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10/3/2010 #1

The dropship rumbled as it made it's way to the drop-off point. The five marines in blue, heavy armour awaited for their commander to brief them about the mission. Another figure, in black-coloured armour similar to the marines, raised his skull painted visor and spoke, "Okay boys, we're going in to take down a nearby Dominion headquarters. We pull this off and the Dominion will be crippled on Mar Sara." Raynor lowered his visor and turned around.

"Alright boys, let's show the locals they don't need to fear the Dominion." The marines felt the dropship slowly come to a stop and they disembarked, one by one, onto the ground below them. "Keep your intervals wide, your eyes open and your asses covered. Let's move!" Raynor shouted as they began to move towards the nearby town.

10/3/2010 #2
Virtue's Legacy

The intense gaze of Mar sara's sun gazed down upon them, giving their power suits a faint radiance to them. All five marines slowly moved away from a destroyed bridge, moving along a road that spanned towards a lone house and a destroyed series of cars. Each Marine quickly remained in formation, Raynor at the front, their canister guns at the ready. After years without conflict Raynor's Riders had finally risen from the grave.

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