Barney Barton make sense.

2/17/2012 #9
Rider Paladin

Turns out Skaar was a mole for the real Avengers all along. Fun times.

7/31/2012 #10
Spidey Legend

I don't understand the why put a new Dark Avengers Team. Skaar betrayed them and has a hot stuff for Superia; Osborn became a Super Adaptoid and end ups in a coma. The rest, don't do anything.

Conclusion: meh and after this we have Avengers VS X-Men, great, another Hero VS Hero boring stuff.

8/1/2012 #11
Rider Paladin

I would agree. Avengers VS X-Men didn't have to happen at all; Marvel just thought it'd be fun to have their two biggest superhero team franchises fight each other, even though from the prospective of decent characterization, violence should not have been the first resort even if the X-Men did have understandable grievances against the Avengers. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's in the ballpark of leaving the X-Men to deal with borderline fascistic and even genocidal anti-mutant government operations alone while continuing to liaise with the same government behind those borderline fascistic and genocidal anti-mutant programs. After all, if the Avengers enjoy such a cozy alliance with the U.S. government, then why not use that to advocate for mutants' rights and show that not all non-mutants are willing to turn a blind eye to unwarranted persecution of mutants? Instead, the Avengers enjoy the perks of being allied with the government and ignore the pesky question of why a government that trusts the Avengers to defend humanity is actively persecuting and at times even attempting genocide on an entire segment of humanity.

8/1/2012 #12
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